Awesome Back to School Tech 2019! (Budget Edition) UrAvgConsumer
3 months back
It's officially back to school time! Here's some new tech that could help out the school year if you're on a budget! My Favorite Tech of the Month - August!
iPhone 11 Pro Max - REAL Day in the Life Review! UrAvgConsumer
2 months back
It's finally time to for my iPhone 11 Pro Max review! We did an iPhone 11 REAL day in the life with the Pro max since that will be the one I use daily. We test out ...
The ULTIMATE Gamer's Paradise 2.0! (Room Tour) UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Huge shout out to Origin PC for the amazing custom PC build that brings this room together and adds some serious gaming power. Check out the rig I have here: ...
My Ultimate Tech Man Cave! (2019) UrAvgConsumer
1 weeks back
I've finally completed my man cave and tech'ed it out completely but it's also an awesome spot for hanging out and de-stressing at the end of the day. Thank you ...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 24.0! UrAvgConsumer
4 months back
Time for another masssive tech unboxing! What was your favorite item? Find everything here: SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - https://amzn.to/2YfhWNi Kanto ...
What's in my Gadget Backpack 7.0! UrAvgConsumer
9 months back
Follow us on Instagram - UrAvgConsumer: http://bit.ly/1Q7GoH4, UrAvgGf: http://bit.ly/2fq9Ngf It's been a while since the last What's in My Gadget Backpack ...
Massive Tech Haul! (Under $1000 Challenge) UrAvgConsumer
8 months back
Uravggf and I are back at it again with another shopping challenge. This time with $1000 to spend at B&H. We pick up a lot of cool stuff. Vote for your favorite!
I Made the Ultimate Tech Kit UrAvgConsumer
3 months back
I finally put my MUST HAVE tech in one spot. This is my Ultimate Tech Kit. (Not to be confused with the tech survival kit) Check out the LG UltraFine Monitors ...
Teching Out Our Bedroom! (Room Tour 2017) UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Click here to visit the Sleep Number store locator: http://bit.ly/2qMDlsZ To enter, comment below the name of your closest store along with any sleep issues ...
$1000 Tech Shopping Haul! UrAvgConsumer
4 months back
Time for another tech haul but this time with a subscriber! We took a a random winner over from Twitter and took him shopping at Best Buy! Check out the ...
iPhone XR - Real Day in the Life Review! UrAvgConsumer
1 years back
We spent a REAL day in the life with the iPhone XR. Here's what you can expect from it. My OnePlus 6T Unboxing and First Impressions!
iPhone 11 One Month Later - The Good & The Bad UrAvgConsumer
1 months back
I've had the iPhone 11 for a month and here's everything you need to know about owning one. Check out my Unboxing and Reviews below of the iPhone 11 Pro ...
Empty House Tour 2018! (Building Our Ultimate Smart Home) UrAvgConsumer
1 years back
It's finally time for our empty house tour! We're going to be making the ultimate smart home in this house but we wanted to share it with you before everything ...
Google Pixel 4 XL - REAL Day in the Life Review! UrAvgConsumer
4 weeks back
It's time we take the new Google Pixel 4 XL into the real world and see how it performs. We test out the battery life, performance, that new 90hz display and a lot ...
Teching Out Our Kitchen! (Smart Kitchen Tour 2019) UrAvgConsumer
8 months back
We are kickstarting our "Building the Ultimate Smart Home" series with our tech'ed out kitchen! Check out the connected suite we chose for our appliances and ...
5 Things To Buy Instead of a Tesla.... Sorta 😅 UrAvgConsumer
5 months back
It's summer time and I've pulled out my favorite "vehicles" for getting around without having to pump gas. Let me know what you think about the options I played ...
Furnishing My New Game Room! UrAvgConsumer
6 months back
I'm finally recreating the Ultimate Gamer's Paradise! Before we add all the tech, we need some dope furniture to give this place the vibe we want. Thanks ...
NEW 16-Inch MacBook Pro Unboxing + Hands-On! (2019) UrAvgConsumer
5 days back
The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is finally here! Here's a quick unboxing and overview of all the new features and specs! My Ultimate Tech Man Cave! (2019) ...
Awesome Back to School Tech 2019! (Baller Edition) UrAvgConsumer
3 months back
We saw the back to school budget edition and now it's time for the baller edition for those of us who saved up some coin this summer! Thanks last pass for their ...
So I Finally Built My First Gaming PC... UrAvgConsumer
1 years back
Check out Bitdefender and get 6 months free when you first sign up here: https://www.bitdefender.com/GetTotalSecurityUy I finally built my first Gaming/Work ...
My NEW 4K Home Theater Setup! (2019) UrAvgConsumer
2 months back
Enter LG CineBeam Netflix gift cards giveaway by just commenting where you want to set up the projector – https://geni.us/N0tnm Try LG CineBeam AR camera ...
Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford. Seriously. UrAvgConsumer
4 months back
We've got some great tech lined up that will be easier on your pockets and an awesome value. Which one is your favorite? Use code UACBH060 and get $20 off ...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 26.0! UrAvgConsumer
2 months back
Time for another Massive Tech Unboxing! Thanks to Raid: Shadow Legends for sponsoring a portion of this video. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: http://bit.ly/2lvbY9J ...
Destroying My Ultimate Gamer's Paradise... UrAvgConsumer
7 months back
It's time to take the Ultimate Gamer's Paradise down. We're moving to a new studio so the game room will have a new place soon! Watch to see how I set this ...
