Richard Pryor Roast 1/5


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  • KingJames432
    KingJames432  9 years back

    Thanks for uplaouding this. Thumbs up if you think Richard Pryor will ALWAYS be the King of Comedy.

    • arlichar11
      arlichar11  9 years back

      no thats not O.J. simpson lolololol

      • catatonicable
        catatonicable  9 years back

        @delarel Because you actually mistrust each other, have no compassion and will your kin , NOT to get ahead. Enough.?

        • quequegs
          quequegs  9 years back

          omg Tim Reed killed! LOL

          • TheThroney
            TheThroney  9 years back

            @delarel Im not telling you to buy into it or go with it. i was just stating a stupid opinion, and as stupid as it was its true. racism is natural, i revert back to my previous statement. you meet one racist there is atleast 100000 just like him, its also been around since the beginning of time. its a natural occurence in the world. does that make it right? Absolutely NOT! again, it was just a stupid point. racism isnt going anywhere and its part of the world we live in. Best to avoid it.

            • delarel
              delarel  9 years back

              @TheThroney I agree Throne, there will always be that xenophobic attitude. People, not all, have a fear of what they don't know. So without knowing people base their assumptions on what they've seen or heard, which in fact may or may not be true. That's why you have to give each individual the opportunity to prove whether or not they are a person of character regardless of their skin tone. Believe me, I know racism is alive and always will be, but that doesn't mean I have to buy into it.

              • curiousjapan
                curiousjapan  9 years back

                @JOESGONNAKILLY0U cool story bro

                • TheThroney
                  TheThroney  9 years back

                  @delarel Youre probably right.. stereotyping sounds more on the money for what i meant. but there always has and always will since the days of old be an animosity if you will between races.. maybe not as strong as hate.. but theres just that something there that i cant quite put my finger on. you know its there, to say its not is to lie to yourself.

                  • tramballe12
                    tramballe12  9 years back

                    @dpman72 don king wasnt there

                    • delarel
                      delarel  9 years back

                      @TheThroney It's really hard to offend me. I can laugh at anything as a matter of fact I do.Race is always something we can laugh at.racism is not natural either. That's a ridiculous statement. Stereotyping maybe, but racism?Whatever makes you feel justified in your feelings.I just don't feel like hating another race is normal or natural.If you've allowed the mental conditioning to take hold of your thought process then its apparent why you feel like you do.I agree that people are 2 sensitive

                      • TheThroney
                        TheThroney  9 years back

                        @delarel race is a stupid thing to talk about on roasts. there is no mirror to look into. pretty much every white person youre going to meet had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. racism is natural and normal because we are different, theres no denying that. . you cant make racism go away. its like making our human nature go away.. doesnt work like that. doesnt mean you have to Hate other races. but you can see the lines and make fun of them.. people are too serious these days. lighten up.

                        • delarel
                          delarel  9 years back

                          @sbtbfanatic Did it? Just because you don't see plantations doesn't mean that there isn't slavery. You're a slave and don't know it. They have your mind shackled so that you can only see one way. Just be open to knowledge. You know what, try reading works by black authors on the topic of racism and slavery.. Have you ever? I can answer that for you, NO. If all of your info comes from the same source then you can only see one side of many perspectives. Get your knowledge game up homie!

                          • Bo Skaggs
                            Bo Skaggs  9 years back

                            @sbtbfanatic You sir, are a fool! What kind of black area are you referring to? Is it those neighborhoods that are mentioned by all the rappers, or is it those areas containing black people of middle to upper class? When you fail to add words such as: some, most, a few, etc, you are making a biased statement. Something to chew on: A black man walkIng around? Of course whites wouldn't have to worry about the residents, he'd have to worry about the police crackin' him on his mother fucking skull!

                            • sbtbfanatic
                              sbtbfanatic  9 years back

                              @delarel A black man walking alone through a white area late at night will be safe nearly 100% of the time. However, a white man walking alone through a black area late at night is likely to be mugged/assaulted, murdered, and possibly even raped. Why do you think that is? It is because of the racism of the black community. Look at this from the perspective of white people. Slavery ended nearly 150 years ago.

                              • delarel
                                delarel  9 years back

                                @sbtbfanatic really? The people who have been historically subjected to worldwide racism and degradation the most are the most racist? That's funny. If we are, then why? Answer that and you'll find your truth. It won't be pretty when you look in that mirror playboy.

                                • sbtbfanatic
                                  sbtbfanatic  9 years back

                                  @delarel Black people are the biggest racists in then U.S. Just because he married a white woman doesn't mean he isn't a racist.

                                  • delarel
                                    delarel  9 years back

                                    He married a white woman you idiot! He may have married two. He's not racist he's just not scared to speak on topics that whites are scared and embarrassed of. If you had to deal with racism on the daily you may have a different outlook. Know ya facts playboy!

