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  • Omega Sekro
    Omega Sekro  3 days back

    I've had two jobs in my life and I hated them both used work at a restaurant as a dishwasher and at Wawa both stressful especially Wawa I've had encounters with rude people I've had people tell my head off about coffee and asked to get the manager over stupid crap 😑 people being so inconsiderate I've done retail I never want to do it ever again it's something that nobody should experience nobody deserves to be treated better then how retail employees are treated people forget we are still human beings. Anyone who is working a job that they hate right now I hope u get the job your dreaming of one day !!!

    • Lune
      Lune  4 weeks back

      That is not exactly animation

      • Alex Miller
        Alex Miller  3 months back


        • Wyatt Pollard
          Wyatt Pollard  8 months back

          SpongeBob SquarePants meme

          • AnimaticHunter
            AnimaticHunter  8 months back

            Lifeless eyes fair enough I have had multiple customers comment that I look dead inside or ready to die when really I just don't ever get enough sleep isomnia is fun

            • vincent prado
              vincent prado  9 months back

              There was no drama at my job. Eh, guess I was lucky

              • TheBondman007
                TheBondman007  9 months back

                8:20 that cracked me up completely!

                • ted van Bijnen
                  ted van Bijnen  9 months back

                  I worked for long time in the golf restaurant nice co-workers end I was stundent kok direct. She dit start his one bisnes he asked me to be su chef. End work there stil til get for oder company that interested me expent my noleg end spread my wings. Not every job where start bad end sometimes you can grow ore get lukky but always reed your reseme end dicous about it!

                  • Vanessa Bayardo
                    Vanessa Bayardo  10 months back

                    I think I had only one job where they also told me I would be the team leader. When they gave me a name tag that said something else I was completely shocked. I can't remember the title but I was the only one walking around campus taking pictures all day. Oh yeah it came back to me: from team leader to activity guide. arghh!

                    • ghoulmaster 866
                      ghoulmaster 866  11 months back

                      I don't have a job. I'm still in elementary. But holy shit it must be fucking horrible. Ok, so my mom works at a bakery. She always comes home and is like "My co-workers are fucking stupid as fuck."
                      So yeah that's probably gonna be pretty close to by first job. :/

                      • Candice Perry
                        Candice Perry  11 months back

                        I wish I have a job to earn extra money

                        • 1up the octoling
                          1up the octoling  12 months back

                          I'm 10 working in 4 years

                          • TheUsefChannel !
                            TheUsefChannel !  1 years back

                            At 1:39 I went to that mall

                            • H.A.M
                              H.A.M  1 years back

                              Wagie wagie stay in your cagie

                              • TabbyclawProductions
                                TabbyclawProductions  1 years back

                                I'm only 15, so I don't have a job yet, but this summer I'm gonna do volunteer work at a ranch

                              • XXMODZ HAXSXX
                                XXMODZ HAXSXX  1 years back

                                "Society sucks" ok buddy you gotta think lodgical about the job actually get a job that you wanna do heck you can work in a taxi those resturant jobs will be easier if you actually know your shit like math. and do a good job on it so you can actually get a promotion so you wont stay as a newbie.. god this channel is dying

                                • XXMODZ HAXSXX
                                  XXMODZ HAXSXX  1 years back

                                  working at a radio station is alot easier i can say. my father when he was a teen ager he got a job at a radio station even though he was in high school he wasnt payed as much as he was supposed to and paying under aged worker was illeagle but they still got away with it somehow but my father never cared. and honestly its rude to ask how much you get payed because that shows that you only work at the job only for the money.

                                  • V -
                                    V -  1 years back

                                    I live in a small town and the majority of jobs available to students are fast food. The closest "city/suburban" area is 30 minutes away. That other 5% of jobs for students are cleaning tables or taking orders at restaurants.

                                    • Brooke Dagger
                                      Brooke Dagger  1 years back

                                      I really live for the day I never have a real job again

                                      • Monroe Robbins
                                        Monroe Robbins  1 years back

                                        As for that self esteem thing... gosh, that lifeless look is on too many employees’ faces. When you see that look, that self loathing, keep it in mind, and give them the respect they deserve. They’re doing you a service, and having to suck up so much shit, they deserve a thank you, and much more credit than they typically get.

