What in the algorithm?

  • Published: 24 June 2019
  • Yes this is actually happening. All I can say is, plan ahead and treat others how you want to be treated as cliche as it sounds.
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  • OtakuMagnet
    OtakuMagnet  7 months back

    Jordan Peterson, been on Rogan podcast, is starting a new platform that isn't censored. Only pull shit off under court order. Called Thinkspot. Launches in August

    • Chris Bradford
      Chris Bradford  2 weeks back

      I heard Jordan coming up with that idea a couple years ago. Nice to see he went through with it. He had said "someone should.." come up with it, then started looking into how himself but was a while since I heard from him. Just foes to show like ram das said, if you ever think "someone should do...this or that... then maybe you should be that someone" because we need conscious real ppl doing things. Or else oir culture will stay fake and plastic with ppl acting like they are something they are not. There are enough ppl in this world that there are ppl that will vibe with the real you. And even if they dont, real ppl support other real ppl Reguardless of whether they vibe or not. You can respect someone being themselves and doing something true to themselves

    • TheJett1985
      TheJett1985  4 weeks back


    • adoracle1
      adoracle1  2 months back

      they are starting to invite for beta testing soon

    • James Coen
      James Coen  2 months back

      look how that turned out

    • TearsOf Blood
      TearsOf Blood  2 months back

      @OtakuMagnet it won't work if he can't pay them for it, all's you'll get is rich fucks\ casual posts on it, if he can't pay them then most creators won't do it full time, this is they living

  • Storey Price
    Storey Price  6 hours back

    Actually I think more people need to listen to what Upchurch has to say.

    • Strategic Gamer
      Strategic Gamer  1 days back

      Found you through TM. Not a big fan of your music, just not my style. However your funny af and I really think your a cool ass dude with a good outlook on life. Keep it up, I'll always like and stay subscribed to your videos.

      • HEAVY Jay
        HEAVY Jay  2 days back

        Idk past 8 mins was just mouth cancer.

        • HEAVY Jay
          HEAVY Jay  2 days back

          Who is this cutie pie.? Never heard of her.

          • HEAVY Jay
            HEAVY Jay  2 days back

            Donut operator is the best channel for all this.

            • Justin Weathers
              Justin Weathers  2 days back

              You are a pretty fart smeller.
              I mean smart feller

              • Sheila Liang
                Sheila Liang  2 days back

                Thanks for telling the truth about the shit going on CNN news

                • Rusty Meier
                  Rusty Meier  2 days back

                  dude... got chills cause your dead straight!

                  • Kelly Grabill
                    Kelly Grabill  2 days back

                    This is fucking awesome. You're an amazing person

                    • Mia Claudio
                      Mia Claudio  3 days back

                      You're very smart you see through all the algebra LOL and if people can't see that like you said it doesn't matter who you vote for it doesn't matter what color you are it doesn't matter what you like a church but if you're willing to pull over and help somebody that shows that you are a person that cares it doesn't mean you have to like what they're wearing it doesn't mean we have to like what y'all wearing but I do I'm just saying this is just my personal opinion what happened to those this country is going down the tubes and it's so sad and I'm glad you can see clearly through it and if anybody thinks you're racist for what you just said f*** them because I Can See Clearly what you're trying to say bottom line and I don't even know when because there is an election coming up but it's a new election Trump is already president so this is how f***** up YouTube is I can't it doesn't even tell me what year or what week anymore it doesn't I'm not even going to really listen to YouTube anymore more I wish you did have a different genre because I'm getting so sick of listening to people tell me what I can do in a free country wrap that around your lobes

