If Titans score 28 points it won't be enough to beat Chiefs — Nick Wright | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST


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  • First Things First
    First Things First   3 days back

    Will Patrick Mahomes have another epic performance vs the Titans?

    • Steve
      Steve  9 hours back

      @j b During the season it was Titans 35 and Chiefs 32, so you could be close!

    • j b
      j b  18 hours back

      Titans 35

      Chiefs 17

    • Steve
      Steve  20 hours back

      @sky langford Henry, like Tannehill, is just a small part of what makes the Titans good. It's all about the Titans O line and defense. It's the whole team rather than just a star QB like Mahomes and Lamar. If they lose Henry a backup QB comes in and will do well, too.

    • jameicia standifer
      jameicia standifer  20 hours back

      Nah cause we thought lamar was

  • JeremysRants
    JeremysRants  5 hours back

    Nick Wright's such a hater.

    • Angel C
      Angel C  9 hours back

      I'm hoping Tennessee win 17-13

      • PiP355 Gaming
        PiP355 Gaming  10 hours back

        Book this, Titans win. They outmatch the chiefs on o line dline secondary and rushing attack. The only way the chiefs win is if Mahomes just dominates. And while this guy's says the chiefs were the best deep passing attack in the NFL by far.... Your a idiot, Tannehil has a 9.4 average attempt compare to Mahomes 7.2 and Jackson's 8.4.

        • Just my BS
          Just my BS  11 hours back

          Not a fan of either team, I love watching Mahomes , but I can’t believe how the Titans have come alive. Good luck to both teams, and may the AFC still come out on top of the SB

          • Aaron Hernandez420
            Aaron Hernandez420  11 hours back

            Mangini sippn that haterade

            • Jose Alvarado
              Jose Alvarado  12 hours back

              #QUEEFSKINGDUMB Nick is delusional and just riding on Patrick's 🐓 😂😂

              • Moe Snert
                Moe Snert  12 hours back

                1st Super Bowl since 2013 season without Brady or manning in the post season. How refreshing.

                • Chris Lamb
                  Chris Lamb  13 hours back

                  Please take that Fat face coach that Knows Everything out of this conversation. He Has been so wrong on everything and Never gives Patrick Mahomes credit for what he has Operator.

                  • Chris Lamb
                    Chris Lamb  13 hours back

                    We don't need to contain him,we need to let him go as much as he can go against this defense and the offense will do their job for the Chiefs!!!!!

                    • Jacrispie Jackson
                      Jacrispie Jackson  14 hours back

                      Aren’t they 0-3 at home against the titans? *ingores the stat and changes the subject*

                      • Jacrispie Jackson
                        Jacrispie Jackson  14 hours back

                        Nick is so biased. He was crying when we beat them in the playoffs on this show

                        • Jacrispie Jackson
                          Jacrispie Jackson  14 hours back

                          Y’all forget we been scoring 30-40+ a game since tannehill this ain’t the same titans

                          • Jack
                            Jack  14 hours back

                            Nick is idiotic in saying there is no chance in the titans winning. Do you not watch sports?

                            • Blur Fizzy
                              Blur Fizzy  14 hours back

                              Stat: kc this year is 9-0 with Eric Fisher playing

                              • Peter Lemon
                                Peter Lemon  15 hours back

                                People forget about the colts game vs chiefs

                                • Mitt Obama
                                  Mitt Obama  15 hours back

                                  This is the type of guy that gets people shocked to their death like the Ravens fan. If guys like these base their pronouncements from facts, the good Ravens fan might still be alive. May he RIP.

                                  • Daniel Gebhardt
                                    Daniel Gebhardt  16 hours back

                                    Nick Wright is straight-up disrespecting the Titans and giving them bulletin board material. Overconfidence never works out, bruh.

                                    • Vickie Briceno
                                      Vickie Briceno  17 hours back

                                      Mangini apparently doesn't realize that you have to be biased. Put the information out and let everyone decide for themselves. Ridiculous!!

                                      • Marti
                                        Marti  17 hours back

                                        I don't think this will be a blowout or an easy one but I'm taking the Chiefs to win it all. I think the Titans are dangerous and will win if they make the Chiefs panic with Derrick Henry. If Henry scores more than 2 TDs, Titans win but otherwise I think Chiefs win it. Salute to Patty Mahomes and King Henry. I will say this though, I think the Titans have the best LB core in the NFL.

                                        • Jonathan McCully
                                          Jonathan McCully  21 hours back

                                          Wow did he get worked up when Canty and Mangini provided reasons why the Chiefs may struggle? I thought he was going to have a fit.

                                          • Klyntar Kenny
                                            Klyntar Kenny  22 hours back

                                            A better game would’ve been Chiefs v.s. 49ers
                                            And Greenbay v.s. Titans

                                            • SonnyD Morrell
                                              SonnyD Morrell  1 days back

                                              Keep dissing the titans #titanup

                                              • Big Balls
                                                Big Balls  1 days back

                                                Y’all might now like what I’m saying but Ryan Tannehill will have an amazing game everybody talking about the running game but that passing game will be INSANE!!!

