10 Parenting Tips to Calm Down Any Child In a Minute

  • Published: 14 December 2017
  • Tantrums are very common in kids aged 1 to 4. More than half of kids let their frustration out at least once a week, or more often.
    Why do they do it?
    By the time they turn 3 or 4, kids have much better language skills than babies, of course, but their vocabulary is still not advanced enough to describe everything they feel. So what can you do to prevent your kids from going crazy now and then?

    Make your child feel comfortable 1:21
    Let your toddler choose 2:08
    Find out what's really bothering your kid 2:58
    Distract your little one 3:40
    Become a good teacher for your kid 4:23
    Do not provoke tantrums 5:20
    Use positive words 5:56
    Keep a straight face 6:30
    Give praise when the kid deserves it 7:00
    Be smart about the pocket money 7:38

    - If you are going out for a longer time, take their favorite blanket with you. It will give them the feeling of home and safety. When you are a parent, you tend to take plenty of stuff with you even when you leave the house for an hour. If someone is making fun of you, let them.
    - Start with little things, which will make him or her feel like they are in control. Control also means responsibility. They will of course not know it just now, but they will see how their choices affect what they do and how they feel.
    - don’ta get the message; they don’t get the answer. What do they do? Throw a tantrum. Dr. Hoecker offers the following solution: try to create a sign language your kid will understand and remember. Teach them to show basic words like “food,” “milk,” “sleep” and so on.
    - Your child will unlikely be getting over a breakup or job loss, but they have their own concerns, as we know. When you feel danger is coming, the baby’s face is reddening, or they are giving other signs of a tantrum to follow, distract them. “Let’s go for a walk,” “How about we read your favorite book” are all great ways to divert your child’s fleeting attention.
    - Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of Parents Do Make a Difference, explains that kids really want to do what is right, but sometimes they just don’t know what that is. Explain your concerns and fears, never yell at or in front of your kid. You could even make up an “angry vocabulary” for your child. That would be a list of words to express negative emotions.
    - Your kid doesn’t like to be forcefully interrupted, or feels uncomfortable about doing certain things? Give them warning before they have to do it and explain why it is necessary.
    - Millions of people in 47 countries around the world love Supernanny. This modern-day Mary Poppins gives great parenting advice. One of the things she suggests is using positive instead of the negative. Every time you feel like screaming "no," "don’t" and "stop," don’t do it. “Don’t jump on the couch” could motivate your kid to do the opposite, especially if they are moody.
    - Introduce the new family rule to your kid. When he or she starts whining, you have the right not to respond to them. If that happens, keep your face straight. You made a deal, right? Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., coauthor of Positive Discipline for Preschoolers recommends that you also introduce a warning sign which will show you are going to stop listening.
    - We are not just talking about money here. Your baby will unlikely appreciate it, anyway. Thank the kids for doing something right. Doctor Michele Borba thinks it is a good idea to say things like "Thanks for using your normal voice" or "My ears love that voice."
    - All families are different and have different income. There is no universal answer for “how much pocket money to give your kid” in numbers. Rooster Money, a resourcefully focused on how you should go about pocket money for your child, offers an Allowance Report. It says four-year-olds get an average of $2.82. This amount is slowly growing and doubles by the time the kid turns 9.

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    Hey there! How many kids do you have or wanna have?

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    LanEyaKay Lbial  1 weeks back

    When my one year old throws a tantrum, i always use #7. Like loudly saying 'Look a lizard' or 'look a bird.' she will stop crying

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      2 girls

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        webMD.... i laughed so hard when i heard that.
        wedMD: "nOt LeTtInG yOuR cHiLd ChOsE iS a SyMtOn Of CaNcEr"
        ive been of the internet my whole life. where are my fellow gen Z kids?!?

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          How to do something in under one minute: video then explains 10 ways of preventing a tantrum rather than stopping it in one minute.

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            Sandesh Thane  3 weeks back

            What If we say them ,"I will throw you in dustbin if you can't stop to cry"

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              thank you bright side

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                Very helpful

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                  All kids need discipline from their parents to stop bad behaviour and not these tips

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                            Give child choice in food...then you will see the difficulties after

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                              Sackboy  1 months back

                              If I ever have a daughter, I will scare her into being good by saying "Be good, or else I'll growl at you!!" I threaten my niece with that and she is behaving very well. Try it!! It works! :) all daughters and nieces deserve that punishment!!!!!

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                                Sackboy where you abuse by a woman? Or are you sexist?

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                                You should give your child real money

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                                        "control also means responsibility".... 👌

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                                            You should give your child a freedom for them to have a better personality.

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                                              Structured life will help.
                                              Walk your kid after meals whenever possible.

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                                                Thanks bright side I wouldn’t survive without ur video my little brother is NAUGHTY

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                                                    Number 11: 5:07 don't let children touch poisonous plants 🤦🏻‍♀️

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                                                                Preparation when going to the store
                                                                “Don’t ask for nothing, don’t touch nothing”

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                                                                  Actually,I do not tantrum. even if i was a little kid,never.

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