Upchurch “Press” (Cardi B Remix) Bored

  • Published: 11 July 2019


    I’m royalty to this country rap, I’m the Jason stathem of the scene (facts) still whilin out on my 750, cut off shirt showin all tats.

    Ain’t no denying my small town flex, put the ball peen to a bull head, if my Italian engine tends to lock up I’ll just LS Swap it with do it wih dan.

    and I don’t go to partys, I am the party, don’t pay attention I pay for Marley, no cycle liscense still swerve a Harley, no bitches round me Cause mine a model.

    Barbie doll house I bought that, cause I got a Barbie livin inside, i do every hater like Johnny cage, what’s combat rap to immortal lines.

    Got the keys to the game like a old pianists,

    Everytime I smoke a blunt it’s like good theatrics,

    so photogenic i guess I’m Go pro excessive

    You can S my D, terrabite me later.

    Im (billy ray virus, the vanilla wafer) Still slinging blades bitch and I demolish taters.

    (Yeah) My haters lookin like some red tomato’s I like em saltly bitch, window flavor..

    (Yeah) Life’s a garden I’m nobody’s cader, got a red beam, no light saber, country rap father call me “Garth Vader”

    My tracks are stars no pun intended, star ship lookin hella un-dented.

    (You can tell me to kick rocks all you want, they’ll turn into asteroids son, hit your world, let it blow, lookin like Area 51)

    How do I know, thats where I’m from, how you think I rap like this for fun..

    watch speed rise like a bus ride that you can’t slide out, cause it’s strapped with enough tnt to blow a city sky high and fuck half the worlds wifi DAMN

    When that movie come out it was like 99’ or 95’ I forgot I was playing with GI’s and nascars with broke tires.

    on a carpet rug with little city’s and road lines, so by the age of two I knew how to run mine, and ever since it was legal for me to burn tires, I was smokin out the county, sippin the moonshine.

    from time to time, I’d twist the pines, with chicks from harpeth high, and make the vines to pass the time, And now my face is plastered all on-line.

    Got Russia double clickin to sub-scribe.
    My vibe, a vibe no need for the subtitle.

    Surf bored to a hella huge wave tidal.

    Kelly Slater of the 808ers wearing waiters in cold water settin in a fuckin duck blind.

    Blah blah blah. You ain’t gotta duck mine, I see you crouched down, why you on that landmine.

    That ain’t a shoe lace your trippin thats my innesteller gold mind coming at you like 49er for the first time.

    (jerry rice that flow)

    skip the 20 & the 10, cliff dive in the in-zone.

    even tho I’m a Cowboys fan I still like watching VOLZ #GBO HOE

    flannel rockin, no shirt havin.

    Winchester witha fuckin lever action.

    junk yard dog, no chain attachment, I roam around makin moves happen.

    No chess game I don’t play with pawns, I smoke weed and drink on my lawn,

    and wait for a new episodes of cops, just to see if any of my fans are on it.

    (Haha, crazy fuckers)
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