The Best Retro Custom Kits You Can Find on PES


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  • the GOAT
    the GOAT  1 months back

    Pes Kits are ugly

    • B_Dubs52
      B_Dubs52  1 months back

      Pes needs to sharpen up the facial and body graphics. The hair is rly good tho. Pes looks like it has very good animations and it looks like I’m watching a live game

      • High Frequency
        High Frequency  1 months back

        Lmfao that shit looks awful

        • Inter Ya Mom
          Inter Ya Mom  1 months back

          Too bad pes is shit

          • iGF99
            iGF99  1 months back

            I still need to Import classic teams from PES Universe

            • Alejandro Agger
              Alejandro Agger  1 months back

              Yes and retro the grafics to

              • Ahlem Ahlem
                Ahlem Ahlem  1 months back

                This is funny dude 😂
                But I think it's not really that bad.

            • Jason Baylor
              Jason Baylor  1 months back

              How tf fifa 98 have better graphica

              • minh do
                minh do  1 months back

                Where is the new champion

                • ball chayakorn
                  ball chayakorn  1 months back

                  link ps4 patch plz

                  • Gplay z-_O
                    Gplay z-_O  1 months back

                    Please the champions 3 ep 2 like for god sake im waiting

                    • Lehtoviree
                      Lehtoviree  1 months back

                      Who plays PES fr???

                      • Predrag Popovic
                        Predrag Popovic  4 weeks back

                        Everyone, fifa looks like shit once you download real (unlicenced) pes graphics

                    • Visca El Barça
                      Visca El Barça  1 months back

                      Honestly PES 2020 is better then fifa this year. No doubt.

                      • Arnav Polaji
                        Arnav Polaji  3 weeks back

                        @CEWIIH alrigh fifa fan, hands down pes is more realistic

                      • CEWIIH
                        CEWIIH  3 weeks back

                        1 player can beat 4 players and score in PES. In FIFA you have to pass your way through the opposition, like a real match..

                      • Arnav Polaji
                        Arnav Polaji  1 months back

                        @Visca El Barça pes should get better shiny graphics, movements and a lil bit more customisation and voila you have the best game for football

                      • Arnav Polaji
                        Arnav Polaji  1 months back

                        @Visca El Barça nope i guess fifa has worse gameplay and fifas career mode is no better.

                      • Visca El Barça
                        Visca El Barça  1 months back

                        Arnav Polaji has more customization sure the gameplay may not be at the level of fifa but the player models the customization you are offered is better. And is a bit cheaper. Sure career mode is bigger and better than master league but master league is still like. I have both and I’ll put it this way. I liked pes more because there’s so much new things added to the game. In fifa it’s literally the same thing as last year. Honestly I don’t why I bought it. Just for some new kits and transfers?

                    • Zoepvpi
                      Zoepvpi  1 months back

                      If pes had fifas graphics and engine, it would overtake fifa

                      • CEWIIH
                        CEWIIH  3 weeks back

                        If it had realistic gameplay and AI that wasn't awful it would be a great game too :)

                      • Arnav Polaji
                        Arnav Polaji  1 months back

                        @King Yousif not exactly, but thats just opinion. Pes graphics might be more detailed, but kverall fifa graphics are shiny, and clean, giving an overall better look

                      • King Yousif
                        King Yousif  1 months back

                        Graphics from pes are much better, its just the license

                      • Arnav Polaji
                        Arnav Polaji  1 months back

                        @Koppány V yep

                      • Koppány V
                        Koppány V  1 months back

                        And if it had fifa game modes it would be the best game

                    • Mar Wth
                      Mar Wth  1 months back

                      Fifa is for the money

                      Pes is for the passion.

                      • Minimalist
                        Minimalist  3 weeks back

                        @CEWIIH Fifa = Ping pong

                      • CEWIIH
                        CEWIIH  3 weeks back

                        Lol! FIFA is realism, PES is for casual kids more like

                      • Mar Wth
                        Mar Wth  1 months back

                        Arnav Polaji I agree also

                      • Arnav Polaji
                        Arnav Polaji  1 months back

                        Kind of.... not entirely

                    • Irfan Rosaimi
                      Irfan Rosaimi  1 months back

                      Got legendary city's jersey??

                      • Jack H
                        Jack H  1 months back

                        How do u get these

                        • Komrade Egg
                          Komrade Egg  1 months back

                          We need more classic kits for Turkish teams.

                          • Jack H
                            Jack H  1 months back

                            Komrade Egg they have no history tho

                        • football kingdom
                          football kingdom  1 months back

                          FIFA fans like
                          Pes fans comment

                        • Michael Namo
                          Michael Namo  1 months back

                          First boiiiiii

                        • Fekrit
                          Fekrit  1 months back

                          Great vid guys keep up tge good work!