AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro


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  • Carl Wells
    Carl Wells  17 hours back

    Nice review, that comfort impression was key for me.
    Also I want to use these with the live listen feature found in accessibility on the iPhone. This would lend itself more to the Airpod Pro as I can have the transparency on when I'm not using that feature.

    • Ohh Chejoo
      Ohh Chejoo  21 hours back

      Sony literally has noise cancellation in ear headphones

      • Big Florida Bass TV
        Big Florida Bass TV  4 days back

        I had both until I ran over one of my AirPods pro with my mower. They tend to fall out doing strenuous activity. The Powerbeats pro sound slightly better and never come close to falling out. Plus if you lose one you can buy one for $99. Can’t do that with the air pods pro.

        • Hello World
          Hello World  4 days back

          Just get both guys!! smh 🙄🙄🙄

          • Thong Thong
            Thong Thong  5 days back

            Just but both, you can switch it as you pleased.

            • Mr. Deej Jones
              Mr. Deej Jones  5 days back

              I prefer a hoop but decided on AirPods pro due to wireless charging. I’m sure beats will release a wireless version next year

              • Jonathan Rosales
                Jonathan Rosales  7 days back

                I have both lol and all I can say is that both are amazing and I can’t decide which are better

                • Team & Mie
                  Team & Mie  1 weeks back

                  I base my opinion on the sound recognition feature as I dictate or answer many phone calls anyone reckons the bettered this feature on the AirPods pro?

                  • C A
                    C A  1 weeks back

                    Y’all sleeping on the new Sony 1000xmk3

                    • AWP Instinct
                      AWP Instinct  6 days back

                      They're not water resistant so why even bother, especially if you're into gym, muay thai, running etc

                  • Joanmi Campins
                    Joanmi Campins  2 weeks back

                    Which is better for running, powerbeats pro or airpods pro?

                  • Fox 509
                    Fox 509  2 weeks back

                    If you put the powerbeat PROPERLY they wont hurt,also if you put them improperly they will hurt a bit but you get used to it

                    • Patrick Allen Gozum
                      Patrick Allen Gozum  2 weeks back

                      The deal breaker for me here is that the longevity of powerbeats pro after a year or two are worth it in terms of battery. 10 hrs+ for powerbeats pro after a year or two might likely be on the range of 8+hrs which is still good for a wireless earphones but the airpods pro, I doubt that it will retain the 4.5 hrs after a year or two. my first gen airpods after 2 years only lasts barely 2 hours.

                      • Carlos Ramirez
                        Carlos Ramirez  6 days back

                        If it helps, I’ve had my PB Pros since August and I’ve never had any battery life issues. I charge the case once every 5-6 days and I use them everyday

                    • OneDreamOfWhop
                      OneDreamOfWhop  2 weeks back

                      Bass is probably what I value the most from earphones as long as it doesn’t completely drown out other sounds. If the AirPods pro has similar deep bass levels as my Beats X, then I’m 100% sold. Can anyone here help me out with this comparison?

                      • Jose Cisneros
                        Jose Cisneros  2 weeks back

                        i got both, both are good.

                        • Blissful Martini
                          Blissful Martini  2 weeks back

                          I have some Jabra 65t buds that sound decent, but they stop working when I’m on the treadmill. I’d been looking at different wireless earbuds for some months now and, against my better judgement, was going to try AirPods assuming 3rd party silicone tips would help them actually stay in my ears. I did a little more logo king and got the PBP for $185 and I’m so glad I went with them over AirPods. They’re guaranteed to stay in my ears even with my glasses on, they sound great, and they aren’t bothered by interference when I’m on the treadmill. I wouldn’t pay $250 for them but they’re great if you can find them cheaper elsewhere.

                          • Zl EWO lZ Zzz
                            Zl EWO lZ Zzz  2 weeks back

                            Fuck u no subscribe to u channel

                            • anthony Blocker
                              anthony Blocker  2 weeks back

                              Thank you so much for this bipartisan video. I’ve been trying to decide on what to spend $250 on (I don’t throw money around) and I’ve been running into videos from biased YouTubers. This was informative in the right ways. If anyone else wants to comment their opinions and their experiences with these 2 earbuds, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m gonna spend a week deliberating and so far the Power Beats Pro have never swayed.