                                        • Monroe Robbins
                                          Monroe Robbins  1 years back

                                          Yeah, my whole family has worked in retail or restaurants (except me, I’ve only done volunteer work and odd jobs), and they’ve taught me this; respect the people who do crap for you, unless they give you crap first (like, on purpose, like putting arsenic in your coffee or something, not accidentally forgetting pumpkin spice in your latte), cause their day is literally about taking money from idiots who think they know everything, and getting orders from idiots who think they know everything. Their words, not mine.

                                          • Mystixume
                                            Mystixume  1 years back

                                            this isn't animation?????

                                            • Maria Evens
                                              Maria Evens  1 years back

                                              What i Hate is when, you studing to do this job, you giving all you can... And your Mentor is such an ass and doesn't See how hard you try to do your Best and makes you down because you are just nervous showing him what you can do and this stuff.
                                              I had a Mentor, she did toke the time to let me show what i can do, but because of her glaring at me like "i have better things to do so just do it allready!" and then not even trying to understand that she makes me even More nervous with that so that i Got an blackout. She was such a bit** °^°... And then i was Got Quite. ~.~ thank godness i was out of there! Hospitals are horro to work at kids "^"

                                              • Haru XV
                                                Haru XV  1 years back

                                                Is this what constitutes as Animation?

                                                • Leggingone
                                                  Leggingone  1 years back

                                                  I hate when you call up sick, and one particular manager will guilt trip you saying "So your calling in sick yeah, how do you think that effects the manager on your shift, so you're not coming in today, even though we dont have many people on" like for crying out loud. It's not like we choose to be sick, nahh, today I'm going to be sick, purposely to make it harder on my managers. Who wants to be sick. Definitely when you get lots of sick day, and in the policy is states that, 'if you are sick, do not come into work'.

                                                  • R3b3tX
                                                    R3b3tX  1 years back

                                                    The first person sounds like gizzy gazza

                                                    • Jotta H.
                                                      Jotta H.  1 years back

                                                      We could literally have a Star Trek reality where people would work and innovate not because of being forced, but because they wanted to.

                                                      But alas, 1% are too busy hoarding billions of dollars in bank accounts.

                                                      • DokiDoki
                                                        DokiDoki  1 years back

                                                        Your intro spoke to my soul

                                                        • Zach Kellner
                                                          Zach Kellner  1 years back

                                                          I work as a janitor for the "Big blue wally" They have 1/4th the staff necessary for the size of the store. There are 4 janitors for a store that should have at LEAST 8. This coming season there's going to be 2 janitors because the only fulltimer and me a part timer, are going to be leaving. The store still refuses to train people before season hits as we leave. So. They'll probably leave after the first day.

                                                          Off season case 1: Middle-aged man crapped his pants. Then wiggled it out of his pants in front of the bathroom, then dragged it into said bathroom, and flung it all over the handicapped stall. Then he proceeded to walk through the store with it on his feet. I was the only janitor on shift. IT WAS HORRIBLE.

                                                          Off season case 2: Middle-aged woman went to the bathroom after I had just cleaned it. 5 minutes later a fellow associate enters the bathroom just after the woman left. My associate walked out with a blank white face and nearly cried. When I got in there, it looked like the middle aged woman had bent over, and shot out her feces like a shotgun all over the wall.

                                                          (None of these people admitted it either. Like they literally blamed it on someone else, or said it was like that when they got there, even though we have cameras clearly pointing they were the only ones in there.)

                                                          Off season case 3: Cleaning the floors. Oh god I freaking loathe cleaning the floors when customers are around. Because instead of being polite and just going around, they drive their carts straight through the freaking wet floor and get it dirty again. I'm not allowed to just leave it either. I'm supposed to have it clean. So what should be a 5 minute job ends up being 20-30 minutes. (This happens a lot, so it's more like Case 3-50+.)

