Apple Watch Series 5 announcement: Key details in 3 minutes


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  • Amol Khugshal
    Amol Khugshal  1 weeks back

    When did days become 18 hours long?

    • Cookie Wolf
      Cookie Wolf  2 months back

      the 17 ppl who unliked are android users XD

      • Roblox Fun with Haniya
        Roblox Fun with Haniya  4 months back

        I just got it omg 😮

      • Rini Rastogi
        Rini Rastogi  4 months back

        Whating for it

        • Rini Rastogi
          Rini Rastogi  4 months back

          Guys pls announce series 6 pls fast

          • Adonis Top of Men
            Adonis Top of Men  4 months back

            good documentation …….

            • ZxSkyLineKidxZ
              ZxSkyLineKidxZ  4 months back

              Hahahaha my Galaxy S3 Watch lasts almost 1 entire week. It has all the features that this watch has plus wayyy more. I can watch this video on my watch, text from my watch, use the GPS from my watch while my phone is not in my hands. It can also do all this plus tell binary. They used recycled materials and charging $400+ 😂

              I laugh at Apple users. They waste so much money.

              • Ty Marie
                Ty Marie  4 months back

                I need an upgrade I still have my series 2

                • Esmeralda Ruelas
                  Esmeralda Ruelas  4 months back

                  I just got my series 3 cuz was cheap now lol 😂 I love it

                  • Pracious J
                    Pracious J  3 months back

                    Me too but the 4 screen is gorgeous 😩😩😩

                  • Esmeralda Ruelas
                    Esmeralda Ruelas  4 months back

                    Mac Cook it works great for me

                • michael roberts
                  michael roberts  4 months back

                  Yes I have a good question I received Apple Watch when it first came out and paid $ 750 but, it only lasted about two and a half years! ! Because of a battery defect the battery popped open the lens in the watch and is useless but yet Apple refuses to honor it and replace it with a new one. I took it to your Apple store And they even admitted that it was a factory defect and said they would not replace or do anything about it. If you were trustworthy and if you were an Honorable company you would have replaced Especially when you know it was a factory defect !! So I have been a loyal customer for decades everything I have is Apple products! As much as I would love to have the new Apple iPhone Pro Max 256, I wouldn’t buy it for all the money in the world because you don’t honor your products sad sad sad!!

                • flavio natercio Santos
                  flavio natercio Santos  5 months back

                  I wanna that music that was play in the beginning of the event about this watch. Someone??

                • zakkrick
                  zakkrick  5 months back

                  I still have the first generation, it’s like a dinosaur now. It’s time to upgrade I think

                  • ne0tic
                    ne0tic  4 months back

                    Yup it probably is :) The Series 5 will be a huge upgrade from the first gen!

                • Juni Hariyanto
                  Juni Hariyanto  5 months back

                  Move niki

                  • Arya M
                    Arya M  5 months back

                    If you have a series 3 or don’t have an Apple Watch, then buy it
                    If you have a series 4, just wait for next years.

                    • Victorianne Castle
                      Victorianne Castle  3 weeks back

                      I don't have any watch series but I watched the 5 has heart rate, ECG feature

                  • Indira Sawhney
                    Indira Sawhney  5 months back

                    Still no headphone jack!

                    • Fleischhamm3r
                      Fleischhamm3r  5 months back

                      Can u disable the always on display and get 3 days of battery life?

                      • Konark Raj Singh Khokhar
                        Konark Raj Singh Khokhar  3 months back

                        Fleischhamm3r yup can be switched off, 3 days still seems like a long shot though

                    • Joe Seijo
                      Joe Seijo  5 months back

                      I made the series 4 a stocking stuffer for everyone in the family last Christmas. Guess I’ll be doing the same thing this year with the 5.

                      • T Borisenko
                        T Borisenko  5 months back

                        Wow well that is quite a disappointment no kidding. My Ionic broke and I’ve been looking at Garmin 945 vs Apple Watch 5... this seriously adds zero value to me from the 4 lol I had my hopes up for a new biometric measurement. I guess med tech is complicated but idk all day stress tracking would be more cool than an always lit display lol

                        • Eric Vlahos
                          Eric Vlahos  5 months back

                          Notthing has fucking changed

                          • Bori
                            Bori  5 months back


                            • Dean Botton
                              Dean Botton  5 months back

                              Apple Watch Series 5 Summary:

                              No wrist flashlight facing fingers (like the L5 from Microwear)

                              No processor improvement

                              No speaker improvement

                              No round watch design option

                              No better battery

                              No better water resistance

                              No sleep tracking

                              No blood glucose monitor

                              No camera

                              No carbon monoxide detector

                              No innovation

                              No purchase from me

                              The only thing thing they added was:

                              1. Always on display


                              2. Built in compass 🧭

                              Apple Watch Series 5 is basically the Series 4 with just those 2 things. Really boring & a historic letdown to diehard fans. Pay attention @TimCook

                              • Henry Ng
                                Henry Ng  4 months back

                                The series five has 32gb compared to 16gb with the series 4

                              • teo Margaret
                                teo Margaret  4 months back

                                Apple Watch square is nice , round look so common

                            • pskeny
                              pskeny  5 months back

                              nothing special on Series 5, no speed improve no battery life improve, always on display compass there is useless for me.

