Amateur Baker Attempts To Make French Macarons For FIRST Time | Fake It Til You Bake It


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  • Delish
    Delish   2 months back

    What should Laura *try* to make next??

    • Ateu Cu
      Ateu Cu  2 months back

      — An amazing brisket Texan style with three special sides!

    • Jamee L
      Jamee L  2 months back

      cannele de bordeaux

    • Chantel
      Chantel  2 months back

      croissants, chocolate bonbons, napoleon, st.honore, cannele!

    • charmzz101
      charmzz101  2 months back

      Flan! Pineapple upside down cake!

    • Allison Hunter
      Allison Hunter  2 months back

      Good job, Laura! How about a semifreddo, cream puffs, souffle, petit fours with pourable fondant icing.

  • Carmen Chen
    Carmen Chen  4 weeks back

    u did good for your first time. Just watching you make it from a no experience cook looks good to me

    • Gogy'sCorner
      Gogy'sCorner  1 months back

      good video ❤️ take a look at my channel !

      • Green Bluish
        Green Bluish  1 months back


        • Clement Design USA
          Clement Design USA  1 months back

          We love Kriss, such a talented and humble chef. He's looking great in that chef jacket as well. Laura did pretty well, as macarons can be a tough contender when it comes to baking. Great job!

          • Sandra Cruz
            Sandra Cruz  1 months back

            Working with Kris Harvery I know that he is UTTERLY UTTERLY ERKKED!

            • AskMiko
              AskMiko  2 months back

              0:58 How can it be her favorite sweet if she's never tried it? LOL

              • ken7795
                ken7795  1 months back

                AskMiko I’m fairly certain that she meant that she’s never tried to make macarons herself, not that she never tasted one.

            • Kaboons Xu
              Kaboons Xu  2 months back

              Thank you so much

              • Jimena S.
                Jimena S.  2 months back

                Do you rest the shells before putting them in the oven?

                • Chantel
                  Chantel  2 months back

                  love it! subscribed for new episodes!

                  • 밥안사-Ez cooking class

                    Your video is fun and it's like watching an American drama.

                    • MsSwann
                      MsSwann  2 months back

                      Aren't these Italian macarons?

                      • MsSwann
                        MsSwann  2 months back

                        @Jessica Ou ooh. Thanks!

                      • Jessica Ou
                        Jessica Ou  2 months back

                        There is no difference. The macaron is a French cookie. There are different forms of meringue: French, Swiss and Italian, but that doesn’t change the fact that macarons are forever French.

                      • MsSwann
                        MsSwann  2 months back

                        @Jessica Ou then what's the difference

                      • Jessica Ou
                        Jessica Ou  2 months back


                      • MsSwann
                        MsSwann  2 months back

                        @Tish Boyle isn't it the meringue that makes the distinction?

                    • AnEyeForMayai
                      AnEyeForMayai  2 months back

                      Who remembers laura from chonga girls 🙋🏾‍♂️

                      • shookaneisha
                        shookaneisha  2 months back

                        i thought it was a tortilla

                        • Isabella's Quick Recipes
                          Isabella's Quick Recipes  2 months back

                          I really like the judges shirt in the end

                          • Flavorsome!
                            Flavorsome!  2 months back


                            • Julia Smith
                              Julia Smith  2 months back

                              was so nervous all the way til the end 😅

                              • Diogo Bento
                                Diogo Bento  2 months back