My First Time Shirtless After Top Surgery | Seventeen Firsts


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  • Seventeen
    Seventeen   3 months back

    Do you know anyone who's had top surgery?

  • Trinity Renée Roberts
    Trinity Renée Roberts  2 weeks back

    🥺 I wish I wasn’t broke😩 I can only dream what he feels like . Happy for him!!!!

    • Angelica Escalera
      Angelica Escalera  2 months back

      Hi everyone! I’m trying to raise money so I can go have top surgery! My insurance won’t cover it and I’m a broke college student lol. Anything will help! Thank you so much!

      • Miss Ciara Renea
        Miss Ciara Renea  3 months back

        Awww don’t be insecure. You’re perfect in every way. 💖💖💖

        • Callie LuvYT
          Callie LuvYT  3 months back

          I think plastic surgery and things like this are dumb. Everyone is so beautiful and no matter the weight, the race, or face everyone is amazingly beautiful 💗💗💗💗💕💗

          • Cry
            Cry  2 months back

            🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️you dont understand gender dysforia

        • MeatBall Hero
          MeatBall Hero  3 months back

          You still got those feminine hips bruh

          • Cry
            Cry  2 months back

            Ok? Why point that out tho?

        • natalie klein
          natalie klein  3 months back

          yEah i’m crying so what

          • Anthony Shipman
            Anthony Shipman  3 months back

            i love you Alex. i love u so so much. 🥺 i cannot wait time see u in october. i’m so blessed to be ur friend 💖

            • caleb sanders
              caleb sanders  3 months back

              THAT’S MY BEST BUDDDDDDDD 🤘🏼

              • chale explosivo
                chale explosivo  3 months back

                oh my gawd congratulations my sweet boy ❤️ you’re beautiful and very handsome !! You’re doing a very brave thing! You’re an amazing person and a great inspiration to everyone ❤️❤️

                • Kim Cayton
                  Kim Cayton  3 months back

                  I love his voice

                  • Madeleine Miller
                    Madeleine Miller  3 months back

                    No one cares

                    • Madeleine Miller
                      Madeleine Miller  3 months back

                      I don’t know if that was rhetorical or not, but you have a nice few hours of the day left too

                    • Madeleine Miller
                      Madeleine Miller  3 months back

                      But you really don’t have to call a person ignorant tho

                    • Madeleine Miller
                      Madeleine Miller  3 months back

                      Haley Luv’s Dances people can respond however, and if someone shouldn’t say something like that then that’s your opinion but my brother actually said a few of these comments so sorry. And he shouldn’t watch this video if he was gonna say this. But still these are just opinions so let’s agree to disagree

                    • Julian Pone
                      Julian Pone  3 months back

                      I care and I’m sure several others care too

                    • Kim Cayton
                      Kim Cayton  3 months back

                      I care

                  • Itz Grei Woodz
                    Itz Grei Woodz  3 months back

                    Follow My Journey and Transition

                    • Ludmila
                      Ludmila  3 months back

                      He looks great

                      • anna morgan
                        anna morgan  3 months back

                        so inspiring, so proud🥰💗

                        • Maria siriciti
                          Maria siriciti  3 months back


                          • Niyama
                            Niyama  3 months back

                            this is amazing, can't wait to get top surgery myself

                            • Black and Grayson
                              Black and Grayson  3 months back

                              Seeing trans representation on major platforms is so empowering, thank you Seventeen

                              • Karla Chavez
                                Karla Chavez  3 months back


                                • erin XO
                                  erin XO  3 months back

                                  Oh my gosh you go boiiiiii

                                  • Florence Mwaura
                                    Florence Mwaura  3 months back

                                    You are so handsome, you have made me so inspired

                                    • Sasha Hensler
                                      Sasha Hensler  3 months back

                                      Proud of him 💗

                                      • miss bunner
                                        miss bunner  3 months back

                                        They are so strong

                                        Not as in JOHN CENA strong xd

                                        I mean, like, mentally strong

                                        • Artsy Fartsy
                                          Artsy Fartsy  3 months back

                                          The Exposer my god do you know what he’s been through to call himself a boy and here you are calling him a girl. Grow up

                                        • Bridget Webber
                                          Bridget Webber  3 months back

                                          The Exposer You should stop talking right now. This man has been through so much to get where he is today, and he doesn’t need ignorant idiots like you belittling him.

                                        • The Exposer
                                          The Exposer  3 months back

                                          @Bridget Webber she. wat r u talking about

                                        • Bridget Webber
                                          Bridget Webber  3 months back

                                          The Exposer
                                          He. ;)

                                        • The Exposer
                                          The Exposer  3 months back


                                      • Audrey Cabrera
                                        Audrey Cabrera  3 months back

                                        As a transwoman I was so uncomfortable with how flat chested I was the 4 years later I finally grew up to a b cup and I'm so happy I've got to where I am now 😁 next up bottom surgery

                                        • Beastgirlem
                                          Beastgirlem  3 months back

                                          That's amazing! I hate that some people don't seem to understand what this means to transgenders. But people have different opinions.🤷

                                      • kamren richardson
                                        kamren richardson  3 months back

                                        i can't wait for that to be me one day; super proud of him! 🥰

                                      • Sara Santos
                                        Sara Santos  3 months back

                                        Yay u did it!! 💜💜

                                        • Kenzie Breunig
                                          Kenzie Breunig  3 months back

                                          I’m so proud of u and I don’t even know u lol

                                          • Jimin Is my bias
                                            Jimin Is my bias  3 months back

                                            Awww please don’t be insecure about yourself love yourself the way you are💖💖

                                            • Park Ji Min
                                              Park Ji Min  3 months back

                                              Jimin Is my bias ayyyyy nice name!!😂😂😂🥰🥰💜💜💜💜👍