David Dobrik Married His Friend's Mom as a Prank


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  • George Dimitrakopoulos
    George Dimitrakopoulos  2 months back

    For every person who has never watched a David Dobrik video before that was a "wow". For every regular person that was a typical Monday.

    • m dhilip
      m dhilip  2 months back

      If you have guts you come to india and do this same thing ...then see what happens........

      • droopybastian
        droopybastian  2 months back

        I love this :)

        • Beast At Hart
          Beast At Hart  2 months back

          He’s prolly the first person to ever go on a talk show and say he married his friends mom out of a prank

          • Carol Tassin
            Carol Tassin  2 months back

            Liza just co-hosted "Live" it would have been great if they had David on as a guest!!!!!

            • leo Trejo
              leo Trejo  2 months back

              These old people trying to Understand yotubers

              • Niall Moran
                Niall Moran  2 months back

                Can’t believe they got divorced

                • dr chickencake
                  dr chickencake  2 months back

                  david can think so fast on his feet

                  • Emilo
                    Emilo  2 months back


                    • zac19m
                      zac19m  2 months back

                      Whatever anyone says about david he is a G E N I U S

                      • Wuzzy
                        Wuzzy  2 months back


                        • Solid Jester
                          Solid Jester  2 months back


                          • Chico Jude
                            Chico Jude  2 months back

                            wow this was funny smiling the whole time.

                            • Naissa Eddie Foresmy
                              Naissa Eddie Foresmy  2 months back

                              Omg 😂