Apple iPhone 11 - Hands on


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  • Emiliano Arredondo
    Emiliano Arredondo  4 months back

    I got the iPhone XR which one better iPhone 11 or iPhone XR

    • Tanvir Kamal
      Tanvir Kamal  4 months back

      The display totally sucks!

      • Abby Gigi
        Abby Gigi  4 months back

        Finally switching from SE

        • Royal Media
          Royal Media  4 months back

          iPhone 11is led display or lcd display

          • Issa Kaemor
            Issa Kaemor  4 months back

            I’ve been watching iPhone 11 videos Bc I’m getting one

            • Twisted Galxzie
              Twisted Galxzie  4 months back

              Y’all are upgrading from a 7, 8, and even a mf XR while I have a SE 😂😭

              • Jaymie Musk
                Jaymie Musk  4 months back

                Me too. No prob with that 👍🏼😂

            • Grt1n
              Grt1n  4 months back

              So how is portrait mode for animals a new thing when I’ve been doing this for a while now. I’m so confused lol.

              • Theaaa
                Theaaa  4 months back

                im a 6 user and it’s doing fine, but I want a better quality and upgrade for the camera and the 11 is perfect for it’s pretty colors and an affordable price

                • Patrick Borlagu
                  Patrick Borlagu  4 months back

                  Did you know that you can try the new iPhone Pro Max as a beta tester here *iPhoneBetaTester. club*

                • Ddeep Singh
                  Ddeep Singh  4 months back

                  Currently using 6s plus. I am really confused between iphone 11 and s10. 6s plus still working fine. But i think it's time to change a bit.

                • Hung Doan
                  Hung Doan  4 months back

                  Apple selling iPhone 11, a phone with 9 year old screen technology, for $700.
                  Apple latest iPhone 11 screen resolution is worse than my 3 year iPhone 7+. 326 ppi vs 401 ppi.
                  In fact, the iPhone 11 resolution is the same as the iPhone 4, 326 ppi.
                  Something to think about before buying iPhone 11.

                  • Pancake
                    Pancake  4 months back

                    i have an iphone se should i upgrade to the xr or just wait for the 11

                  • Focual
                    Focual  4 months back

                    Just upgraded from a 6s+ wait was worth it

                    • Shut up Idiot
                      Shut up Idiot  4 months back

                      iPhones are too overrated now seems like people buy them only to feel rich or for the spectacular looks with barely any prominent features.Theyre far better phones that come at a much better price than iphones.Its high time for apple to come up with something really unparalleled it's not gonna work any longer what are they expecting to come up with next?a new iPhone with a slight shift in the cam or simply modifying the name of the next iphone to Iphone 十二 (12 in Japanese) or whatever that's exploitable

                      • India Briggs
                        India Briggs  4 months back

                        I have a XR should I do a trade in or stick to the phone I have ?

                        • Ahsan Amir
                          Ahsan Amir  4 months back

                          The literal only difference is camerw

                        • Ahsan Amir
                          Ahsan Amir  4 months back

                          U stupid as hell if u upgrade

                      • Murat Karaca
                        Murat Karaca  4 months back

                        I love the green and white one.

                        • Belle
                          Belle  4 months back

                          Woot woot just pre ordered the green. Finally upgrading from the SE!

                          • Collyn Wallace
                            Collyn Wallace  4 months back

                            Belle i ordered the green too, i’m upgrading from the xr though

                        • Roblox Master Doge
                          Roblox Master Doge  4 months back


                          • burro romo
                            burro romo  4 months back


                            • Thea Søgaard Møller
                              Thea Søgaard Møller  4 months back

                              Got a ip8 and i really wanna upgrade.

                              • krancan25
                                krancan25  4 months back

                                How is this a hands on review?

                                • Rohaan rafi
                                  Rohaan rafi  5 months back

                                  AGAAIN😡COPYING ANDROID WITH DUAL CAMERA
                                  SHIIT APPLE

                                  • Thuc Nguyen
                                    Thuc Nguyen  5 months back

                                    What colors are the best, I’m upgrading from the SE

                                  • Wisani Maluleke
                                    Wisani Maluleke  5 months back

                                    Your title is shitty mate!

                                    • Jesus
                                      Jesus  5 months back

                                      Should i upgrade from my 6s to a 11?

