Lisa and Jess Fight Over Shawn Wayans


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  • Mario Brown
    Mario Brown  1 years back

    As he getting older Shawn Wayans looking like Keenan Wayans

    • Cowgirl126 0
      Cowgirl126 0  2 years back

      She want that D!!!!!! 😂😋

      • caveman Versace
        caveman Versace  2 years back

        The daily buzz? Sounds like what a housewife does once the husbands left.

        • Honest Person
          Honest Person  2 years back

          It's sad that an extremely handsome and talented comic-actor like Shawn Wayans never got the reconization he deserves.

          • Mr L wiseman
            Mr L wiseman  2 years back

            Just another day for this brother!

            • Bigdawgblast
              Bigdawgblast  2 years back

              best interview I seen in a long time

              • What About
                What About  3 years back

                the one on the left look like Angelina Jolie

                • Mister Happy
                  Mister Happy  3 years back

                  ...and they had the NERVE to call this dude gay. gay dudes can't pull women like that.

                  • Joseph Calderon
                    Joseph Calderon  3 years back

                    If marlon was the guest,he wouldn't be treated the same way by these two hosts as pretty boy shawn is.

                    • Hello It's me.
                      Hello It's me.  1 years back

                      Not but he would have made them laugh more

                  • Whodunit
                    Whodunit  3 years back

                    Dude had them chicks gushing. Probably had them sitting on hand towels.

                  • jacob butler
                    jacob butler  4 years back

                    Damn that chick on the left is sexy and promiscuous #NAUGHTY

                    • Kevin Johnson
                      Kevin Johnson  4 years back

                      He smashed at least one

                      • David
                        David  4 years back

                        They had a threesome after the show

                        • Keith Bardwell
                          Keith Bardwell  2 weeks back

                          They actually had a foursome. You didn't see the weather girl under the table giving him head!

                      • Mackenzie Shaw
                        Mackenzie Shaw  4 years back

                        He got kids, but I'm try na find out who his wife/gf is

                      • Shortlady82
                        Shortlady82  4 years back

                        Gotdamn shawn is fine!!!! I had the biggest crush on him back in the day hell I still do😛😛😛

                      • Lemar  Johnson
                        Lemar Johnson  4 years back

                        Your the man shawn Waynes

                        • world documentary
                          world documentary  4 years back

                          Lol once you go black you're gonna need a wheelchair

                          • Abz M
                            Abz M  2 weeks back

                            world documentary hahahahahahahahajadfjs

                        • AK34EA
                          AK34EA  5 years back

                          Shawn getting them bitchees

                          • Leslie D-K
                            Leslie D-K  5 years back

                            I came here to see a FIGHT!!!

                            • Daethaqt3000
                              Daethaqt3000  6 years back

                              Yo they trying to fuc....

                              • 2dasimmons
                                2dasimmons  6 years back

                                Shawn is HOT! And, NO I am NOT a male:)

                                • troppo buono
                                  troppo buono  6 years back

                                  just give them the D Bro!!...hehe

                                  • agsmoove84
                                    agsmoove84  3 years back

                                    troppo buono the one on the left feenin lol 😂

                                • The life of J A K Williams

                                  Shawn the man

                                  • Husehiki John
                                    Husehiki John  6 years back

                                    you can vent your problems to me over youtube. i dont mind listening lol

                                    • Jana Resenha
                                      Jana Resenha  6 years back

                                      I don´t believe I´m mentally relyable... but nobody tried to lock me down until now. so... I still wanna make love with shawn in a bubble bath. by the way... my psicanalist told me not to tell everybody what I think... ooops.

                                    • Husehiki John
                                      Husehiki John  6 years back

                                      are you ok? i mean mentally.

                                      • Pmlth
                                        Pmlth  6 years back

                                        why are u even angry lol? U love Shawn Wayans?

                                        • Pmlth
                                          Pmlth  6 years back

                                          whats your problem?

                                          • firewall430
                                            firewall430  6 years back

                                            Jess was all in dudes face. ..chick in the blue is mesmerize...