Jessica Forms an Alliance to Take Chestnut Down - Fresh Off the Boat


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  • HH
    HH  5 days back

    Jessica tried to get him fired, but ended up cancelling the show.

    • Alinee M.
      Alinee M.  1 weeks back

      "His parents". Wooooooow

      • Tanya O Mara
        Tanya O Mara  1 weeks back

        Is that a different Eddie

        • Tanya O Mara
          Tanya O Mara  1 weeks back

          @Kaitlyn Chiem I'm in Ireland and we're only on season 2, it's a pure mind warp seeing them grown up ! Didn't even know there was that many seasons ha!

        • Kaitlyn Chiem
          Kaitlyn Chiem  1 weeks back

          Tanya O Mara Eddie grew up

      • Sharon Canales
        Sharon Canales  2 weeks back

        eyyy I'm the 7th comment and the 100th like

        • Dark Star
          Dark Star  2 weeks back

          It used to be grandmas room ? What happened to grandma ???

        • Finn Bernhardt
          Finn Bernhardt  2 weeks back


          • gabe_liu
            gabe_liu  2 weeks back

            as passive aggressive asian, i approve

            • MyMagic LouLou
              MyMagic LouLou  2 weeks back

              Why don't just fire him already?