                                      • Jesus
                                        Jesus  4 months back

                                        Byronflowerz hmmm okay

                                      • Byronflowerz
                                        Byronflowerz  4 months back

                                        J3sus yes absolutely

                                    • Alex Massey
                                      Alex Massey  5 months back

                                      why have they stayed with an inferior technology such as Face ID? my Face ID on my X Max doesn't even work anymore!!!! I will be moving platform I think for this alone. finger scanner through the screen errrrm yeah cheers

                                      • Pashanda Williams
                                        Pashanda Williams  5 months back

                                        I would stick to my XR, but coming from a 7 plus I need that 2nd camera 😩 Undecided between the purple and green though 😁

                                      • Chisom Agbara
                                        Chisom Agbara  5 months back

                                        I noticed that these iPhone 11 colors are more muted and not as vibrant and “poppy” as the colors of the XR. But that green and purple are just 😍😍😍😍😍

                                        • Nithyakalyani Chakravarthi

                                          This one is gud but that one is most satisfying

                                          • Aiman Ghannam
                                            Aiman Ghannam  5 months back

                                            So should I sell my xr and get 11?

                                            • Car Fli
                                              Car Fli  5 months back

                                              Looks stunning ?

                                              • Anthony Mutuc
                                                Anthony Mutuc  5 months back

                                                Yes indeed...notch

                                                • MRTOXIC 420
                                                  MRTOXIC 420  5 months back

                                                  Should i upgrade from iphone 6?

                                                  • MRTOXIC 420
                                                    MRTOXIC 420  4 months back

                                                    abdulazizalg thx

                                                  • abdulazizalg
                                                    abdulazizalg  4 months back

                                                    If you don’t really care about the camera much id say get the xr which is cheaper and also has almost no differences between the xr and the 11

                                                  • abdulazizalg
                                                    abdulazizalg  4 months back

                                                    MRTOXIC 420 yeah

                                                • Hurya Khan
                                                  Hurya Khan  5 months back

                                                  I am gonna buy the purple one 💗

                                                  • Samyar Johni
                                                    Samyar Johni  5 months back

                                                    one day ago all saing. it is the most uglies iphone ever. who's gonna buy it. but now.!! all want it. I can't change my mind. its ugly. and never buy it

                                                    • ivanuki
                                                      ivanuki  5 months back

                                                      Another bullshit that costs 800$ more than it should... there is Huawei. Apple is just more expensive and less functional. The IOS? Total crap. Having to buy every app is pretty cool right?

                                                      • j j530
                                                        j j530  5 months back

                                                        Is this better than the xs ???

                                                        • Esma Husejnovic
                                                          Esma Husejnovic  5 months back

                                                          Yes this video is amazing I’m going to buy this phone I can’t wait .. I gotta pay it weekly instead of monthly

                                                          • Jashiel Wrobel
                                                            Jashiel Wrobel  5 months back

                                                            My 6s is shaking

                                                            • Aviix
                                                              Aviix  5 months back

                                                              2019 and they still have the notch

                                                              • Jonathan Armstrong
                                                                Jonathan Armstrong  5 months back

                                                                Aviix because they house 8 devices in there, its not just a single camera lens like some phones

                                                            • Bam Bam Chuleria
                                                              Bam Bam Chuleria  5 months back

                                                              So nothing to be amazed about? My Xmax is sticking with me till 12 hits the markets.

                                                              • Animesh Sarkar
                                                                Animesh Sarkar  5 months back

                                                                Old Notch design.. 😆😆😆

                                                                • DJ
                                                                  DJ  5 months back

                                                                  My oppo R9S better than this.

                                                                  • Martin Angelo Mooney
                                                                    Martin Angelo Mooney  5 months back

                                                                    oh no the apple sheep praising the ugliest phones today

                                                                    • Techie Time With GD Three

                                                                      You read off LCD screen (828p resolution) as if it was an amazing feature of the phone 😂 Phones with prices of 300 dollars or less have LCD screens lol It likely costs Apple around 200 to make the iPhone 11 and people will pay 700 for it, they are making a fortune off of you lot 🤣

                                                                      • S A
                                                                        S A  5 months back

                                                                        Ugly af

                                                                        • chris_ceee
                                                                          chris_ceee  5 months back


                                                                          • Asiatic Leopard
                                                                            Asiatic Leopard  5 months back

                                                                            828p phone in 2019? #WTF Apple???

                                                                            • Jonathan Armstrong
                                                                              Jonathan Armstrong  5 months back

                                                                              Fahad Muneeb they are great screens, don't get caught up with people shouting big numbers