UFC 240: Weigh-in Recap

  • Published: 27 July 2019
  • Recap the ceremonial weigh-in featuring the defending featherweight champion Max Holloway and former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar ahead of UFC 240: Holloway vs Edgar this Saturday on ESPN+ Pay-Per-View.

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Comments • 173

  • handoyo yudi
    handoyo yudi  5 months back

    this is how Indonesian MMA ! ! !
    awesome 👉👉 https://youtu.be/Kg2WQ5wrZdc

    • BAims
      BAims  5 months back

      Surprised max didn't wear a snow suit wtf has he been wearing? He knows it's summer in Canada right?

      • Karen Avetisyan
        Karen Avetisyan  5 months back

        I don’t know why but this time I feel like Edgar will take the belt

        • Oh! Mama!
          Oh! Mama!  5 months back

          wait, didnt brian KO edgar and then Holloway KOd brian?

          • Astolfo jr
            Astolfo jr  5 months back

            I bet Max win easy

            • Jonathan Luna
              Jonathan Luna  5 months back

              Holloway tko round 3

              • Densetsu San
                Densetsu San  5 months back

                I want Max’s shirt. Simply because I live in Edmonton

                • Balenci Aga
                  Balenci Aga  5 months back

                  Doesn’t seem like a very confincing reason..

              • Kronki 1
                Kronki 1  5 months back

                I have respect for Max Holloway, coz he respects Khabib

                • Mohamed Abdulle
                  Mohamed Abdulle  5 months back

                  @Balenci Aga

                  Get conor's dick out your ass

                • Mohamed Abdulle
                  Mohamed Abdulle  5 months back

                  Frankie also respects Khabib. Plus Max tried too fight Khabib and tried to become LW Champion 2x. First ufc 223 and second ufc 236 against dustin

                • Balenci Aga
                  Balenci Aga  5 months back

                  Get khabibs nuts out of your mouth

              • Daniel Quinn
                Daniel Quinn  5 months back

                should be an interesting fight

                • Krankin The Hog
                  Krankin The Hog  5 months back

                  My logic is brian Ortega knocked out frankie and max absolutely destroyed Ortega... I think Max is gonna win this

                  • ThaKillaInstinct
                    ThaKillaInstinct  5 months back

                    Justin Goff your ‘logic’ is called mma math. But i do agree with you that max is probably going to win.

                • Octagon Edits
                  Octagon Edits  5 months back

                  Check out my Joanna Jedrzejczyk UFC debut 5th anniversary tribute.
                  If you like it please like the video & subscribe to my channel for more UFC edits soon. 👊

                  • Sujan Thapa
                    Sujan Thapa  5 months back

                    #Let's Go

                    • M M
                      M M  5 months back

                      What a dumb matchup, a top fighter in his prime, a champion matched up against an older, retirement on the horizon irrelevant fighter.

                      • David Dudley
                        David Dudley  5 months back

                        This is a shit PPV. Max vs Frankie is the only fight worth watching

                        • Sarah Manry
                          Sarah Manry  5 months back

                          Max always looks like death at 145 bit he's the best in weight class

                          • Achi _Ars
                            Achi _Ars  5 months back


                            • W Pierson
                              W Pierson  5 months back

                              No chance Holloway lose it

                              • TimJ
                                TimJ  5 months back

                                Can't believe Joe Rogans voice is even real lol

                                • Ibrahim Khan
                                  Ibrahim Khan  5 months back

                                  My picks for the event plus a parley, hit up a RT and a like fellas, would be appreciated! :)

                                  • Adam Aquino
                                    Adam Aquino  5 months back

                                    Flying knee KO’s are trending. Frankie’s hope is to mix TDs in with relentless pressure. An unstoppable force is going to meet an immovable object.🔥🔥🔥

                                    • StevePeeve
                                      StevePeeve  5 months back

                                      Max will get he's ass whooped #Facts

                                      • Barmelo Xanthony
                                        Barmelo Xanthony  5 months back

                                        theirs no way on gods green earth Frankie is winning

                                        • kevin cater
                                          kevin cater  5 months back

                                          Ready for it

                                          • iiCADDYii
                                            iiCADDYii  5 months back

                                            Are Seung-Woo Choi and Doo-Ho Choi related??

                                            • I don’t give a fuck
                                              I don’t give a fuck  5 months back

                                              Why didn’t Henry’s Olympic gold medal weigh in?

                                            • Murtaza Sufi
                                              Murtaza Sufi  5 months back

                                              tony ferguson the type of guy to ankle pick mini blessed and ask for a rematch

                                              • Murtaza Sufi
                                                Murtaza Sufi  5 months back

                                                Phil MacMillan i dont play fortnight how bout that like i said get your bitch ass out of here u aint even 12 chump...