                              • ne0tic
                                ne0tic  4 months back

                                Yup, though it is still a great deal for someone who doesn't already have the Series 4.

                            • Larry Augsburger
                              Larry Augsburger  5 months back

                              Does he...does he think “hertz” is plural for “hert”??

                              • Larry Augsburger
                                Larry Augsburger  5 months back

                                Monsta Green I hope you’re kidding


                              • Monsta Green
                                Monsta Green  5 months back

                                Larry Augsburger yeah and it is

                              • Shyam S R
                                Shyam S R  5 months back

                                ouch, it hertz! ;)

                              • Royce Johnson
                                Royce Johnson  5 months back

                                Apparently, he does.🙄

                            • Neo Laon
                              Neo Laon  5 months back

                              AOD!! Samsung’s been doing it since ancient like BC2000 or something. And still have days of battery life. 18hrs...?

                              • ne0tic
                                ne0tic  4 months back

                                Neo Laon What I wrote wasn’t meant to be directed at you. I know that you wrote the AOD and better battery life. Those were all true/valid points :) I was referring to other people that just says something is better without writing why they are.

                              • Paul Toledo
                                Paul Toledo  4 months back

                                Neo Laon Oh because Android has been so innovative? They both have the same things like what’s so innovative that Android is doing now? A folding phone? That’s so pointless

                              • Neo Laon
                                Neo Laon  4 months back

                                Paul Toledo because I am a disappointed apple fan boy? Maybe not any more. Apple’s been pretty less original recently.

                              • Neo Laon
                                Neo Laon  4 months back

                                ne0tic Lol I’ve clearly stated AOD and Battery life. I use iphone and know how great job apple was doing until the last few less innovative less appealing devices.

                              • ne0tic
                                ne0tic  4 months back

                                Paul Toledo Yeah, exactly! They definitely seem to do it a lot more then Apple fanboys... Also, quite often when you start arguing with them, they just say that for example “Samsung is still better” or “Apple is just trash” and stuff similar to that instead of pointing out what is better with the Samsung device...

                            • Gabby Sokolowski
                              Gabby Sokolowski  5 months back

                              already ordered the new watch hehe

                            • Ronaldo
                              Ronaldo  5 months back

                              So if I pre order the GPS model it will ship out from Apple on Sep. 20 or it will be in my house by Sep. 20?

                              • ne0tic
                                ne0tic  4 months back

                                Ships on 20, so may be at your house on the 21

                              • Andrew C
                                Andrew C  5 months back

                                It ships on the 20th

                            • Johnnyboy JT
                              Johnnyboy JT  5 months back

                              Dont even need a iphone no more lol

                              • MYPawTato
                                MYPawTato  5 months back

                                They are keeping all great juice for 2020. and 2019 products are jokes for Samsung and Apple.
                                I need to wait for another 1 year.

                                • Joshua Simpson
                                  Joshua Simpson  5 months back

                                  Still can’t watch YouTube videos like they said they would add

                                  • Kraken Towa
                                    Kraken Towa  5 months back

                                    Great-no need to upgrade then.

                                    • Andrew C
                                      Andrew C  5 months back

                                      Its pretty much the same watch :(

                                      • ne0tic
                                        ne0tic  4 months back

                                        Yup, but that at least mean it is still the best smartwatch by a quite large margin.

                                      • Beek
                                        Beek  5 months back

                                        Andrew Cote honestly thank god. I bought my series four 13 days ago.

                                    • Andres Tovar
                                      Andres Tovar  5 months back

                                      I can finally get a cheaper series 4 apple watch.

                                      • Crippling Depression
                                        Crippling Depression  5 months back

                                        Andres Tovar they are only keeping series 3

                                      • Yadanar Tun
                                        Yadanar Tun  5 months back

                                        I was at the store today and they told me that series 4 will be discontinued once they sell out of however much they have left now.

                                    • Hmm
                                      Hmm  5 months back

                                      Seems worth it from a series 3

                                      • sh3ila064
                                        sh3ila064  5 months back

                                        When will I can update my software to iOS 6?

                                        • ne0tic
                                          ne0tic  4 months back

                                          WatchOS 6? For Series 3 and newer, by the end of this month. Series 1 and 2 at the beggining of next year.

                                      • Mr. Daniel Espana
                                        Mr. Daniel Espana  5 months back

                                        Apple Watch Series 5

                                        • Kevin Escobar
                                          Kevin Escobar  5 months back

                                          So the same shit only on all day? Yeaaa I’ll be fine with my series 4 for now

                                        • Thomas Joli-Coeur
                                          Thomas Joli-Coeur  5 months back

                                          Siri 5 looks impressevily innovative

                                          • N N
                                            N N  5 months back

                                            Damn I remember when a day was 24hrs

                                          • B G
                                            B G  5 months back

                                            Me: camera?
                                            They: ~compass~

                                            • Maggie
                                              Maggie  5 months back

                                              B G yes, why do they think we care about a compass? Strange. Smh.

                                          • Gramz
                                            Gramz  5 months back