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  • Erick Lemoine
    Erick Lemoine  5 hours back

    Anyone that picked Clemson knows nothing about college football. They didn't watch LSU all year.

    • Bert Jones
      Bert Jones  16 hours back

      The best comparison between FSU & LSU seasons are the final BCS/CFP standings of ranked teams played based on 13 games.

      FSU beat the #2, #12 & #24 ranked teams.
      LSU beat the #3, #4, #5, #9, #12, & #13 ranked teams.

      So I will concede that, more than likely, had FSU played a 14th game, they'd have scored more points!
      BUT - the strength of schedule based on the final standings, there is no comparison. How much does point total actually factor into this comparison?

      • Michael Oglesby
        Michael Oglesby  2 days back

        Play calling for clemson on both sides was way ignorant 4 me I don't see how E.T.N didn't get way more opportunities with the ball in his hands...and on defense you gotta Make the ball more just no adjustments...

        • Tim Castens
          Tim Castens  3 days back

          What a run what a team what a coach what more can I say

            ROY SCHLAUDECKER  3 days back

            out coached?...Yes.....47's penalty "BS" season ever by qb.."when you find someone close to Burrow, compare schedules"...I'm an Ole Miss alum...i'm still in shock of what i saw this season...congrats Tigahz

            • Back Bay Man52
              Back Bay Man52  3 days back

              As an LSU alumni, I am proud of these guys and all the accomplishments they made this year. They never made it about them, it was all about team. The played as a unit, with one goal in mind, steamrolling everybody. I'm happy for them. Good luck to the Tigers going to the NFL. I don't care about next year. Win or lose, they're my team. Geaux Tigers 😋

              • David Pardee
                David Pardee  4 days back

                No other team in college ever played as hard of a schedule as these kids did so I’d say the best team ever hands down.🙌🏻

                • Samuel Hicks
                  Samuel Hicks  4 days back

                  Florida state didnt play the amount of ranked teams that lsu played either

                  • Bg Stutes
                    Bg Stutes  5 days back

                    There isn't a bad call here or an unlucky bounce there that would have changed the outcome. As far as the PI call on 3rd and long before the half, LSU went 3 and out in the 1st and 2nd possession after halftime. So, early in the 3rd, momentum was roughly 50/50, if not tilted toward Clemson. There were dozens of key moments in this game that decided it for LSU and really, it was a more dominant performance than the final score reflects. So even if Clemson gets a few calls and lucky bounces, the fact remains that their coin flip of a kicker uncharacteristically hit 50 yarder, LSU's reliable kicker had a rare miss on a chip-shot, and the surest hands in CFB dropped a routine pass in the end zone. Not to mention the final two possessions when Burrow and the Boys ran their 5 minute offense, aka "the Mercy Package".

                    • Patrick Frayer
                      Patrick Frayer  5 days back

                      Quit the damn whining LSU beat them soundly get over it

                      • Tsully
                        Tsully  6 days back

                        Tackling with the head up is taught from well before high school. If you're still tucking the helmet, you're endangering yourself and others and deserve to be ejected. The team should feel the after effects. Targeting stops when coaches make it a priority to stop it.

                        • DevMag 52
                          DevMag 52  6 days back

                          Ohio State had the same thing happened to them. Goes around

                          • M McLaurin80
                            M McLaurin80  6 days back

                            Sure, Florida State played one less game, but they also had a much easier schedule. Pitt, Nevada, Bethune-Cookman, Maryland, NC State, Wake Forest, Idaho, and Duke. They put up 80 on Idaho by still throwing it while up more than 60 points.

                            • Davy Smith
                              Davy Smith  7 days back

                              2013 FSU and 2001 Miami are the best college football teams of all time. This LSU team is 3rd at best.

                              • Murray Cato
                                Murray Cato  5 days back

                                @Davy Smith I didn't think we were talking about NFL potential, I thought we were talking about "2013 FSU and 2001 Miami are the best college football teams of all time. This LSU team is 3rd at best." Yes, the NFL talents on both teams are amazing, but we're not talking about accomplishments in the NFL, we're talking about NCAA football, and to that I say, yes. This LSU football team is better than FSU and Miami. Who knows what the 7+ LSU players declared for the draft do in the NFL. Yet to be seen.