                                              • Phil MacMillan
                                                Phil MacMillan  5 months back

                                                @Murtaza Sufi yep noob... amateur, knows nothing, clueless, narrow perspective, etc.

                                                Ok there khabib, you live in the mountains of Dagestan too?

                                              • Octagon Edits
                                                Octagon Edits  5 months back


                                              • Murtaza Sufi
                                                Murtaza Sufi  5 months back

                                                Phil MacMillan mma noob? Ill ankle pick your bitch ass

                                            • BuckfastConsumer
                                              BuckfastConsumer  5 months back

                                              I wish joe rogan kept his boston accent. Sell out

                                              • Chris Blandi
                                                Chris Blandi  5 months back

                                                Edgar, everyone loves Edgar, how can you not, BUT he is going to get worked 😟 My money is on Blessed.

                                                • Sho Jo
                                                  Sho Jo  5 months back

                                                  @Chris Blandi Oh you won't get that negativity over here lol. If I''m wrong I won't disappear.
                                                  I had a three-fight parlay that I won last night with Vivian araujo, Geoff Neil, and Gillian Robertson. Lost a small bet on Frankie Edgar and that's because he was an underdog so no big deal.
                                                  My buddy's mother always wins slots. I don't know how she does it.

                                                • Chris Blandi
                                                  Chris Blandi  5 months back

                                                  @Sho Jo I wasn't trying to gloat but I'm glad you replied nicely lol you know how YouTube is. Maybe someday I'll be in even worse Gambler and actually have made that bet, i need to slow down on Slots as it is. Have a good day!

                                                • Sho Jo
                                                  Sho Jo  5 months back

                                                  @Chris Blandi Yes sir and congratulations. I always thought Frankie was the only one who'd be able to beat Max at 145 because of the takedowns. I hope you got paid well

                                                • Chris Blandi
                                                  Chris Blandi  5 months back

                                                  @Sho Jo And still. Man is good. Great woman's fight I must say.

                                                • Sho Jo
                                                  Sho Jo  5 months back

                                                  Hedge that bet

                                              • Joey Grier
                                                Joey Grier  5 months back

                                                Awesome fight I don’t care who wins and reppin from Calgary so i know E town will be a awesome venue with amazing fans aswell.

                                                • Mike Da Man
                                                  Mike Da Man  5 months back

                                                  Love me some Holloway but let’s go Rocky!

                                                  • Juststatinfacts SV
                                                    Juststatinfacts SV  5 months back

                                                    Hollaway beats edger, then conner should come back to 145 to defend/get back belt. 145 is the only belt conner has a chance at. Conner vs BLESSED= AWESOME

                                                    • Kovalef Kova
                                                      Kovalef Kova  5 months back

                                                      Come on, Hollowen, they have put you in a lot of test, kick back butts that porier never did with his gymnastic boxing and not of boxing quality as you delayed it and you won but Dana white likes him that is not your style but if he likes you MANY IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE MORE THAN the little porier IT WILL NEVER BE LIKE YOUR CHAMPION WITHOUT DOGS THAT HELP YOU ONLY HAVE KNOWN GROW BETWEEN THE JUNGLE AND YOU HAVE GROWED AND HAVE WON TO BE VALUED AND TOMORROW. SEND IT TO YOUR WITHDRAWAL THEN YOU WILL FOLLOW THE FACE TO THE LAME DABA WHITE CULTS. WE ARE GOING FOR ANOTHER MORE TO YOUR ACCOUNT. WHAT YOU GIVE.

                                                      • Kovalef Kova
                                                        Kovalef Kova  5 months back

                                                        Vamos Hollowen te han puesto muchas prueba vuelve a patear traseros que porier nunca lo hizo con su boxeo de gimnacio y no de calidad de boxeo como se lo demoatraste y le ganaste pero caerle bien a Dana white ese no es tu estilo pero si le caes BIEN A MUCHOS QUE SI SABEN QUE ERES MAS QUE el pequeño porier NUNCA SERA COMO TU CAMPEON SIN PERROS QUE LOS AYUDE TU SOLO HAZ SABIDO CRECER ENTRE LA SELVA Y HAS CRECIDO Y HAS GANADO PARA QUE NO TE VALOREN Y MAÑANA SAL.A DAR ESE TRASERO Y MANDALO A SU RETIRO ASI SEGUIRAS PATEANDOLE LA CARA A LOS LAME CULOS DE DABA WHITE VAMOS TU PUEDES PARA MAS OTRO MAS A TU CUENTA TU ERES EL VERDADERO CHAMPION DE CHAMPION MAX HOLLOWAY SAL A DESTROSARLO ESE ES TU ESTILO Y SANGRE GUERRERO TU PUEDES DAR MAS DE LO QUE DAS.