                              • Shamar Coke
                                Shamar Coke  2 weeks back

                                I have to sell my version 2 first then I get the pro version

                              • Preston Luscher
                                Preston Luscher  2 weeks back

                                The only thing I want is the Powerbeats pro is to not have that plastic stem cuz it hurts

                                • Glenn Jenkins
                                  Glenn Jenkins  3 weeks back

                                  Yeah sorry still not convinced that spending $250 on earbuds is a good idea

                                • LJ Editz
                                  LJ Editz  3 weeks back

                                  Doesn’t Powerbeats pro have transparency mode with live listen via iPhone

                                • Kate
                                  Kate  3 weeks back

                                  See I don't mind the beats pro not being noise canceling because I use them out running and I find it useful to still hear ambient noises or traffic when I'm out and about, but I think the airpods pro are great for professional and traveling purposes.

                                  • Korvus
                                    Korvus  3 weeks back

                                    I dont get why the Beats headphones cost the same as a damn Playstation4

                                    • Gummy
                                      Gummy  2 days back

                                      Picachuu 3 Dr.Dre sold beats to apple for 3 billion. 400 million of that was stock in Apple. He still makes a significant amount of money from Apple and more than likely still has a say in what happens.

                                      Edit: 3 billion.

                                    • danny mejia
                                      danny mejia  3 days back

                                      Lmaooo crazy

                                    • Picachuu 3
                                      Picachuu 3  5 days back

                                      Gummy there all apple dr dre sold beats to apple years ago so he has 0 percent ownership now

                                    • Gummy
                                      Gummy  3 weeks back

                                      Korvus the PS4 price has dropped significantly since release and The Powerbeats not only have Dr.Dre’s name on them but Apple as well. Your paying a premium for brand name.

                                      Edit: they aren’t bad headphones but if they weren’t a well known brand they would be a bit cheaper

                                  • macc redd
                                    macc redd  3 weeks back

                                    Can both be used with video game 🎮 consoles?

                                    • macc redd
                                      macc redd  4 days back

                                      Christopher Digital Thanks for the info 👍🏽💯👍🏽

                                    • Christopher Digital
                                      Christopher Digital  4 days back

                                      macc redd , yeah my son games on his Xbox and my PC by using a Bluetooth connection.

                                  • THEAC83
                                    THEAC83  3 weeks back

                                    Just by looking at your fat ass, it’s obvious that you don’t go to the gym.
                                    The Powerbeats Pro are hands down the ultimate in earphones.

                                    • MoChaser Jay
                                      MoChaser Jay  3 weeks back

                                      Which one louder

                                      • Jordan Trae
                                        Jordan Trae  3 weeks back

                                        why would you sub before hearing the content?

                                      • David P
                                        David P  3 weeks back

                                        anc is good, but that isnt a huge different compared to the powerbeats.

                                        • Dangelo Paramore
                                          Dangelo Paramore  4 weeks back

                                          Def prefer the Powerbeats pro, airpods pro annoy me and they don’t stay in your ear well at all and disconnect to much.

                                          • Jacob Simpson
                                            Jacob Simpson  4 weeks back

                                            They are both great but the airpods feel better for me because I have weird and sensitive ears and the hook on the PBP annoy me

                                            • Kanji Santos
                                              Kanji Santos  4 weeks back

                                              The noise cancellation is like 60-70%, you could still hear stuff in the background. Bose QC 20 is far best noice cancellation for me.

                                              • fluffy арахис
                                                fluffy арахис  1 weeks back

                                                @Xracess i wouldn't buy used ones either but most of them have been worn for a week at most.

                                              • Kanji Santos
                                                Kanji Santos  3 weeks back

                                                Xracess if they were selling the new AirPods Pro for 50 used, you’d buy them and buy a new set of ear tips right?

                                              • Xracess
                                                Xracess  4 weeks back

                                                Kanji Santos used earbuds? ew

                                              • Kanji Santos
                                                Kanji Santos  4 weeks back

                                                @Jacob Simpson yeah your right, but the Bose QC20 you can find them slightly used for less than 100. They are retailed for 250 still for a reason lol. Been YEARS since Bose released those

                                            • Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life

                                              I tried both for two weeks. In the end, I decided I like the Powerbeats Pro’s better.

