Chris Simms impressed by Daniel Jones rookie QBs in preseason | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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  • ibz kli
    ibz kli  4 months back

    Dude why is your big as feet 🦶 in shot

    • Ronald Shiffman
      Ronald Shiffman  4 months back

      Chris, we are into the second game of preseason and based on the Arizona - Oakland game, the Kyler Murray over-inflated balloon has popped. Everything about the Cardinals STINKS. They will be lucky to win a game this season. Nothing about Kyler Murray is going to be good. It will take Arizona 10 years to dig themselves out of the hole they've dug for themselves.

      • T Wolfe
        T Wolfe  2 weeks back

        Ronald Shiffman this aged well

    • Vincent Costello
      Vincent Costello  4 months back

      Murray to short many short QB's have succeeded in NFL? Flutie? No. Etc 😎

      • Vincent Costello
        Vincent Costello  4 months back

        Simms, has good head on his shoulders does his brother Phil 👬

        • Vincent Costello
          Vincent Costello  4 months back

          @Jessaca Brunt my apologies, Dad ...Phil is looking young, I guess...hee, hee, hee 😎

        • Jessaca Brunt
          Jessaca Brunt  4 months back

          Dad, not brother.

      • Tr Mill
        Tr Mill  4 months back

        Wonder if this guy still has nightmares of Roy Williams and Teddy Lehman?

        • StaTiC MaJoR 20/20
          StaTiC MaJoR 20/20  4 months back

          I don’t know why giants fans and everybody else tripping out when you got Dexter Lawrence in the first rd as well .. besides I actually like D Jones .. jmo!? They had multiple first rd picks so you can take that chance if necessary!?

          • Thebaz13
            Thebaz13  4 months back

            Also deandre baker in first

          • Uzzie B
            Uzzie B  4 months back

            StaTiC MaJoR 20/20 I’m cool with Daniel Jones. The only criticism I had was that he was taken way too early and would’ve been available with a later pick. But if that’s your guy, that’s your guy.

        • Dkow
          Dkow  4 months back

          Yo chris, what’s up with those shoes and who wears ankle socks with long pants? Fix yourself!

          • Ricardo Jorge filho
            Ricardo Jorge filho  4 months back

            Same people that booed like crazy when the Giants picked Daniel Jones are now saying he should start right away after 1 meaningless basically practice drive.

            • Travey
              Travey  3 months back


            • EnterNameHere
              EnterNameHere  4 months back

              Yeah, no one is saying he should start right away.

            • Anel medunjanin
              Anel medunjanin  4 months back

              @jramos823 he has a much better o-line as well

            • jramos823
              jramos823  4 months back

              Ronald Shiffman Eli will probably have a better year considering the offense will be settled in and it will be a better scheme fit since he doesn’t have to feel like he needs to force the ball to Odell

            • Ronald Shiffman
              Ronald Shiffman  4 months back

              You are so right. I expect Eli to have a great year. Jones will get his turn.

          • Tyler Galayda
            Tyler Galayda  4 months back


          • Stan Long
            Stan Long  4 months back

            Chris (Fortunate Son) Simms..

            • Jessaca Brunt
              Jessaca Brunt  4 months back

              Had his spline ripped out cuz of hit. Unfortunate.

            • uh jaymar
              uh jaymar  4 months back


          • thrill collins
            thrill collins  4 months back

            I can’t decide if Chris Simms is really dumb or really smart

            • Uzzie B
              Uzzie B  4 months back

              thrill collins it’s because he’s someone who hasn’t proven himself that’s been catapulted to a position of authority based strictly on his last name.

            • Scyon13
              Scyon13  4 months back

              He's smart he sees thing a lot of other analysts don't, he's one of the only guys on tv who know what they're talking about, you tube analysts are often much better than anyone on tv e.g. Samuel gold, Brett kolman

            • thrill collins
              thrill collins  4 months back

              @Ricardo Jorge filho So do I ! Just can't tell lol

            • Chief W
              Chief W  4 months back

              smart about football

            • Ricardo Jorge filho
              Ricardo Jorge filho  4 months back

              I kinda like him lol.

          • GM Kid Radja
            GM Kid Radja  4 months back

            What are those?

            • Ronald Shiffman
              Ronald Shiffman  4 months back

              Chris, some of us understood that you are 100% wrong about Jones and 200% wrong about Eli. Congratulations. 2 strikes is not OUT - yet. Common dude. I never stepped on a football field in my life and I KNEW Jones is the real McCoy.

              • Joseph Clark
                Joseph Clark  4 months back

                Ronald Shiffman I have to respectfully disagree on a few things. Let me start off by saying I’m a huge Eli fan; one of my fave Giants of all time, and I think he would have been much better the past 5 years or so if Reese hadn’t let the O-line go to crap. Eli joined the Giants when they were steeped in talent. They were 10-6 in ‘07, but that SB win was no fluke. We only then found out how good they were, which was proven by them absolutely looking like the best team the following year in the regular season, but couldn’t overcome the loss of at Strahan (retirement), Plax (gun shot), Osi (injury), Shockey (trade), and I believe Steve Smith got injured mid-season, but I could be wrong. A few years later, with their key players still in their prime, they made the playoffs at 9-7 with the O carrying the team, especially Eli and the WRs, until the D got healthy at the end of the year and we know what happened. After that, the lack of productive draft classes by Reese (except for the ‘07 class) and their lack of focus on replenishing the o-line took its toll. Accorsi left after the 2006 season and left them stocked in young talent including a franchise QB. I feel like that team had another SB ring in them, but Eli did play on very talented teams the first half of his career. Nothing I said above is meant to sound like bashing of Eli because I don’t mean that at all — I love him. But he played on very talented teams for the first half of his career.

              • Ronald Shiffman
                Ronald Shiffman  4 months back

                @Chief W Chris was super wrong because: 1) he rated Eli 34th best QB in the NFL. That isn't just wrong, it is insane. 2) When you evaluate a QB, you HAVE to consider the whole team. An honest, fact based evaluation of the Giants roster during Eli's career is that it has been below average. That is just the fact, and I'm a Giant fan. The team was 9-7 when they won the first super bowl, 10-6 for the second. Who other than Eli won a super bowl on a 9-7 team? Chris goes on and on about Baker Mayfield. The dude has played 1 year and never been to the playoffs. The Cleveland Brown roster is stacked both on offense and defense. They SHOULD be a playoff team. They have more high draft choices than any other team in the league. That's how Chris is wrong.

              • Derek Maugans
                Derek Maugans  4 months back

                @Mark B that was the conclusion I came to while watching the draft you condescending twit.

              • Michael
                Michael  4 months back

                @Derek Maugans Well then you only heard what you heard. Gettleman doesnt care what other people think about whats speculated and so far he's not looking the worse for wear.

              • Mark B
                Mark B  4 months back

                Derek Maugans Most likely doesn’t mean guaranteed. That’s what happens when you believe everything the media says.