Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!


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  • Corn Fed
    Corn Fed  8 hours back

    I'm not understanding why you put so much vocal excitement into jet fuel?
    Jet fuel, is nothing more than kerosene with some coagulants added to prevent vaporization upon impact.
    There's nothing oooh ahhhh whoa special about jet fuel, it's just kerosene.

    • 53K5HUNN8
      53K5HUNN8  12 hours back

      You should test nitromethane fuel in various engines. Not sure what it will do in a 4-stroke, but a 2-stroke weedeater engine on nitro makes some impressive sounds before self-destructing. 😂

    • Noah Philson
      Noah Philson  2 days back

      I have ran Avgas (LL) in my motorcycle compared to the 91 octane no ethanol station gas. I have noticed a few things. LL has a much longer burn and therefore will keep my cold 4 cylinder carbed engine running much easier where 91 would struggle and I would have to turn on the choke. Due to the longer burn I can run the engine at lower RPM. 91 I would need 4K to slowly get up a hill and with LL I need 3k. The (oil cooled) engine runs hotter. My engine will warm up quicker and in the cold I can feel more heat coming from it. Just overall I feel like I'm getting more power from the engine, mostly noticed when passing people on the highway. I've moved to running LL as much as I can due to the lubricative properties of the lead though my mechanic cousin has told me to run 91 every once in a while since it has different lubrication used in newer fuels. I may move to just putting in Techron as my "modern lubricant" and continue to run LL. Due to the hotter burn of LL it will burn off carbon in the engine and lubricate the butterfly valves with the lead. Just some info for you @Project Farm and thanks for all your great videos!

    • Simon de Vegt
      Simon de Vegt  2 days back

      Lead is a powerful neurotoxin. The fact that it still gets added to fuel is a disgrace.

    • Johnny Steffy
      Johnny Steffy  2 days back

      Im a aircraft mechanic. At my old job i would sump a few gallons of 100LL every night and put it in my motorcycle. It was a 2008 zx6r had full exhaust no catalytic converter. It ran perfectly fine didn’t foul the plugs too bad. I probably put 30k miles or so like that no issues.

    • kølle bølle
      kølle bølle  3 days back

      Caæn you chek out how olive oil is working in an engine as engine oil

    • Damien Hartley
      Damien Hartley  3 days back

      The test is inconclusive because you have not removed the governor and you should have removed the muffler and then I believe that you would go 60kph.

      • V. E.
        V. E.  3 days back

        An interesting side note: -40 degrees is the only point where both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales read the same temp. Stuff you never needed to know. lol Edit: I wonder if a "hotter" spark plug would reduce that lead build-up? Don't recall seeing any build-up in my 60s/70s automotive endeavors, like you found after running the avgas. I do/have noticed cleaner spark plugs, as a general rule, w/ unleaded gas vs leaded.

        • TVChannel One
          TVChannel One  4 days back

          Leaded is definitely better at lowering IQs and damaging brains!!
          Rest in hell Thomas Midgley....

          • santasdeath1
            santasdeath1  5 days back

            Doesn't matter if it's better for not, lead is a toxic substance that's why it was banned lmao

          • Skyfighter64
            Skyfighter64  5 days back

            Not to be used as a solvent or cleaning agent...

            Don't ever come around the shop I work at then... vastly more popular and works a heck of a lot better than Isopropanol on a lot of the stuff I work with.

          • sevendoubletwo
            sevendoubletwo  1 weeks back

            Can you even buy leaded fuel anymore?

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 weeks back

              Airports sell it. Still used in aviation. Thank you

          • High Nourishment
            High Nourishment  1 weeks back

            It looks cool tho

          • T.F.D 1982
            T.F.D 1982  1 weeks back

            So would this fuel work better in cars made in the 50s and prior?

            • T.F.D 1982
              T.F.D 1982  1 weeks back

              Ahh OK never can tell when it really helped back then

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 weeks back

              The lead content might help the valves. Thank you

          • Trudeauphobic Mooseater

            I've run a fair amount of 100LL though a variety of 2 & 4 stroke engines for extended periods, and in extreme cold winter conditions. My experience is that the fuel is far superior with respect to overall fuel system/carb cleanliness and general maintenance of these areas; especially considering the current contamination & corrosion we're seeing with ethanol laced fuels. However, 100LL does, as eluded to in the vid, under certain conditions can contribute to excessive lead contamination on the hot side. While not a major issue, fouled plugs are not uncommon, and I had to scrape some valve seats once on a small jenny. It also does't start well in temps below -20C. These days I'm drifting back to using more of it...

          • MrSGL21
            MrSGL21  1 weeks back

            that predator sure liked the extra octane. also more proof e10 is trash.