                                              • Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life
                                                Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life  24 hours back

                                                Austin Flamini I think you’ll like them.

                                              • Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life
                                                Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life  24 hours back

                                                Benjamin Mojica I did and those never fell out of my ears.

                                              • Austin Flamini
                                                Austin Flamini  1 days back

                                                Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life Exactly the problem I have. Talking and eating loosen them till they fall right out. Returning AirPod pros today to go and try the wireless Beats pros .

                                              • Benjamin Mojica
                                                Benjamin Mojica  3 days back

                                                Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life did you have the old generation of AirPods? If you did those better than the pros?

                                              • Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life
                                                Celtic Tech, The Tree Of Life  3 days back

                                                Benjamin Mojica I don’t even run! They would pop out of my ears chewing food! :(

                                            • Junior D Gutierrez Frano

                                              I have original apple airpods 1 I like sound I don't like a battery life 5 hours I want new apple airpods be 9 hours or 12 hours battery life and I used airpods every go to 100% to 20% 10% that why I have a powerbeats pro like a sound like a airpods

                                              • Paul Williams
                                                Paul Williams  4 weeks back

                                                Junior D Gutierrez Frano you should just buy the Powerbeats

                                            • Victor Ryan
                                              Victor Ryan  4 weeks back

                                              After about 20 minutes the Powerbeats begin to hurt the insides of my ear

                                              • Victor Ryan
                                                Victor Ryan  1 weeks back

                                                Jay Cee43 Why would you think that? And even if that was was case, I’ve seen many people agree with me and something that costs $200 shouldn’t be hard to wear right...

                                              • Jay Cee43
                                                Jay Cee43  1 weeks back

                                                You are wearing them wrong

                                              • Victor Ryan
                                                Victor Ryan  4 weeks back

                                                But I’d say the best feature on the Powerbeats is that you can adjust the volume with buttons on the actual earphones. Most truly wireless earbuds can’t do this

                                            • Josh Brown
                                              Josh Brown  4 weeks back

                                              I use my PowerBeats Pro for high-intensity interval training and running — AirPods Pro for easy listening and phone calls 👍🏼 Both have their place

                                              • James Wigmore
                                                James Wigmore  5 days back

                                                Well your rich

                                              • Josh Brown
                                                Josh Brown  1 weeks back

                                                They certainly COULD with a tight seal, Right just won’t get the same care-free listening experience that the PBP offers, especially when making sudden head movements.

                                              • Right Ventricle
                                                Right Ventricle  1 weeks back

                                                Josh Brown Do you feel like the AirPods Pro COULD be used for HIIT and running? I get the beats are more ideal with the earhooks, but I can’t get both and I really want the ANC and transparency...

                                              • ChacónG
                                                ChacónG  1 weeks back

                                                Josh Brown you have both I can’t even afford cable ones :(

                                              • Joel Rojas
                                                Joel Rojas  3 weeks back


                                            • 757gametime
                                              757gametime  4 weeks back

                                              Powerbeats pro are better. This dude a weirdo who clearly likes the AirPod pros better.

                                              • LJ Editz
                                                LJ Editz  3 weeks back

                                                LuisGp 77 Powerbeats pro has 9 hours compared to 5 hours on airpods

                                              • 757gametime
                                                757gametime  4 weeks back

                                                LuisGp 77 I have them both and The pros have a tendency to fall out of ear VERY easy. Great sound though.

                                              • LuisGp 77
                                                LuisGp 77  4 weeks back

                                                @AyoTechnology I do go to the gym but I also want them for watching youtube and stuff like that. Still recommend the beats in this situation?

                                              • AyoTechnology
                                                AyoTechnology  4 weeks back

                                                LuisGp 77 i have both. Buy the beats if you go to the gym. Buy the airpods for outside of working out.

