Porzingis is a 'diva to the max' and I've never been a big fan - Kendrick Perkins | The Jump


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  • Rolands J
    Rolands J  4 months back

    all about the entertainment :D

    • CoelhoCoin Tech
      CoelhoCoin Tech  4 months back

      Porzingis is better than perkins could ever be

      • iiwill
        iiwill  4 months back

        Perkins is hired on espn just cause he so much in love with LeBron.

        • Reality Era News
          Reality Era News  4 months back

          Bet they wish they kept Porzingus now

          • john hand
            john hand  5 months back

            perk who are the 20 guys i bet you 5 of them are named kendrick perkins

            • darkmagnum10
              darkmagnum10  5 months back

              If I was making a top 25 list, his name would be nowhere near it

              • Halfgamer
                Halfgamer  5 months back


                • Scott M
                  Scott M  5 months back

                  I'd bet money he doesn't even know the guy. Kristaps likely told Kendrick to fuck off.

                  • Uli Peterson
                    Uli Peterson  5 months back

                    Kendrick Perkins knows nothing about the Knicks.
                    their management is one of the worst in the entire nba. they dont care about their players at all.
                    we dont know what exactly happened between the Knicks and KP, but calling him a "diva to the max" doesnt make sense to me, from all i know.

                    • 88smjls
                      88smjls  5 months back

                      Kendrick Perkins and his low level non relevant political comments. Bush was a terrible president and Obama was a complete disaster. Their globalist idiocy is Donald Trump is their now.

                      • Un-Taim Music
                        Un-Taim Music  5 months back

                        perk is too real best analyst on espn

                        • Alex T
                          Alex T  5 months back

                          Perkins probably thinks Westbrick is more valuable than Porzingis. Dude is an actual idiot

                          • Devon Nelson
                            Devon Nelson  5 months back

                            Sounds like Porzingas took KP’s mama downtown

                            KP literally lost all credibility with that Bush comment lol

                            • firecrakka
                              firecrakka  5 months back

                              KP is ridiculous... stop giving him a mic.

                              • Aamra Kamran
                                Aamra Kamran  5 months back

                                He got traded because of his rape case.

                                • Zeke Zikry
                                  Zeke Zikry  5 months back

                                  Perkins salty cause he was not offered one!

                                  • truth
                                    truth  5 months back

                                    Perk smoked sumn there is not 20 players better than the unicorn

                                    • WLG1
                                      WLG1  5 months back

                                      knicks are doing what knicks fans actually want. actually build through the draft, not give out dumb contracts to old, washed up, injury prone players.

                                      • KD _online
                                        KD _online  5 months back

                                        Hater Perkins never did shit

                                        • KD _online
                                          KD _online  5 months back

                                          Perkins is mf racist thats it

                                          • Aamra Kamran
                                            Aamra Kamran  5 months back

                                            No he ain't. Kristpas is not proven and can't stay healthy.

                                        • The Path Forward
                                          The Path Forward  5 months back

                                          I could name 100 players better than porzingis. He's injury prone to the greg oden degree.

                                          • andz c
                                            andz c  5 months back

                                            Taka null yes his name is path forward who could sign marcus morris. lets watch how porzingis burn these knick idiots

                                          • Taka null
                                            Taka null  5 months back

                                            Are any of them on the Knicks?

                                        • Steven Trudeau
                                          Steven Trudeau  5 months back

                                          I didn't like the fact they trade d tim hardaway Jr along with kristap .I like Tim hardaway jr

                                          • Surfer Bob
                                            Surfer Bob  5 months back

                                            I didn’t know this Perkins guy was an ex player, I watched him speak and assumed they picked out some homeless guy from the homeless shelter in LA’s skid row to come talk on tv. It is really embarrassing watching him talk. Very cringe worthy.

                                            • Aamra Kamran
                                              Aamra Kamran  5 months back

                                              Go do some with meth with your mom.

                                          • acariappa
                                            acariappa  5 months back

                                            Now look at what the Knicks have... NOBODY! Lol.

                                            • Jānis Krīgers
                                              Jānis Krīgers  5 months back

                                              Nets is a NY team now!

                                              • Jānis Krīgers
                                                Jānis Krīgers  5 months back

                                                Knicks sucked and sucks.

                                                • alpha omega
                                                  alpha omega  5 months back

                                                  As soon as whitlock checked perk on his show he was gone from fox. Lol.

                                                  • RIccardo Esclapon
                                                    RIccardo Esclapon  5 months back

                                                    Porzingis is 23 and already has more all-star appearances than Perkins had his whole career (he had 0), he's the diva acting like he's done soo much in the league all the damn time

                                                    • Aamra Kamran
                                                      Aamra Kamran  5 months back

                                                      And????? Perk is respected and was a leader unlike kristpas.