                      • Mia Claudio
                        Mia Claudio  3 days back

                        I seen that video you talking about going to Atlanta find a hotel well you could but nothing that anybody would walk into said and I got you I understand and like I told you I'm half Puerto Rican but if you see me you would think I was 100% Italian anyway I could tell you a story when I went all the way up to Maine and like I told you I was married to a 100% 6 to white boy Irish as f*** and my son looks just like him but he was a baby at the time and my daughter looks like him and me she gets Brown in the summer so I had a triller on a lake that was like kind of a summer Cottage I guess when you're poor that's what you do anyway well I wasn't really poor I don't call myself poor because I own my own home but I'm not upper-middle-class and nothing I'm probably the lower-middle-class anyway literally I only make about $35,000 a year which is a lot more than a lot of people make where I live so I don't like to say that I don't have everything I want cuz I do but I paid for it that's the difference anyway we drive by dislike Old Colonial just driving around trying to see the old houses and there's this big sign that says KKK and let me tell you in the summer I look like I'm black cuz the sun gets me very 10 will not black but a very can girl with big my eyes are not brown there really more black I don't know why but a lot of guys have told me that they're so black they look like a purple tint to it anyway now my husband is so interested in this building of course he is he's dead right I'mma put that white people I love them I married one I'm dating one I never did date anything--but so that's my preference what are you going to do but I in my daughter got ten over the summer and this is a joke but my husband always used to say he's getting TN but actually he was just getting red LOL anyway he's driving by so slow and I'm freaking out because I'm like it's summer my hair is not going to be straight it's down past my ass curly as f*** because it's summer and it's humid and I'm in a trailer and I do not have a f****** blow dryer anyway even if I did I wouldn't even use it because we were in the link all the time cuz I got him a water ski and boat for Father's Day anyway not a new one I used one but he loves fixing up cars and boats and stuff like that anyway he's going by so slow I see these two people come out in these robes I'm not even kidding I'm freaking out because I'm thinking me and my daughter are going to get lynched in my husband is going to be fine with my white little son in the back seat I'll fine but no not my ass and I'm being for real I was scared and I'm not even making jokes but you know something these people were friendly to I just acted all cool and s*** but inside I was scared and I'm telling the truth but that doesn't make me racist that just lets me know that I'm aware of what color I am that's all because they happen to be the nicest people they invite us over for a barbecue which I didn't go but a they were very nice so you don't know how people are going to treat you until you actually talk to somebody so f*** everybody and f***** YouTube and if they take you down I will never ever watch YouTube again I really don't give a fuk I don't I feel bad because I love hearing you you make me laugh every morning but f*** them and you're right YouTube does belong to somebody and investors and they all come together and they pick a part who ever is in charge of what should be said in America is beyond my ass but a I guess we are not as free as we think we are. but Upchurch keep going keep going fight your fight and I don't even know how old this is I can't even find out peace and love Mia

                        • Mia Claudio
                          Mia Claudio  3 days back

                          IDK if you are making any YouTube s*** anymore because all I could get up if y'all old stuff and I subscribe to you and I looked and I'm unsubscribed I don't got it I mean I understand what you're saying but I think if all the YouTubers get together and shut down for one week even longer it would suck for the viewers but since I ain't getting your new stuff anyway what does it matter I mean everyone I know everyone's not going to agree to it because like you said there are racist Fox love this shitt but if you salt a cast and it doesn't matter they're going to have to say well I guess we got to go back to the old way but it depends on who you got on your side of church like I listen to a lot of YouTubers not that many but a lot and the ones I don't like I don't subscribe as soon as I hear a racist thing come out their mouth I do not subscribe and I don't think you're racist at all I think you're a sweet man I think you're funny and you make these funny YouTube things but it's a joke like you said so use me to unite come together shut down for as long as you can and f*** it like I said I can only pull up s*** from like a year ago 4 years ago I'm like what the fuc I know you've been through some stuff but I don't think you stopped youtubing because I just got a OMG what was it something sent to me last night cuz I'm in bed so early cuz I got to get up to volunteer work for blind kids anyway but what they sent me was recent and I was like where did this come from why can't I get it maybe cuz I cannot use a computer cuz I'm blind he's motherfukers LOL actually I'm not really laughing but I'm serious oh well what are you going to do I'm telling you you should call everyone you know and youtubing or people you even I think that would be on your side or if anyone was smart enough to understand what you're doing shutdown I would and then she what you chew does when no one is reacting but two little idiots that nobody's going to listen to. Mia

                          • Trick Daddy016
                            Trick Daddy016  4 days back

                            Hmu skin this is my shit and love tlkn bout it.

                            • Johnny Dodson
                              Johnny Dodson  6 days back

                              Its not about money,Its about power and control. The people that control these platforms are using them to creat a NWO> a one world government.

                              • Collectors Digest
                                Collectors Digest  7 days back

                                This was awesome 👏🏻

                                • Clyde G
                                  Clyde G  7 days back

                                  you exactly right brother fuck um

                                  • James Parks
                                    James Parks  7 days back


                                    • Bobbie Jo Blackmon
                                      Bobbie Jo Blackmon  1 weeks back

                                      I really liked this video and I enjoyed the info you shared. Stay real with it. Much love to ya ❤

                                      • James Matthews
                                        James Matthews  1 weeks back

                                        I can only watch videos two months ago or longer

                                        • Kim Oliver
                                          Kim Oliver  1 weeks back

                                          Preach it Church !!!!! Dayum strait 💯💯💯

                                          • Fred Cook
                                            Fred Cook  1 weeks back


                                            • Fred Cook
                                              Fred Cook  1 weeks back

                                              I love you church keep it up brother 💪

                                              • flatearth crypto
                                                flatearth crypto  1 weeks back

                                                all tv shootings and drama r staged all year rnd. lol. just like amber alerts. control ur sleep. make up a missing kid. wake ya up at 3 am. like u can help while sleeping. lol. its all mind control

                                                • flatearth crypto
                                                  flatearth crypto  1 weeks back

                                                  military industrial complex is the words u were seeking

                                                  • Micheal Beauchamp
                                                    Micheal Beauchamp  1 weeks back

                                                    You tell them bro.

