Nick Lachey Helped David Dobrik Feel Like An Adult On Set Of New Show


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  • PositiveEnergy
    PositiveEnergy  2 days back

    It felt weird being able to see David's shoes... Or maybe it just cuz he's wearing fancier shoes than normal?

    • Mason Watts
      Mason Watts  1 weeks back

      We have people from Canada
      Its amazing how many people come from little pockets of the us
      Well Canada is not in the us and Canada is huge ...

      • Jeffrey A. Smith
        Jeffrey A. Smith  1 weeks back

        I'm the sole musician in my family. I've read a million articles on all the best musicians coming from musical families - usually. And then, how they went to college for music. Berkley, U of North Texas, etc. Always wondered what it would be like to come from a musical family. To jam with your family? When I think of my family doing this it's so fucking funny. Their programmers. Maybe I'll start my own musical family.

        • Jeffrey A. Smith
          Jeffrey A. Smith  1 weeks back

          Immediately, you notice David's not pretty enough to be working with these people 😁. JK. David doesn't need to be.

          • Jeffrey A. Smith
            Jeffrey A. Smith  3 days back

            @Mia Newman People was talking about his coronary prowess. JK. He mentioned being 'thrown in with these pretty people' in a podcast, once 😂. Paraphrasing.

          • Mia Newman
            Mia Newman  3 days back

            excuse me. he is america’s sexiest heartthrob

          • That_1chick _
            That_1chick _  4 days back

            David is the only person in that room that has earned the title of People’s Sexiest Heartthrob

        • YourHighwayInTheSky
          YourHighwayInTheSky  2 weeks back

          Ciara could vlog but David couldn't come up with 1, 2 step

          • K B
            K B  2 weeks back


            • Kabi DB
              Kabi DB  2 weeks back

              This interviewer can do the whole interview by himself. Motherfucker always have to interrupt when the guests speak. Who tf gave him this job? Fire him ASAP.

              • Nicole Khella
                Nicole Khella  2 weeks back

                When david talked:

              • Chantelle Jayne
                Chantelle Jayne  2 weeks back

                Here for David.

                • Nicole Khella
                  Nicole Khella  2 weeks back

                  how is there only 1k views on this

                  • Sam Serrao
                    Sam Serrao  1 weeks back

                    Cause David is selling out 😂

                • I’m ur breakfast Peppa pig idiot

                  I like how all the comments are about david

                  • Jumbo Lucifer
                    Jumbo Lucifer  2 weeks back

                    No wonder they uploaded it with his name in the title

                • Mina Rösch
                  Mina Rösch  3 weeks back

                  david is so cute

                  • Henrietta Shalansky
                    Henrietta Shalansky  3 weeks back

                    Second comment on this entire video

                    • purple
                      purple  3 weeks back

                      David my man 😍

                      • Henrietta Shalansky
                        Henrietta Shalansky  3 weeks back

                        no go away he is literally MY MAN oh look he just texted me hi david