                              • Davy Smith
                                Davy Smith  5 days back

                                Murray Cato Facts? Let’s see if you recognize any of these names from the 2001 Miami Hurricanes: Vince Wilfork, Ed Reed, Ken Dorsey, Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Jeremy Shockey, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, Kellen Winslow Jr., Jonathan Vilma, and I could go on. You’re going to try and tell me that this LSU team is loaded with more NFL talent than that list of names? Give me a break. At one point in time, every damn starter from the 2013 FSU team (offense AND defense) was also starting in the NFL. You can keep your subjective, and debatable stats. LSU may have had arguably a more impressive season statistically, but don’t try and tell me that they’re more elite than those two teams.

                              • Murray Cato
                                Murray Cato  5 days back

                                You say 3rd best behind FSU and Miami...Let's see:
                                2013 FSU: 5 top 25 teams, 3 top 10 teams and beat Duke generously ranked at 20 for ACC Championship (Hmm, ACC). Boast about the points scored (80 against Idaho) and scored against (not bad actually). Now compare to 2019 LSU Tigers: Played 7 ranked teams, ALL in the top 10 (at the time being played) including the #2, #3,#4 X 2 teams 6 of which ended the season in the top 13 in the rankings. still beating the 5 played by FSU, and how many opponents finished in the top 25 that FSU played?...1?

                                2001 Miami: 1 ranked top 10 team, 5 top 25 teams. Played an 8-4 Va Tech for, hmmm, ACC Championship! See the picture, ACC competition! Impressive offense against a weak conference and schedule. See above for LSU accomplishments.
                                If you are a true football enthusiast, you cannot dispute the facts as posted. I did not go into stat for stat, just enough to make a point, I think.

                            • McDonogh Rahloh
                              McDonogh Rahloh  7 days back

                              Don't need the Gambling references!

                              • Ray Marler
                                Ray Marler  7 days back

                                I'm a hugh Clemson fan, LSU was the best team this entire year. Clemson had a terrible game,and a lot of that was LSU beating us badly. But I still love my Clemson tigers and we will be back there next year, That was a GREAT game and season lSU fans . Much love for lSU family!!!!!!!!! P.s. yes I am a huge CLEMSON fan but ya'll deserved to win.

                                • garland vincent
                                  garland vincent  13 hours back

                                  Ray Marler I from around Jennings I always pulled for ETN to do good except when the faced my LSU tigers

                              • Michael Lake
                                Michael Lake  1 weeks back

                                A Clemson fan who attended the game here; LSU was the better team Monday night. Burrow played extremely well and Lawrence did not. My Tigers has a great year, got knocked down, but will be back next year. Still love my Clemson Tigers!

                                • Dominic Cella
                                  Dominic Cella  1 weeks back

                                  These dudes are stupid LSU would of an could of scored 60 if necessary. Coming man

                                  • pbm8264
                                    pbm8264  1 weeks back

                                    LSU had the ball at the four yard line after that play and scored on the next play. They would have scored even if he would not have been ejected.

                                  • Daniel Phasavath
                                    Daniel Phasavath  1 weeks back

                                    Eaux Eaux Eaux! Eaux Really!!! L...S...U!!! Ouw!!! National Champs beybey!!! 😁

                                    • Braden Saalfeld
                                      Braden Saalfeld  1 weeks back

                                      Imagine a 100% healthy OSU against this LSU team, typically I'd homer for OSU, but the way LSU'S D stepped up? It would be close. OSU would be better equipped to control the game with their run game and Fields being able to run their bread and butter RPO. Our defense is elite, but LSU would still put up points. They just have too many weapons. Idk the result, but I believe it would be a one possession game in the 30s, the winner playing the cleanest game in regards to penalties and turnovers.

                                      • Gordon Sumter
                                        Gordon Sumter  1 weeks back

                                        Clemson didn’t play a top 20 team all year. Lawrence has accuracy issues

                                        • Chris Metcalf
                                          Chris Metcalf  1 weeks back

                                          Yeah we will spot you 10 points Clemson lol.

                                          • Tim Mcdaniel
                                            Tim Mcdaniel  1 weeks back

                                            Clemson did not deserve to be there

                                          • Valerie Griner
                                            Valerie Griner  1 weeks back

                                            LSU was doubt about it!

