Tesla v10 Software Update Preview!

  • Published: 29 July 2019
  • Tesla is hard at work on the next major fleet-wide update that will allow Netflix and YouTube to work (finally!), improve AutoPilot on the highway, add a new game called 'Cuphead' and introduce the long-awaited Smart Summon pickup feature. What new feature are you looking forward to most?

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Comments • 33

  • Dennis Pena
    Dennis Pena  2 months back

    Learn to be comfortable doing nothing..... If you can't. If you get antsy... If you feel the need to fiddle with something.... there is something wrong.

    • ItzSpencerr
      ItzSpencerr  3 months back

      Can’t wait to see 1993 DOOM ported onto my car

      • row0111
        row0111  4 months back

        Great for Australia, oh wait we don't have any fucking web browsers on our Teslas. Australia rules!

        • John Chybowski
          John Chybowski  4 months back

          Bit of a misleading title...was hoping for an actual preview, not a rundown of expected features

          • Tesla Life Italia
            Tesla Life Italia  4 months back

            amici italiani, nei mio canale no clickbaits come questo... :) THIS IS NOT A PREVIEW

            • 4K funny
              4K funny  4 months back

              FINALLY YOU POSTED

              • Joe Bloe
                Joe Bloe  4 months back

                Thumbs-down for saying the word "YO"!!!!
                Stupid joy boy video!

                • Chops 00
                  Chops 00  4 months back

                  I would never want to install third party software on a device that has control of my car

                  • antonio volpe
                    antonio volpe  4 months back

                    tesla customer service sucks

                    • BOB Brown
                      BOB Brown  4 months back

                      It would be great to have a game who you can play against other tesla drivers while you supercharging

                      • BOB Brown
                        BOB Brown  4 months back

                        Whoop whopp! Hump Day!!!! Finally!!,

                        • Tesla sam jj 美國特妹珊潔拉

                          Improve timeline? Where is MY EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM? 😤

                          • tony n
                            tony n  4 months back

                            I have standard plus model 3 . It pisses me of that I don't get web browser or streaming . A car that's $40k still uses outdated Bluetooth to stream music. Almost hard to believe

                            • tony n
                              tony n  4 months back

                              @Nghia Le I know that I don't like Bluetooth and messing with phone is not safe while driving, for any changes you have to use the phone it should have app built in

                            • Nghia Le
                              Nghia Le  4 months back

                              Wait. You cant listen to music through Bluetooth?

                            • tony n
                              tony n  4 months back

                              @Ocala Joe we'll see

                            • Ocala Joe
                              Ocala Joe  4 months back

                              This new update may make it an option for us that have the m3+. Which I am hoping. Also I think Tesla will be offering apps instead of watching thru a browser. We will see.

                          • Tim Knutsen
                            Tim Knutsen  4 months back

                            Good delivered video!

                            • Alexander
                              Alexander  4 months back

                              That's a summary not a preview.

                              • Riley Leahy
                                Riley Leahy  4 months back

                                *Doesn't own a Tesla*
                                *Can't afford a Tesla*
                                *Is too young to drive*

                              • Oh hi Mark
                                Oh hi Mark  4 months back

                                Open platform Tesla apps means hacking into your car and crashing it lol

                              • massimo flumian
                                massimo flumian  4 months back

                                awesome video, Sam

                                • Rob S
                                  Rob S  4 months back

                                  Cool stuff!

                                  • Adam Menker
                                    Adam Menker  4 months back

                                    Wow shocked how such a new you tuber with only 1k subs has professional videos

                                  • kylecoolky
                                    kylecoolky  4 months back

                                    Wait I didn’t know you had a second channel. I just saw the Tweet and immediately clicked.

                                    • Jay
                                      Jay  4 months back

                                      Ayyyy this is fire bro. Love this channel

                                      • Donat Hmm
                                        Donat Hmm  4 months back

                                        Nice video