                                                  • TheDevil's Rockstxr
                                                    TheDevil's Rockstxr  5 months back

                                                    I can name 20 people I would take over Kendrick in his prime, Including Porzingis

                                                    • AnthonyAnalog
                                                      AnthonyAnalog  5 months back

                                                      Porzingis' rape charges lack of ANY media updates is the strangest thing ever.

                                                    • Corey King
                                                      Corey King  5 months back

                                                      If he is a Diva on how it ended with the Knicks then EVERY NBA player is a Diva. The Knicks for 3 years were doing nothing and not building a team around him he saw it so did everyone else. He demanded a trade like most players do and people call him a diva for it. If you want to say it was a good trade because of the question of his health thats fine I would even agree with it, but give me a break calling him a Diva.

                                                      • Kolin McKain
                                                        Kolin McKain  6 months back

                                                        Kawahi the only one not smiling in his pic lol

                                                        • Jah Seff
                                                          Jah Seff  6 months back

                                                          Nice take there, Kendra. Nice take. Now grab the phone and call Rajon Rondo. Tell him you are not a diva anymore - you’ve changed.

                                                          • andrea micucci
                                                            andrea micucci  6 months back

                                                            Can someone explain why Porzingis went to dallas just to be a F.A

                                                          • andrea micucci
                                                            andrea micucci  6 months back

                                                            That boy mitchell Robinson aint no whore, he has a hell of a career ahead of him.

                                                            • Mike Brown
                                                              Mike Brown  6 months back

                                                              Yeah Perk I could name 20 guys I would take over him right now too...coming off an injury. What if he plays two amazing heathy seasons though?

                                                              • Do it
                                                                Do it  6 months back

                                                                kendrick just shut yo mouth!

                                                                • no way
                                                                  no way  6 months back

                                                                  As racist as ever. White? Trash him... smh. bol bol is probably his favorite player of the draft...

                                                                  • Aamra Kamran
                                                                    Aamra Kamran  5 months back

                                                                    Perk is not a racist. Kp can't stay healthy and is a diva who isn't worth the headache. Plus, his rape case is anther reason why he was traded too.

                                                                • Amk Pic
                                                                  Amk Pic  6 months back

                                                                  Love kens example Obama had to fix bushes America lol

                                                                  • David Prevost
                                                                    David Prevost  6 months back

                                                                    Perkins taking shots at guys. I love when average to below average nba players dog super stars. Sorry perkins but your biggest claim to fame is playing 20 minutes a night and having 4 stars carry you to a title and you text with kd which he brings up on every show he does. Don't care about guys who were out of the league before 30.

                                                                    • DainisTheSuperman
                                                                      DainisTheSuperman  6 months back

                                                                      Perkins, the 3ppg avg monster :D :D

                                                                      • Roger C
                                                                        Roger C  6 months back

                                                                        Everyone on this show is a clown including Rachel Nichols

                                                                        • The Hawk
                                                                          The Hawk  6 months back

                                                                          Don’t forget he’s a rapist too.

                                                                          • * SIMON Says
                                                                            * SIMON Says  6 months back

                                                                            Knicks are cursed

                                                                            • Jay Hale
                                                                              Jay Hale  6 months back

                                                                              I'll take a hurt KP over a prime Kendrick Perkins any day

                                                                              • kiLLjoy24CALI
                                                                                kiLLjoy24CALI  6 months back

                                                                                I'd pick a Happy Meal over Kendrick Perkins

                                                                                • True Life
                                                                                  True Life  6 months back

                                                                                  Perkins is ridicoulos and jealous, Porzingis Healthy is a top 5 max top 10 player in the league and he is 23 yo!!!!!

                                                                                  • True Life
                                                                                    True Life  5 months back

                                                                                    Aamra Kamran today he is not but if Healthy He has the potential to be..and as I wrote before the free agency outcome it was so stupid trade him to Dallas, next year if Luka and KP will be Healthy Mavs can go to the playoff..(difficult but not impossible)

                                                                                  • Aamra Kamran
                                                                                    Aamra Kamran  5 months back

                                                                                    He's not top 5. Lol.

                                                                                  • True Life
                                                                                    True Life  6 months back

                                                                                    Rahmoni Carter 23 yo, 7 f 3 who shoots 40% for 3, very good defender who can block anybody , the only limit for this guy is the sky...if he is Healthy let s update next year and see who is right...

                                                                                  • Rahmoni Carter
                                                                                    Rahmoni Carter  6 months back

                                                                                    Top 5 😂😂

                                                                                • Helpimfrom Florida
                                                                                  Helpimfrom Florida  6 months back

                                                                                  Kyrie still the biggest diva in the league left a team to be a leader and than leaves again after saying he would re-sign, that's diva to the max.