                                                    • Nicole Hunter
                                                      Nicole Hunter  2 weeks back

                                                      I apsoultly love the walls
                                                      That is tight!!!!

                                                      • Rye Sumner
                                                        Rye Sumner  2 weeks back

                                                        i will say something i found odd, over here in Canada if you youtube upchurch you don't come up, you actually have to type your full name if you want all your stuff to come up

                                                        • Hollie VanZant
                                                          Hollie VanZant  2 weeks back

                                                          That’s right skin

                                                          • Robert Brazeale
                                                            Robert Brazeale  2 weeks back

                                                            Upchurch you are awesome your vids always has my days nice an smooth thank you I can’t wait for your show in Sanford Florida

                                                            • rick nichol
                                                              rick nichol  2 weeks back

                                                              Hey broham wup 🤩🥰

                                                              • Brianna Bosnyak
                                                                Brianna Bosnyak  2 weeks back

                                                                Love you church you keep doing you

                                                                • Timothy Jones
                                                                  Timothy Jones  2 weeks back

                                                                  I'm going back on these videos just for the helluva it and I haven't seen anyone say anything about that rifle in the corner.🤤Looks like a 300 Aac blackout. Might be an AR but it's nice.

                                                                  • Christie Foxx
                                                                    Christie Foxx  2 weeks back

                                                                    That's the truth people wants you to be like them. But the way I see it you be your own person and be yourself. The way I see it is if people don't like what you say fuck them all. Because you say what's on your mind I love everything you have to see. Amen and god bless love ya keep up the good work 😘💕 ✌out bro

                                                                    • LMS-TV /LHS-TV
                                                                      LMS-TV /LHS-TV  2 weeks back

                                                                      ryan you could be a fuckin preacher my bro i mean like damn you speak from the heart and no where else!

                                                                      • Xblisit Josh
                                                                        Xblisit Josh  2 weeks back

                                                                        Music has been about this for generations, it's crazy frustrating that people haven't clicked onto it yet

                                                                        • Phillip Avant
                                                                          Phillip Avant  2 weeks back

                                                                          I just hope you never sell out to the Illuminati! Please keep it real

                                                                          • Katelin Leger
                                                                            Katelin Leger  2 weeks back

                                                                            'They'll stop paying this big fat ass fucking check." I died fucking laughing. All jokes aside, this shit it the truth, 100% the truth.

                                                                            • H.O.S._bandit
                                                                              H.O.S._bandit  2 weeks back

                                                                              Hey this was made on my birfday

                                                                              • Raven Nichole
                                                                                Raven Nichole  2 weeks back

                                                                                So much truth in this. Media...social or otherwise, is controlled for some type of gain or agenda...money and politics. Thank you for speaking on it. It needs to be heard.

                                                                                • Karen Nicole
                                                                                  Karen Nicole  2 weeks back

                                                                                  i love you

                                                                                  • Eric Ryan Sound
                                                                                    Eric Ryan Sound  2 weeks back

                                                                                    My I'd give my right arm to just pick this dude's brain for a while. #indieartist #countrymusic EricRyanSound.com

                                                                                    • Stephanie Redford
                                                                                      Stephanie Redford  2 weeks back


                                                                                      • Angela LaJoy
                                                                                        Angela LaJoy  2 weeks back

                                                                                        I love your honesty... You're amazing... Thank you!

                                                                                        • shelly bay
                                                                                          shelly bay  2 weeks back

                                                                                          just found your channel ( #nolifeshaq ) this is real shix! Stay strong!! you have a voice and people, YOUNG people, are listening. Be blessed!

                                                                                          • ken0269
                                                                                            ken0269  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Big brother has a lot to do with this. I know I used to work for the government .

                                                                                            • IronSharpensIron 45
                                                                                              IronSharpensIron 45  2 weeks back

                                                                                              Censorship is in the Ten Commandments of the communist Manifesto. FACTS

                                                                                              • B
                                                                                                B  2 weeks back

                                                                                                This is some real shit.