                                                          Managers can make or break the job too. I have two managers I love completely, and two I think really need to be demoted to regular associates or fired. The two managers I hate. Just order everyone even people not in their departments, to do jobs not befitting their job description. Honestly. At the end of the day. Even though we get paid 11 an hour. If a company treated me right. Minimum wage would be acceptable (As well as decent hours)

                                                          • ace _
                                                            ace _  1 years back

                                                            Mom and dad are like this

                                                            • h0rsefeathers.
                                                              h0rsefeathers.  1 years back

                                                              I work in a call centre and my issues with it are pretty similar to yours. Both coworkers and customers are just... mixed bags. I’ve had coworkers who are supportive and then there’s plenty who just talk shit about one another. And I’ve had customers who are super sweet/nice to deal with, or we have customers uttering death threats. To me or to other coworkers. Sometimes suicide threats or sexual harassment. I shit you not. It’s made me feel very torn because I enjoy helping the customers, most of them are somewhat decent, but when people decide to be nasty to a call centre.. it’s not pretty. I have seen plenty of my co workers driven to tears by the things said to them.

                                                              TLDR; call centre reps (or really anyone working in customer service) are not paid to be an emotional punching bag. Please be respectful to the people trying to help you.

                                                              • ZoeZoe Y utube
                                                                ZoeZoe Y utube  1 years back

                                                                2:27 will you make a video about them ?

                                                                • Unwanted Bagels
                                                                  Unwanted Bagels  1 years back

                                                                  No relief

                                                                  • ØØØ XÊÑØMŒRPHĮÑG ØØØ

                                                                    “But hey, we all gotta keep our lives afloat somehow... But JuSt bECaUse ThAt’s thE cAsE DoeSn’T MeaN We GoTta LiKe iT.”

                                                                    Never laughed so hard. 😂😂😂

                                                                    • TJGamerGurl
                                                                      TJGamerGurl  1 years back

                                                                      I think when I worked at McDonald's, this elderly gentleman had a crush on me, if I was to believe the part of his note to me that read, "If I was young, I would ask you to be my wife." Not joking. I was both flattered, cause I have self-esteem problems, and pretty creeped out.

                                                                      • Rae DeHart
                                                                        Rae DeHart  1 years back

                                                                        Coworkers are mainly my issue with a lot of jobs. I started working on a show horse ranch one summer and freaking LOVED IT. Driving 50 miles one way at 6am was murder but the work was rewarding, I had seventeen beautiful horses to dote on, my ranch manager and the owners loved me, the ranch sat on six thousand acres of beautiful mountain and I was the only employee. Fast forward several months and the ranch manager hired a more seasoned show horse ranch hand.

                                                                        I really had no showmanship training and it hadn't been specified in the interview so I was rather happy he found someone to do the shows and I could stay behind and care for the retired horses, young mares and what was soon to be a baby foal.

                                                                        So this lady shows up. A local around town but I'm a hermit and didnt know anyone in town and had just moved back after two years in another state. It started off pretty okay? She was lazy, high maintenance and liked to talk a lot of shit but when the owners or manager came around she did her job and I got my work done so when she wanted to goof off and go dick around I was safe.

                                                                        Fast forward a few weeks and shit started going downhill. She was moody, whispering behind my back, the manager started to doubt MY work ethic (even tho everything was still done to satisfaction in record time compared to past hands) and I started to get that feeling. The one where you can see your job spiraling into a void. A black hole of no return. Ugh. So it's winter. I'm driving up a canyon road on a one lane path with a sheer drop on one side and cliff walls on the other. I drove up in a white out blizzard that's how dedicated I was to this job. (And I really freakin love those horses) Annnnd one day I lost control and hit a tree dead center with my truck narrowly avoiding plunging to the bottom of the canyon. Airbag messed my face up, whiplash, broke nearly all my fingers on my right hand, fractured wrist. I went to the ER that day but I went to work the next day because Mrs.Perfect and the manager were leaving for a week to go see a show and adventure around. I fed, watered and tried to muck four barns in the TWO weeks they left me stranded on the ranch. I was so close to being out of food it wasn't funny. Now I couldn't do my job to my usual best because of my hand being the mess it was and lingering pain in my shoulders. So the manager finally comes back and drives me home (my truck was totaled and my car was not even gunna make that drive in the dead of January) and he was his usual super sweet self. Gave me a few days off and I thought everything was fine. Mrs. Perfect had been ignoring me and acting butt hurt for weeks before this but I hadn't given it much thought.

                                                                        So I go back to work after a few days off and I start off feeding and watering everyone before heading up to our main barn to start mucking and they're both waiting for me. Manager asked if I wouldn't mind having a talk and I pretty much knew I was done just by the way he spoke.