          • vw madness
            vw madness  1 weeks back

            Wonder how it would run in a NA car like an old vw

          • Gordon Patrick
            Gordon Patrick  1 weeks back

            Can we do a comparison of who burns quicker when soaked in petrol, Donald Trump or Boris Johnson? Thanks, I’ll happily pay for the fuel.

            • Raj Gill
              Raj Gill  1 weeks back

              My engines teacher told me when they took lead out of gas a lot of cars would come in with valve seat damage. The lead lubricates steel

              • sean anderson
                sean anderson  4 days back

                They completely changed spark plug materials because of lead -- twice. but the lead causes brain damage in humans.

              • Project Farm
                Project Farm   1 weeks back

                Great point

            • Joseph Jansto
              Joseph Jansto  1 weeks back

              Can you do a propane vs non ethanol vs ethanol in a generator?

            • Stephen Box
              Stephen Box  2 weeks back

              Lead is a Lubricant?

              • Erikk Friberg
                Erikk Friberg  2 weeks back

                110LL is really 110 Octane like it’s named. It’s typically 135 “octane” and will get up to 140-something.

              • Porfirio Diaz
                Porfirio Diaz  2 weeks back

                Isn't it harmful to breathe the exhaust from led gasoline?

                • JoelleEmmily
                  JoelleEmmily  1 weeks back

                  There is no level of lead exposure which has been deemed safe for any organism. Symptoms include: memory dysfunction, impaired cognitive abilities, neuropathic pain, headaches, seizures, numbness, anaemia, inability to metabolize vitamin D, and increased DNA transcription errors during cell division. Something which has been widely publicized, is that when lead was fazed out of gasoline, crime rates in effected areas progressively lowered. Although the removal of lead can never be directly attributed to this mass change in behavior, most researchers believe there may be a relationship.

              • craig g
                craig g  2 weeks back

                This was the dumbest test I’ve ever seen. First, he doesn’t know much about avgas. 100LL is NOT low lead by automotive standards. It has 2 mg/L of tetraethyllead. Which is 4 times the quantity of TEL ever put into leaded auto gas. Sunoco 108 octane contained 0.5mg. It is only low lead compared to the fuel it replaced, 100/130, which had 4.0mg. So yes, in the low compression engines he tested it in, there is going to be a LOT of lead buildup. And no benefit in using it, because low compression low performance engines like were used for testing here, do not need the detonation resistance of avgas! Now if he ran the tests in very high compression, ie, 13:1 and higher engines, or highly boosted super/turbocharged engines,there would be significant performance advantages. Because this fuel has amazing resistance to detonation. It is also very stable. It has a rated shelf life of 3 years, but in actual practice, is more like 30 years, with no congealing or varnish formation. Now, remember, you cannot put this fuel in anything that has a catalytic converter. It has so much lead in it just 1 or 2 gallons of it will destroy your converter. This should only be used in aircraft engines, and very high performance racing engines. Not lawnmowers!

                • Evan Spader
                  Evan Spader  2 weeks back

                  If you got him a spare airplane engine to test the avgas on he would use it

              • Average Joe78
                Average Joe78  2 weeks back

                I once rebuilt fuel systems on Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines & 1 thing is the fuel systems stayed dramatically cleaner than automotive. We could always tell when a guy had been running " car gas " because of the film of gunk it leaves

              • Little Joe
                Little Joe  2 weeks back

                Could probably mess around with the timing get a little more advance on that low lead.

                • GuretoSefirosu
                  GuretoSefirosu  2 weeks back

                  Leaded fuel is not "better" unless you are comparing different engines. Back years ago valves had soft seats. Lead lubricated the valves and made the seats last forever. Today we have much more durable valve seats and it is no longer needed. This change came when we figured out that burning leaded fuel was bad for us, since our bodies tend to not like lead in them! I suppose the lead would wreak havoc on a modern car catalytic converter!

                  • Liberty Bell1776
                    Liberty Bell1776  3 weeks back

                    Over along period of time it will help protect your valves and valve seats lead was an anti-knok additive that was replaced by ethanol. Lead or TEL works better but it is a cancer risk and causes birth defects.

                    • NewYorkRidez Cooney
                      NewYorkRidez Cooney  3 weeks back

                      lead is terrible for 02 sensors so that efi genorator might not like it

                    • Amaroq Starwind
                      Amaroq Starwind  3 weeks back

                      Also, not sure if I've asked this yet... But would polyethylene glycol (the kind with a molecular weight of one million, aka the "self-pouring liquid") be a suitable brake fluid?