                                            • Eric Morales
                                              Eric Morales  1 weeks back

                                              sounds like clemson homers making a bunch of excuses

                                              • Stuart Tyler
                                                Stuart Tyler  1 weeks back

                                                They should not have kicked that clemson linebacker out of the game. Intent should be put into the rule bc he clearly had a reaction. Sometimes keeping your head up could result in you getting hurt and you have a instinctual reaction to put your head down I think. Had to make the call but bad rule. I'm an LSU fan btw and still think it's a bad rule

                                                • KIRK DUPUY
                                                  KIRK DUPUY  1 weeks back

                                                  Clemson was out played and out coached by the better team. No disrespect. LSU is just better at what they do.

                                                  • KIRK DUPUY
                                                    KIRK DUPUY  1 weeks back

                                                    the targeting call was on point, the rule is for the safety of the players. Teach your players to keep their heads up. Geaux Tigers!!!

                                                    • Nonpeon
                                                      Nonpeon  1 weeks back

                                                      This brutha wasn't very good.

                                                      • Jackson Orlady
                                                        Jackson Orlady  1 weeks back

                                                        Watching these guys talk themselves into pointless debates to justify the Clemson loss is painful to watch. We all watched the game and the most amateur sports-fan could easily point out the better team that would probably win by even more in a rematch: LSU Tigers.

                                                        • Eric S
                                                          Eric S  1 weeks back

                                                          Auburn football is legit next year but wow

                                                          • Jeff Boldgloom
                                                            Jeff Boldgloom  1 weeks back

                                                            Lmao this dude is seriously arguing that since the game was close and it was Clemson's best player they shouldn't have called targeting?

                                                            He's literally complaining about the refs not being biased towards Clemson. What a garbage take

                                                            • vangelis sotiropoulos
                                                              vangelis sotiropoulos  1 weeks back

                                                              LSU....Best college football team in history !!!

                                                              • Luis Cuellar
                                                                Luis Cuellar  1 weeks back

                                                                (Coach O to the press:) "That is for you guys to decide. We won"

                                                            • John Tatum
                                                              John Tatum  1 weeks back

                                                              Congrats to LSU..and I agree, you should not have to leave the game immediately...1st time targeting should be a warning...then if it happens again in the same game you are out. Hey, LSU was in Nawlins..that is fate! Joe Burrow will be great in the NFL..hope he will stay healthy.

                                                              • Murray Cato
                                                                Murray Cato  5 days back

                                                                My only problem with the changing the targeting call, how do you determine if it's intentional? If a player lowers his head and hits with the crown, is it not intentional? In this case, the call wasn't made on the field, it was made in the booth. Player safety is the goal, do you issue a warning if a player is not injured? Then coaches teach dives. Do you give a player a warning even if a player is injured? Potential "bounty gate"? I think player safety is paramount for both, you teach early and hopefully the lesson is carried to the next level.

                                                            • Fredy Hernandez
                                                              Fredy Hernandez  1 weeks back

                                                              McFadden is an Idiot, 7 top ten wins, playing against the Toughest conference in America!! Fl. St. didn't play a schedule like LSU, bar None Ever!!! Shut up McFadden, Bozo.

                                                              • Hunter Trum
                                                                Hunter Trum  1 weeks back

                                                                Can we just talk about how this is the first SEC team to go 15-0? All those years of Saban's destructive Alabama squad and LSU is the first to do it!

                                                                • Ken Grady
                                                                  Ken Grady  4 days back

                                                                  @K Law THIS is spot on!

                                                                • K Law
                                                                  K Law  6 days back

                                                                  LSU plays Florida every year, and sometimes both Florida and Georgia in the same season like they did twice in back to back years these past 2 years. While got damn Alabama continues to not only have soft schedules every year, but they never play a Florida, they play a Vandy, Kentucky or a weak Tennessee now. Just ridiculous bias by the SEC office in "Birmingham, Alabama."