Awesome Back to School Tech 2018! (Budget Edition) UrAvgConsumer
1 years back
Still looking for some back to school tech? Here is my budget friendly list of gear for 2018! Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hands On - The Power is Back!
Tesla Smart Summon: Does It Actually Work? UrAvgConsumer
2 months back
Tesla software 10.0 just dropped and includes a ton of new features like access to Spotify, playing games like Cuphead and the new Smart Summon feature.
Teching Out A Small Space! (Room Tour 2018!) UrAvgConsumer
1 years back
Thanks to Dolby for Sponsoring this video! Click the link to learn more about and purchase the Dolby Dimension. http://bit.ly/2OKqAj7 Want to tech out a small ...
Samsung Galaxy S10+ - REAL Day in the Life! UrAvgConsumer
8 months back
Finally time to take the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for a real day in the life with T-Mobile. Watch as we test the super steady camera, in display fingerprint reader, ...
The Tech Survival Kit 3.0 (Must Have!) UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Ever come across a "tech emergency?" This survival kit should help with that! Here is my upgraded tech survival kit. The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - REAL Day in the Life! UrAvgConsumer
3 months back
Time to take the Galaxy Note 10+ out for a REAL Day in the Life Review! We test out it's features over the course of a full working day like battery life, the note 10 ...
BEST Holiday Tech Gift Ideas! (2018) UrAvgConsumer
11 months back
The first of many holiday tech gift guides is here! We focused on gifts to improve everyone's daily lives! Amazon Smart Home Gift Guide: https://amzn.to/2zOoJ2X ...
I Got A Tesla Model S Instead Of My Dream Car. UrAvgConsumer
10 months back
So I finally got my first car and it's the Tesla Model S! I always wanted the BMW i8 but after test driving the Model S, everything changed. Plan to pick up a Tesla?
Awesome Tech Worth Checking Out! UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Here are some cool tech items to spend that holiday cash on! We've got some awesome wireless earbuds, portable speaker, security camera and more!
The Ultimate Black Panther Desk Setup! UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
So we built a Black Panther themed setup based on the movie! Get BLACK PANTHER today on Digital, Blu-ray & 4K UHD: http://bitly.com/witnessthelegend ...
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019) - Beauty Meets Power! UrAvgConsumer
7 days back
We got the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 in hand but how does it stack up? Let's find out. Find it here: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1: http://www.Dell.com/uravgconsumer This video is ...
Massive Back to School Tech Haul! (30 Minute Challenge) UrAvgConsumer
5 months back
Arie and I are at it again, going toe-to-toe to find the best tech (smartphones, speakers, laptops, etc) and tech deals for college students at Best Buy. Thanks so ...
My MASSIVE Xbox One X Unboxing! UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Microsoft sent me so many things that we had to call this a MASSIVE Xbox One X unboxing! Along with the new Xbox One X there are games like, Forza 7, Gears ...
MacBook Pro (2018) - REAL Day in the Life! UrAvgConsumer
1 years back
Got my hands on the new 15 inch MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i9 and i7 processors. Now let's see how they preform in a real day in the life. Dave2d's video: ...
What's in my Ultimate Gamer's Backpack? UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Check out ColorWare for tons of custom painted gear: http://bit.ly/2jxDe3m For a chance to win your own custom painted Nintendo Switch follow the rules below: ...
Teching Out a COLLEGE Dorm Room! UrAvgConsumer
2 months back
Time to tech out another space and this time it's a college DORM room. Watch as I take two #LGUltrafine monitors and a bunch of tech to completely transform ...
Best Wedding Surprise Ever! UrAvgConsumer
3 years back
Our wedding day, July 9th 2016, was perfect! Check out the video of our day PLUS an awesome surprise Jud got for Arie! Be sure to look out for the vlog to see ...
5 MUST HAVE Xbox One Accessories! UrAvgConsumer
9 months back
It's time to finally talk about some must have accessories for the Xbox One! Check out ColorWare's stuff here: http://bit.ly/2jxDe3m Follow me on Instagram for a ...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 25.0! UrAvgConsumer
3 months back
Time for another massive tech unboxing! Lots of awesome tech in this one. Grab ya snacks! Custom AirPod Rules: To get a chance at your own custom AirPods, ...
Teching Out A NEW Bedroom! (2018) UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
Today we transform an older looking space into one that is more modern and functional! We add some cool smart lighting, a smart assistant, new computer setup ...
Massive Tech Haul! (Under $500 Challenge) UrAvgConsumer
11 months back
Time for another Shopping Challenge! Arie and I went on a $500 tech shopping challenge over at Best Buy. Check out what we got and leave a comment below ...
My Massive iPhone 8 + iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing! UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
This is my MASSIVE iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus unboxing. Here we have not only the phones, but also a couple of Apple Watch series 3's and a ton of iPhone 8 ...
Teching Out A Classroom! (This was awesome) UrAvgConsumer
11 months back
We love teching out new spaces but this time, we wanted to give back a little more. This one was shot a while ago, but it's the perfect video for the season of ...
NEW Apple HomePod - Unboxing + Review! UrAvgConsumer
2 years back
A quick HomePod unboxing, setup, demo and mini review after spending some time with it. We test the HomePod's sound, Siri functionality and its role as a ...