                      • Amaroq Starwind
                        Amaroq Starwind  3 weeks back

                        Top Fuel + Nitrous Oxide... Just how much power would it produce?

                      • colby purkeypile
                        colby purkeypile  3 weeks back

                        That’s some nice green pasture😆

                        • ginger bread
                          ginger bread  3 weeks back

                          That's not of any interest.
                          Run time is important moron.

                        • stephen hadley
                          stephen hadley  3 weeks back

                          Unleaded came to Australia in 1986. I remember prior to this my cars always had grey exhausts that went white after a highway trip. These days my exhausts are pretty much clean with no soot at all.

                        • No name
                          No name  3 weeks back

                          Man you dont get chigger bites from being so low driving the go kart on the field?

                          • Project Farm
                            Project Farm   3 weeks back

                            Great point! Lots of chiggers in that pasture

                        • Chris B
                          Chris B  3 weeks back

                          I wonder how many spark plugs he goes through 😁

                        • Robert Clark
                          Robert Clark  3 weeks back

                          Tetraethyl lead was put in fuel for 2 purposes originally. First was for the valves to maintain sealing and second was for octane improvement. Along with other fuel additives it could go as high as 105 octane at the pump for the old 10 and 11 to 1 compression engines. Trouble with lead is the pollution it creates as it goes through the engine and out the exhaust. Hence the need for unleaded fuels to stop the pollution it was creating and the redesign of engines to match the fuel. Funny that now we have engines again running high compression and still use unleaded just fine thanks to design and electronics. I used to tune my old Plymouth 383" engine by using spark plug color. I am surprised the generator let it run with a leaded fuel which normally would hurt the injector performance.

                        • Marcus Cincinnatus
                          Marcus Cincinnatus  4 weeks back

                          Lead is for the valve lip to maintain a seal during the combustion cycle.

                        • izzydjinn76
                          izzydjinn76  4 weeks back

                          How are my friend.... I've noticed that you don't mention at what gap you run your plugs.. I'm ignorant and maybe it doesn't matter, but I was just wondering.

                          • Project Farm
                            Project Farm   4 weeks back

                            Recommend using the gap called for by the manufacturer. Thank you

                        • Antti Ruokolainen
                          Antti Ruokolainen  4 weeks back

                          If that generator has a catalyst you just poisoned it unfortunately.

                          • Antti Ruokolainen
                            Antti Ruokolainen  3 weeks back

                            @Project Farm Please test XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner. It's all the rage in Europe, and I truly believe it works as advertised. But if that's not the case I'd be happy to be proven wrong by You. Btw, after seeing the 2 stroke bike kit video I ordered mine and will be getting it in a few days.

                          • Project Farm
                            Project Farm   4 weeks back

                            Thank you!

                        • M Biohoo
                          M Biohoo  4 weeks back

                          Can we all just agree that spitting out leaded *anything* into our breathable airspace is a bad idea?

                        • David Grisez
                          David Grisez  4 weeks back

                          Interesting tests, it looks like 100ll Avgas will work in gasoline engines that do not have catalytic converters or oxygen sensors in the exhaust. However the big problem with tetraethyl lead is that this substance is toxic, it is good that its use as octane booster in gasoline was discontinued. I am old enough to remember when gasoline pumps had a label on them that read, "For Use as a Motor Fuel Only contains Lead".

                        • Jadon Hargrove
                          Jadon Hargrove  4 weeks back

                          3:40 it said one hour later? You spend a lot of effort on your videos!

                        • Gary Rzeszutek
                          Gary Rzeszutek  4 weeks back

                          I once ran 140 octane AV gas in my 11.25:1 compression 350 cu Camaro. I didn't notice any appreciable gain in power, but I did notice that my engine got to 220 temp very quickly. not worth the cost.

                        • Nekdo BrezIdentitete
                          Nekdo BrezIdentitete  4 weeks back

                          Don't fuck with tetraethyl lead in gasoline.

                        • Ariana Diego
                          Ariana Diego  4 weeks back

                          My understanding of Av-gas is that it is for designed higher compression engines and as such is a higher octane...

                          My 74' Chevy Cheyene Super 4x4 used to love Av-gas; A 350, 30 over with 10:1 compression, headers and no catalytic converter. Av-gas would make it purrrrr...

                        • AdamBatchelder
                          AdamBatchelder  4 weeks back

                          So your low compression test motors don't really bennifite from 100 octane gas other than its ethanol and alcohol free. If you where to test it in a higher compression /performance motor like 11 or 13 to 1 you would see a big difference in performance.

                        • KimballCody
                          KimballCody  4 weeks back

                          I don't think those are "clumps of lead" more like previous deposits that the 100LL is cleaning out