                                    • Conduit
                                      Conduit  9 years back

                                      it's werid seeing a young John Weitherspoon & who knew Tim Reid was funny??

                                      • Conduit
                                        Conduit  9 years back

                                        it's werid seeing a young John

                                        • sbtbfanatic
                                          sbtbfanatic  9 years back

                                          @MrArtCastro Richard Pryor was a tremendous racist. I don't know how you can deny this fact. Open your eyes and you will see that racism is rampant within the black community.

                                          • Jake Smackey
                                            Jake Smackey  9 years back

                                            @MrArtCastro ..don't get upset with cannot speak who he does not know...LOL

                                            • Matt K
                                              Matt K  9 years back

                                              O man, love seeing Mooney

                                              • PauluzP
                                                PauluzP  9 years back

                                                @DROVIS69 yes it is , in his younger years

                                                • Josephs_79
                                                  Josephs_79  9 years back

                                                  @DROVIS69 Yeah i think it is

                                                  • sbtbfanatic
                                                    sbtbfanatic  9 years back

                                                    Richard Prior was a racist asshole, although he was still funny.

                                                    • SpecialK
                                                      SpecialK  9 years back

                                                      Tim Reid was hellafine back in the day!!

                                                      • Makiba Uboke
                                                        Makiba Uboke  9 years back

                                                        Richard Pryor was and still is the King of Comedy

                                                        • LM3 PRODUCTIONS
                                                          LM3 PRODUCTIONS  9 years back

                                                          the guy from friday is young on here..

                                                          • LM3 PRODUCTIONS
                                                            LM3 PRODUCTIONS  9 years back

                                                            damn that fool looks young..

                                                            • LESRAM1981
                                                              LESRAM1981  9 years back

                                                              So sorry that the Richard Pryor show got cancelled. If it was made present day. WTF. I would watch it all the waaaaay!!!

                                                              • MCJay2daSun
                                                                MCJay2daSun  9 years back

                                                                @Juggalo5588 i know but i couldn't resist the joke LOL

                                                                • Juggalo5588
                                                                  Juggalo5588  9 years back

                                                                  @MCJay2daSun I was merely commenting on how i like Paul mooneys Act of negrodamus, And I forgot to mention Richard pryor, and Paul Mooney are two of the funniest guys. Thats what i meant to say. And only a crack head would not know that buddy, !

                                                                  • MCJay2daSun
                                                                    MCJay2daSun  9 years back

                                                                    @eyeopener07 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE DID BWAHAHAHAHA

                                                                    • MCJay2daSun
                                                                      MCJay2daSun  9 years back

                                                                      @Juggalo5588 u do realize they're the same person....LOL

                                                                      • Roger Plummer
                                                                        Roger Plummer  9 years back

                                                                        Tim Reid (love the suit) is VERY funny!

                                                                        • rixwerld
                                                                          rixwerld  9 years back

                                                                          I wish they still did these roasts.

                                                                          • Julio
                                                                            Julio  9 years back

                                                                            I saw Paul on the 12th. Legend!

                                                                            • Original Gr8 Minds
                                                                              Original Gr8 Minds  9 years back

                                                                              classic shit

                                                                              • Juggalo5588
                                                                                Juggalo5588  9 years back

                                                                                Paul Mooney, Lol , Negrodamus! Two of the funniest guys in all of comedy in my oppinion!

                                                                                • thehoff1985
                                                                                  thehoff1985  9 years back

                                                                                  awsome video! LMAO

                                                                                  • mcentepede
                                                                                    mcentepede  9 years back

                                                                                    @eyeopener07 Could be...I just can't remember the last time Michael Jackson was that black. Sorry, wish I was older.

                                                                                    • William Devaughn
                                                                                      William Devaughn  9 years back

                                                                                      Is it just me or does John Witherspoon look like Michael Jackson?

                                                                                      • Jesus Samaniego
                                                                                        Jesus Samaniego  9 years back

                                                                                        that o.j?

                                                                                        • CrusaderMate
                                                                                          CrusaderMate  9 years back

                                                                                          last guys who came on was the best 10/10

                                                                                          • harhainen
                                                                                            harhainen  9 years back

                                                                                            mr milkie moe! haha

                                                                                            • Mad Guru
                                                                                              Mad Guru  9 years back

                                                                                              OMG this is classic!!!

                                                                                              • sparda9060
                                                                                                sparda9060  9 years back

                                                                                                Whoa aint that fucking POPS from The wayne's brother's show?! This is a funny roast lol.

                                                                                                • ConnorPlays
                                                                                                  ConnorPlays  9 years back

                                                                                                  I actually saw that documentary.