                                                • Kaylyn Alexander
                                                  Kaylyn Alexander  1 days back

                                                  This game is a toss up . I’m surely not picking the Titans over the Chiefs. But if the Chiefs can make it a shootout it’s goodnight for the Titans because Tannehill will not be able to keep up. But imo it’s gonna be high scoring anyways 45-38 Chiefs

                                                  • Rodney D
                                                    Rodney D  1 days back

                                                    He forgot that Derrick Henry didn’t play in the game against the Saints. If Henry would’ve played in the game the against Saints, it would’ve been a lot different. But we love being the underdogs.

                                                    • Dre Day
                                                      Dre Day  1 days back

                                                      Titans get 5 sacks ...titans baby

                                                      • Dre Day
                                                        Dre Day  1 days back

                                                        Im willing to bet 10k ..nick titans going to ship.

                                                        • Dre Day
                                                          Dre Day  1 days back

                                                          After sunday you need to apologize to titans .because we come to my hometown

                                                          • mercado1011
                                                            mercado1011  1 days back

                                                            Who's here after the titans beat the chiefs?

                                                            • Space Alien Jesus
                                                              Space Alien Jesus  1 days back

                                                              Titan Up!!!

                                                              • aidan dumler
                                                                aidan dumler  1 days back

                                                                Nick Wright is what happens if you grab a dude from a sports bar and make him an analyst.

                                                                • Southern Belle
                                                                  Southern Belle  1 days back

                                                                  Eric Mangini?, acts like he caught Mahomes banging his wife as much as he hates/disdains he has for the Chiefs

                                                                  • Arturo Reyes
                                                                    Arturo Reyes  1 days back

                                                                    Titans are going to win they will run all over the chiefs defence and the titans defence in extremely underrated.

                                                                    • ckalnicki
                                                                      ckalnicki  1 days back

                                                                      Nick Wright has zero credibility. ZERO!

                                                                      • Bruce Smith
                                                                        Bruce Smith  1 days back

                                                                        Titans will win again! Titans up!

                                                                        • Anthony Atkins
                                                                          Anthony Atkins  1 days back

                                                                          Derek Henry just come by my house he had to been doing at least 55 mph

                                                                          • Anthony Atkins
                                                                            Anthony Atkins  1 days back

                                                                            It's a bird,it's a plane,oh wait it's Derek Henry! Coming to your town soon!

                                                                            • joel cole
                                                                              joel cole  1 days back

                                                                              better question and now lets see how confident you are who would take chiefs at 10.5 probably 70 percent of people so why arent they.......because then that makes titans +_400 ml and thats about where it should be +270 is like you got ripped off

                                                                              • CaLi Baby
                                                                                CaLi Baby  1 days back

                                                                                I like guy on the left stuff I been saying

                                                                                • Nupe Ellington
                                                                                  Nupe Ellington  1 days back

                                                                                  Nick is an idiot... Ask the Ravens how they feel about the Titans...

                                                                                  • CaLi Baby
                                                                                    CaLi Baby  1 days back

                                                                                    CHIEFSSS!! Beat titans

                                                                                    • Wyatt Gouldthorpe
                                                                                      Wyatt Gouldthorpe  1 days back

                                                                                      Nick Wright doesn't know anything about the Titans. Anyone who didn't know who Jonnu Smith is before last week shouldn't comment as if they know about the Titans. The Ravens had the number one scoring offense this year, and the Titans stopped them. They've been playing much better than a 9-7 team recently. Nick is being really dumb here

                                                                                      • Derek Alvarado
                                                                                        Derek Alvarado  1 days back

                                                                                        Nick sounds like all the ravens fans last week and is gonna be like to the titans next week

                                                                                        • AB Mia
                                                                                          AB Mia  1 days back

                                                                                          Yes there is,keep mahones off the field and run that Mack truck named Henry right down their throat.

                                                                                          • walt B
                                                                                            walt B  1 days back

                                                                                            Die hard chiefs fan here, Chiefs kingdom!! Got to say I'm not as cocky as this guy here about this game. I think we will win, but I know how things can be.

                                                                                            • carbon.the. christ
                                                                                              carbon.the. christ  1 days back

                                                                                              Wheres Chris Carter at,as annoying as he was Mangini on my nerves with the Chiefs hate.

                                                                                              • joel cole
                                                                                                joel cole  1 days back

                                                                                                oh AND NICK IS AN IDIOT
                                                                                                2 WINS IN 5 TRIES 01 EAGLES 07 GIANTS THATS ALL

                                                                                                • joel cole
                                                                                                  joel cole  1 days back

                                                                                                  NICK ITS RARE BECAUSE THIS GAME HAS OCCURED 5 TIMES IN THE LAST 20 SEASONS