                                                                        I sit down in the breakroom and this woman goes postal on me. Saying I talked bad about her to everyone in town. How I was constantly ratting her goofing off and sometimes abusive treatment of the horses to the manager (which I actually did do because he asked me to be honest and you dont hit a horse the way she did out of anger) and that she couldnt work with me, couldnt trust me, we were no longer friends and that from now on when the manager was gone she would be the boss. At that point I was mad enough to cry/strangle her but also just wanted to laugh. Then the manager laid into me. That my work on the ranch while they were gone was shotty (yes because I hit a tree, broke my hand and yet still managed to go to work when most people would have refused staying on a ranch with flight animals in the middle of winter with no transportation, no phone service and the closest humans were a good twenty miles in any direction) and that I had lied to him on multiple occasions (when I was the only one who owned up to my mistakes when I broke something unlike my coworker who tried to hide damage the lie when she was caught) and according to Mrs.Perfect I had been smoking (cuz I smoked) in the barns, near the horses, in the apartment in the vet barn we stay in if we have too and that he had lost all trust in me. I never smoke in areas that aren't allowed or near the animals.

                                                                        So. While I hadnt been fired. It was obvious any tiny slip up would have resulted in it so I stood up, told Mrs. Perfect to go fuck herself, thanked the manager for the opportunity, said goodbye to those beautiful creatures and drove home.

                                                                        So coworkers would be the #1 reason I would come to hate any job. It was miserable those last few weeks and only the horses were a comfort.

                                                                        Now I work in a bar and it sucks but its good money.

                                                                        Good luck to everyone out in the job world and kids in school ENJOY IT.

                                                                        • A hard day's night
                                                                          A hard day's night  1 years back

                                                                          the my hero academia references are making me very happy

                                                                          • Francis Noir
                                                                            Francis Noir  1 years back

                                                                            *wElComE to pApA spicy''s*

                                                                            • Dubwavy
                                                                              Dubwavy  1 years back

                                                                              Should I be ashamed I know that , that’s a chick fil a background

                                                                              • RamenNinja101
                                                                                RamenNinja101  1 years back

                                                                                Did anyone else notice he did the Spongebob bit with Bubble Bass? If it was funny, "haha" Spongebob refrence. But no, it wasen't funny at all.

                                                                                • Kristopher Creecy
                                                                                  Kristopher Creecy  1 years back

                                                                                  There's so much drama at my work, it's like I'm in high school again

                                                                                  • Superchocolatemilkshake Webleems

                                                                                    I Feel Ya Bro

                                                                                    • Sky Keyblade weilder
                                                                                      Sky Keyblade weilder  1 years back

                                                                                      Bruh it's okay last March I was a senior in High School also may I graduated but didn't go to college anyways I worked at McDonald's and still working and it's been a year and I was putting her fresh crispy chicken on her sandwich she literally asked I want my bun toasted am I'm like WTF bro so she finally had her Artsians Bun toasted and I was like thank you

                                                                                      • Branny
                                                                                        Branny  1 years back

                                                                                        thought it said "What I HATE Women"

                                                                                        • Andrew Green
                                                                                          Andrew Green  1 years back

                                                                                          The foot sores I get from standing all day.

                                                                                          • Az/\zel
                                                                                            Az/\zel  1 years back

                                                                                            from which anime is the character at 5:07 from? he/she seems pretty cool

                                                                                            • kyuven
                                                                                              kyuven  1 years back

                                                                                              Even though a lot of people say working for minimum wage sucks...it's something you should do.
                                                                                              Working a minimum wage job keeps you from turning into that shitty customer. It teaches you how to deal with other people, and how to handle confrontation. And you get paid to do it.
                                                                                              One really important thing to do: Never. Ever. EVER quit a job without another one lined up. Don't give your two weeks notice until you've told your next job you can start in two weeks.
                                                                                              The only thing worse than a minimum wage job is no job.

                                                                                              • I Eye
                                                                                                I Eye  1 years back

                                                                                                Me: what would you like.
                                                                                                Customer: I don't know ... I want something.
                                                                                                Me: how about this?
                                                                                                Customer: no I want something else. Keep going for few mins.