                                            • Roy Giesbrecht
                                              Roy Giesbrecht  4 weeks back

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                                              And if I see this fucking stupid love ur haters again
                                              I will fucking start a raid to sprite hq

                                              • Drew Rosenberg
                                                Drew Rosenberg  4 weeks back

                                                I got the airpods pro!! I have the power beats pro which i loved for working out BUTTTT these airpod pros BLOWWWWWW AWAY power beats pro, the noise canceling is AMAZING! I had no clue it would be this good, like seriously

                                                • Nimbus Cloud
                                                  Nimbus Cloud  2 weeks back

                                                  $500 in wireless earbuds nice

                                                • Drew Rosenberg
                                                  Drew Rosenberg  4 weeks back

                                                  siorai1 airpods pro, louder volume and also with the noise cancellation it makes them complete, powerbeats pro have slightly better bass and stay in better, but airpods pro blow them away because i feel as though u can use airpods pro in more environments then the power beats

                                                • siorai1
                                                  siorai1  4 weeks back

                                                  Which ones sound better ?

                                              • Josue Barahona
                                                Josue Barahona  4 weeks back

                                                I love men

                                                • Anthony C Brown
                                                  Anthony C Brown  4 weeks back

                                                  I travel on European airlines that have strict carry on bag weight limits. The Airpod Pros cut a fair amount of weight when you consider the headphones and case of the Bose QC 35s. I was in a pub with the AirPod Pros in transparency mode ordering food and drinks with a lot of background music. When I switched back to ANC mode the difference was scary - in a good way. The whole room dropped away instantly with a faint hint of sound. A welcome addition to my tech bag for 2019.

                                                  • Peter Whelan
                                                    Peter Whelan  4 weeks back

                                                    I like air pods

                                                    • John Huynh
                                                      John Huynh  4 weeks back

                                                      You got me at “and of course a higher price point” 🤣😅

                                                      • Thomas Siegers
                                                        Thomas Siegers  4 weeks back

                                                        Beats suck

                                                        • DookB
                                                          DookB  4 weeks back

                                                          I have both. They’re both equally great for different reasons. Sound quality is superb on both, with the added features on the AirPods Pro. The Powerbeats Pro is perfect for active use, such as running and working out.

                                                          • my leg guy
                                                            my leg guy  2 weeks back

                                                            luke powerbeats are passive, since they are in ear, they will block out SOME sound but not all. as far as sound leakage, im not entirely sure

                                                          • luke
                                                            luke  2 weeks back

                                                            DookB do the powerbeats have noise calcelling and noise isolation, like if you listen to it in the train or bus can other people here it

                                                        • carlovespa
                                                          carlovespa  4 weeks back

                                                          Please don’t listen to this man regarding sound quality. I owned both and returned the APP. PBP have noticeably better sound quality overall. This applies to a variety of genres of music including pop, rap, rock, and classical. The bass alone is miles better on the PBP. I also have zero issues wearing the ear hooks for long periods of time.

                                                          Where the APP shine is the tiny carrying case, wireless charging, and ANC/Transparency. Otherwise PBP have superior sound, battery life on a single charge, and volume controls.

                                                          • Das Boot
                                                            Das Boot  4 weeks back

                                                            carlovespa yeah Powerbeats pro have a better sound, but you have to have them fit correct. If not they have no bass. I use mine to work out and my Apple AirPods pro for at work or lounging around. The noise cancelling isn’t that good, I have the Amazon echo buds and those have better noise cancelling. I wonder if it’s because they are not so plasticey lol is that a word? But they are both good headphones just the Powerbeats pro are awesome for the gym.

                                                        • DrugTalk 101
                                                          DrugTalk 101  1 months back

                                                          Why does your audio quality get bad after your intro? When you're off camera talking it sounds better than when you are on camera it almost sounds like you're recording the off camera stuff right next to your phone and you're recording that on camera stuff with your phone and not getting equal audio I would recommend in your edits going to the audio volume and trying to make the whole video equal quality thanks for the review though

                                                          • Baconface McGee
                                                            Baconface McGee  1 months back

                                                            I’ll stick to my Lightning EarPods.

                                                            • Fogz
                                                              Fogz  2 weeks back

                                                              I prefer my record player.

                                                            • Baconface McGee
                                                              Baconface McGee  4 weeks back

                                                              Lyle S Oh my...

                                                            • Lyle S
                                                              Lyle S  4 weeks back

                                                              I could never go back to wired headphones.

                                                            • Baconface McGee
                                                              Baconface McGee  1 months back

                                                              Adam Smith You’re welcome.

                                                          • Joe K
                                                            Joe K  1 months back

                                                            For true hearing protection (such as when on a riding lawnmower), IsoTunes Pro are pretty awesome.