                                                              • Bert Glass
                                                                Bert Glass  1 weeks back

                                                                Receiver was stopped in the grasp of defender, linebacker intentionally used the crown of his helment to hit receiver. Not a question it was targeting with intent. Cry me a river. LSU was the better team. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

                                                                • theresa mauldin
                                                                  theresa mauldin  1 weeks back

                                                                  Way to go LSU!! 🖐️😊

                                                                  • Joe Morrow
                                                                    Joe Morrow  1 weeks back

                                                                    Story of Stories Joe Burrow
                                                                    What a story transfer from Ohio State,,,,mom and dad,,,that's crazy,,,I need to play Joe says,,,he made his own decision,,,,history was made,,,BOOM!!!!!

                                                                    • Jim Moody
                                                                      Jim Moody  1 weeks back

                                                                      This comment section is sad. Football might as well be flag football.

                                                                      • Joe Morrow
                                                                        Joe Morrow  1 weeks back

                                                                        OHIO says Hell ya,,,way to go Joe and THE LSU TIGERS

                                                                        • Kat Angeron
                                                                          Kat Angeron  1 weeks back

                                                                          Just like Ohio State targeting that change

                                                                          • Joshua Miller
                                                                            Joshua Miller  1 weeks back

                                                                            Lol whining about the targeting call that shifted the game. KARMA! Ohio State player got called for targeting in the first half that shifted the game. ijs.

                                                                            • Ray Marler
                                                                              Ray Marler  7 days back

                                                                              It was very pro LSU

                                                                            • Ray Marler
                                                                              Ray Marler  7 days back

                                                                              You should re-read my comment it was very or OSU and there was no whining.

                                                                          • rweb82
                                                                            rweb82  1 weeks back

                                                                            Complain all you want about the targeting call, but LSU had already shown they could easily rack up yards and put up points- even with Skalski in the game. Was that a blow to Clemson's D? Yes. Did that call change the outcome of the game? No.

                                                                            Remember, Chase dropped an easy TD pass; and LSU had mercy on Clemson at the end of the game. The final score could have easily been 56-25.

                                                                            • Logan Crawford
                                                                              Logan Crawford  4 days back

                                                                              @Alex Jones I agree Higgins TD should've stood and I'm a LSU fan. I didn't agree with that call..

                                                                            • Alex Jones
                                                                              Alex Jones  6 days back

                                                                              56-31 Higgins touchdown was called back for offensive pass interference

                                                                            • yourunclehank1
                                                                              yourunclehank1  1 weeks back

                                                                              Clemson was toast by then already. Just saved the embarrassment of watching him cry on the sideline in front of everybody at the end.

                                                                            • Luis Cuellar
                                                                              Luis Cuellar  1 weeks back

                                                                              I will agree.

                                                                              Ask Ohio State their opinion about targeting calls. I am sure OSU fans would agree it was a "bad call".

                                                                              But the ejection of a player is meant as a deterrent to avoid a player being hurt by a nasty tackle or "blow". It boils down to coaching. If coaches can't prepare their players better to avoid "near" targeting hits, then they need to do a better job.

                                                                              I seem to recall an LSU player being called for targeting earlier in the season. Maybe it was a Georgia player.

                                                                              A player being ejected for targeting may seem drastic, but consider that potentially a player could be knocked out for a season because of tackle. Either way, it shows whether a team has the depth to replace that player.

                                                                          • L Karamazov
                                                                            L Karamazov  1 weeks back

                                                                            I’ll be damned if I can understand how one team can be so much better than their closest competition. They took Trevor Lawrence out of the game. Mind blowing!

                                                                            • Gordon Sumter
                                                                              Gordon Sumter  1 weeks back

                                                                              L Karamazov Trevor is over rated

                                                                            • yourunclehank1
                                                                              yourunclehank1  1 weeks back

                                                                              LSU has been better than Everybody all year long. No One wanted to believe it till they got smacked. "We Comin". Bam! "It's just another game. Next"
                                                                              You heard the taunt All Year Long and nobody listened till they got their butt kicked. OS included. They could've sent Chase Young to help out and he'd
                                                                              have gotten a knot on his head too.

                                                                          • mark anderson
                                                                            mark anderson  1 weeks back

                                                                            it doesn't matter if you like the rule....both teams and all teams live and die by the rule was targeting and that wasn't the reason Clemson lost the game...he lead with the crown AND launched himself...was it intentional???doesn't matter...these idiots in the media always have to try to find controversy...if they cant find it, they will manufacture it from nothing...talking about a rule instead of the actual game