Show Me That Farm - The Office (Digital Exclusive)


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  • Alt
    Alt  2 months back

    Whose idea was it to do this

    • TheBakedPotato
      TheBakedPotato  3 months back

      People who like these "edits" have absolutely no experience in any editing besides using iMovie on an iPad for a school project. A D D I N G W A C K Y S U B T I T L E S D O E S N ' T M A K E I T F U N N I E R T H A N T H E A C T U A L  S K I T

      • TheBakedPotato
        TheBakedPotato  3 months back

        can I just add I'm not being toxic for no reason this guy made GOOD captions just completely overused them and people who've been saying this is a good edit don't really know anything about good edititing...apply ur edits in something else and it could work well

    • Kruppt808
      Kruppt808  3 months back

      The way he says Show Me that Farm......

      I will follow that man to the ends of the earth grumbling all the way!

      • Dunder Mifflin
        Dunder Mifflin  3 months back

        How did he maintain and straight face lmaoooo

        • s_lx
          s_lx  7 months back

          If you’re gonna come here to criticize it, I get it but just don’t come here in the first place if you dislike it. You’re just wasting your time.

          • TheBakedPotato
            TheBakedPotato  3 months back

            why do u care enough to come back 4 months later and tell people to stop hating for the second time, this isn't considered an 'edit' i cold literally turn on closed captioning and it would have the same effect as a guy absolutely drenching a 1 minute funny clip of the office with useless captions and uploading as a 'legit edit'

        • Brian Foo
          Brian Foo  9 months back

          Do you think we need a subtitle at all. I remember those lines by heart.

          • s_lx
            s_lx  7 months back

            Brian Foo for newbies maybe?

        • Random Person
          Random Person  10 months back

          These are horrible

          • Daniel Fatone
            Daniel Fatone  11 months back

            Really good edits

          • P Light
            P Light  11 months back

            Toby is this you? These edits are the worst!

          • lytaria
            lytaria  11 months back

            I appreciate the effort but the kinetic type just ruins it. The Office US is much better.

            • Themadcommenter
              Themadcommenter  11 months back

              Bad office eddits scare me! I'm going to have nightmares to night!

              • s_lx
                s_lx  11 months back

                Stop hating. Just go somewhere else if you’re gonna hate. The original is equally good.

                • TheBakedPotato
                  TheBakedPotato  3 months back

                  ur right, I'm gonna comment on the other 3

              • Rocket Maniac
                Rocket Maniac  11 months back

                am i the only one who likes the edits?

                • TheBakedPotato
                  TheBakedPotato  3 months back


                • s_lx
                  s_lx  7 months back

                  MidwestTrashTrucks then why come here?

                • Green Hat Guy
                  Green Hat Guy  11 months back

                  I think there's a lot of potential where they're going, they just need to tone it down a little.

                • MidwestTrashTrucks
                  MidwestTrashTrucks  11 months back

                  Caleb The Baker Agreed.

              • Jake Mercer
                Jake Mercer  11 months back

                I love the edits

                • That Random YouTube Channel

                  The Office Us YT Channel is better You’re Welcome.

                  • CrypticStuff
                    CrypticStuff  11 months back

                    Oh, they are back to posting! #Theofficeneverdies

                    • batgurrl
                      batgurrl  11 months back

                      There is no Stanley tree

                      • Abdullah Kahraman
                        Abdullah Kahraman  11 months back

                        D O N O T M A K E E D I T S O N T H E S C E N E S !

                        • TheBakedPotato
                          TheBakedPotato  3 months back

                          @Kruppt808 the captions and animations are well made but they don't add to the clip comedically

                        • Kruppt808
                          Kruppt808  3 months back

                          @TheBakedPotato I respect your post, well said and thought out. I've seen this clip a hundred times but I laughed out loud watching the text and little animations. I would not like the whole show like this but a dozen clips I've seen a million times, why not? For people who like it regular, they play this show all the time on streaming services or cable plus all over social media/youtube. The outrage seems strange to me but I do like the passion.😊

                        • TheBakedPotato
                          TheBakedPotato  3 months back

                          you're delusional. adding text to an already funny clip isn't 'funny' and to say that the edits themselves are funny are insane because they don't add comedic effect. if you want good text captions, look at some Misfits videos, they constructively use captions to add comedic emphasis and don't just caption every single word hoping it'll be funnier than the raw footage, which is already funny.

                        • Kruppt808
                          Kruppt808  3 months back

                          I love the edits, very funny

                      • Won
                        Won  11 months back

                        These edits are horrible, if anyone wants good office clips just go to The Office US