                                                        • Djkh1 TheBrainstopper
                                                          Djkh1 TheBrainstopper  5 months back

                                                          I'd be like "I'm gonna be doing some futuristic shit, give the crowd moves they never saw or imagined before, I'm gonna school you, let's really put on a a hardcore blood bath crazy moves fight for the fans! " instead of that dull stuff

                                                          • Phenomenal Wrestling
                                                            Phenomenal Wrestling  5 months back

                                                            Featherweight Favourite Curse
                                                            1. Ortega def Moicano (Favourite)
                                                            2. Ortega def Swanson (Favourite)
                                                            3. Holloway def Aldo 1 (Favourite)
                                                            4. Holloway def Ortega (Favourite)
                                                            5. Aldo def Stephens (Favourite)
                                                            6. Aldo def Moicano (Favourite)
                                                            7. Ortega def Edgar (Favourite)
                                                            8. Volkanovski def Mendes (Favourite)
                                                            9. Volkanovski def Aldo (Favourite)
                                                            10. Emmett def Bektic (Favourite)
                                                            11. Cub Swanson Def Doo ho Choi (Favourite)
                                                            12. Jeremy Stephens def Doo ho Choi (Favourite)
                                                            13. Korean Zombie def Moicano (Favourite)
                                                            14. Emmett def Lamas (Favourite)
                                                            15. Elkins def Bektic (Favourite)
                                                            16. Ryan Hall def Elkins (Favourite)
                                                            17. Elkins def Michael Johnson (Favourite)
                                                            18. Andre Fili def Sheymon Moraes (Favourite)
                                                            19. Lamas vs Jason Knight (Favourite)

                                                            ... Just to Name a Few RIGHT ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD

                                                            • CaseyCJL
                                                              CaseyCJL  5 months back

                                                              Not enough Tony Ferguson in this video.

                                                              • giorgi mamiashvili
                                                                giorgi mamiashvili  5 months back

                                                                holloway is #1 in the world!!! max go

                                                                • Soloman 5k
                                                                  Soloman 5k  5 months back

                                                                  I'd be embarrassed to fight smaller guys all the time if I was Holloway

                                                                  • hraharahra
                                                                    hraharahra  5 months back

                                                                    Soloman 5k No if you are in the same weight bracket. This is the same logic to be embarrassed to fight slower guys if you are the fastest. What do you expect them to do? Wear elastic bands on the limbs to make them slower?

                                                                • doremi2012
                                                                  doremi2012  5 months back

                                                                  Can't really hate both of them. Great fighter.

                                                                  • Rony Varghese
                                                                    Rony Varghese  5 months back

                                                                    Rd1 max wins by tko

                                                                    • Joe Villareal
                                                                      Joe Villareal  5 months back

                                                                      ALL RESPECT LOVE IT👊👊

                                                                      • Gilly Kidd
                                                                        Gilly Kidd  5 months back

                                                                        Wondering how this was a recap of the weigh ins??? Oh yeh, it was just a promo for the main event fight instead of the recap.

                                                                        • justin Senior
                                                                          justin Senior  5 months back

                                                                          This is going to be a banger for sure. Either fighter winning is cool buy it is the BLESSED ERA.

                                                                          • Bebop
                                                                            Bebop  5 months back

                                                                            Usually a max fan but I’m betting that Frankie takes the dub.

                                                                            • Manny Blackstar
                                                                              Manny Blackstar  5 months back

                                                                              What kind of recap is this when you just show 2 fighters? 😕

                                                                              • Clown Fiesta
                                                                                Clown Fiesta  5 months back

                                                                                They are the only ones fighting lmao 🤣

                                                                            • Hall of Fame Predictions
                                                                              Hall of Fame Predictions  5 months back

                                                                              Can't wait! Be sure to check out my predictions for UFC 240 fights on my channel --> https://youtu.be/eIvxodo2DRI

                                                                              • TMT 1
                                                                                TMT 1  5 months back

                                                                                Think of the longevity these guys have had especially Frankie but Max lost to Dennis Bermudez in 2013 and then went on a tear after the next fight which was the Connor loss to win 13 straight go undefeated for almost five years and win titles. Dennis has lost a handful and downgraded heavily in that time but at one point beat Max this is just a crazy game. Edgar lost and had a draw to Maynard then knocked him out in 2011 to keep the belt. Almost a decade later he’s fighting for another title and been relevant the whole entire way at the top of whatever division he was in only losing to champs until Ortega. Meanwhile Gray left came back at the bottom of the cards and isn’t the same but at one point best Frankie almost twice. This game is nuts and salute to these two warriors for lasting!

                                                                                • Viral_Patriot
                                                                                  Viral_Patriot  5 months back

                                                                                  If Max loses he will get an immediate rematch.

                                                                                  • gamessportsandmore
                                                                                    gamessportsandmore  5 months back

                                                                                    No if max loses they will give that cringe fest Cejudo a title shot.