safiya cristine collab

We Got A Head-To-Toe Holographic Makeover (feat. Simply Nailogical) Safiya Nygaard
2 years back
Today I am joined by Cristine from Simply Nailogical in a quest to spread the holo message and get a holographic makeover with holo clothing and accessories!
Simply Nailogical and Safiya Nygaard collab as GIANT SOCKS at their VidCon Q&A VidCon
12 months back
Cristine and Safiya take questions about their channels at VidCon. VidCon is an annual convention for people who love online video! VidCon tickets are ...
🍕Eating Internet Foods ft. SimplyNailogical and SafiyaNygaard ThreadBanger
2 years back
We all hung out in Brooklyn and taste tested some famous Internet Foods with our Friends. Collab on Simplynailogical: Collab on ...
Painting our Nails on the NYC Subway ft. Safiya & Threadbanger (expert level) Simply Nailogical
2 years back
Comment our ship name down below and don't say Trainwreck Threadbanger's video: Safiya's video: ...
Safiya Nygaard finds out what those tiny jean pockets are for VidCon
2 years back
Safiya talks about her favorite video she's made so far and reminisces about 2007 fashion trends. VidCon is an annual convention for people who love online ...
HOLO or NOT??? with SimplyNailogical Tati
2 years back
MY HOLOSEXUAL NAIL QUEEN is in the House to school us all if it's HOLO or NOT!!! xo's ~ Tati » » » WATCH our Collab and SUBSCRIBE to Cristine's channel ...
Blindfold Makeup Challenge w/ Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams Good Mythical MORE
1 years back
Safiya tries to do Tyler's makeup while blindfolded -- can she pull off a look without being able to see anything? GMMore #1341 Watch today's GMM: ...
Cristine simply annoying Safiya Nygaard for 2 minutes (+ other weird shit) Cipry Dominates
2 years back
this was only a joke its not made to make any hate between the two youtubers. :) SimplyNailogical / SimplyNotLogical / Cristine Annoying Safiya Nygaard ...
What's In My Mouth? w/ Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams Good Mythical Morning
1 years back
Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams are filling their mouths and trying to guess what's in their mouths. GMM #1341 Thanks to Safiya & Tyler for hosting GMS!
Safiya Nygaard shading beauty gurus for 2 minutes straight A little bit of everything
1 years back
This is a funny compilation of Safiya Nygaard making fun of all the beauty gurus. No tea, no shade, Only science.. BAD MAKEUP SCIENCE.
Cutting my hair and making it HOLO | ft. Simplyhairlogical Simply Nailogical
2 years back
Some may cut and blow but with simplyhairlogical we cut and HOLO ♡ Subscribe to never miss n̶e̶w̶ ̶n̶a̶i̶l̶ ̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶t̶u̶t̶o̶r̶i̶a̶l̶s̶!
Couples Break Up For A Week • Safiya & Tyler BuzzFeedVideo
3 years back
"It's Friday night and I'm getting a burrito... because burritos are for winners." Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! ...
I Got Custom Clothes From An App Reaction!! Wes and Steph
9 months back
In today's episode of Couples React, we react to I Got Custom Clothes From An App by Safiya Nygaard!! Neither of us have watched Safiya's videos before, but I ...
What if Simply Nailogical & ThreadBanger Switched Channels? VidCon
2 years back
During a Q&A at VidCon, #HOLOBANGER talked about what they'd do with each others' channel were they to switch for a week. VidCon is an annual ...
Is SIMPLY NAILOGICAL Perfect? PhotoshopSurgeon
2 years back
Do you like Cristine Rotenberg aka Simply Nailogical better before or after she is edited to fit the Photoshop Surgeon Perfection Mask? Want your photo edited?
Join our Holosexual Party | Threadbanger & Simply Nailogical vlog-ish Simply Not Logical
3 years back
Here's a clusterf*ck of clips from the weekend where we went to visit Threadbanger in the Americas. Watch, like and subscribe if also no life. NAIL POLISH CAR: ...
Painting a Car With NAIL POLISH ft. Threadbanger Simply Nailogical
3 years back
Bet you thought it couldn't be done...LEVEL UP! Watch Threadbanger's 100 coats video: Watch car painting outtakes: ...
The Sims 4 - H💿L💿, it's a Collab! // SIMPLYNAILOGICAL CAS (+ CC Merch) Pixie's Adventures
2 years back
H L everyone! Today I'm super excited to share this video with you guys, we had so much fun doing this collab! ✨ I hope you guys enjoy it, and make sure you ...
Simplynailogical’s thoughts on the James and Tati drama? Silverhaunter
6 months back
I think this summarizes and wraps everything up nicely, at least for me personally.
ORBEEZ NAILS DIY! W/ Simply Nailogical Joey Graceffa
3 years back
Cristine from Simply Nailogical turned my nails into Orbeez nails! CRISTINE'S VIDEO: ...
Safiya Nygaard, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart play "Never Have I Ever" VidCon
11 months back
Study With Jess leads Safiya Nygaard, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig in a game of "Never Have I Ever live on the VidCon Australia mainstage!
2 years back
Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of my new videos → OMG…
Simply Nailogical Holo Taco Launch Collection! Swatch and Review || KELLI MARISSA Kelli Marissa
4 months back
JOIN THE GALAXY GANG!!! My VLOG CHANNEL!: Hey galaxy gang! Today I am ...
Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams Q&A at Vidcon Australia 2018! Marco Man
1 years back
Safiya Nygaard / Tyler Williams / Q&A / Vidcon Australia.
We NAILED It! | We Tried Following A Simply Nailogical Tutorial (Nail Art) GTLive
1 years back
Get NEW Back to School Theory Merch! ▻ Click Here for More GTLive Action! ▻▻ Nailed It or Failed It Cupcake ...
Scratch n' Sniff Nails WTF?! ft. Grav3yardgirl Simply Nailogical
3 years back
2 Adults review 1 children's nail product. WATCH Bunny's video: Texas vlog: ...
2 years back
Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video of me turning Cristine (simplynailogical) into a HOLO WITCH!! Had soooo much fun filming with her, ...
Playing Oregon Trail w/ YouTubers! | (jeffree star, safiya, cristine & shane) Landon Mark
7 months back
I used to play The Oregon Trail game SOOO much when I was in school. I decided to play it again for nostalgia reasons, but this time with a twist. I got some ...
THERE'S NO SMILING IN MAKEUP... Beauty Gurus Behind the Scenes Simply Not Logical
2 years back
"Sayyyyy Morpheeee?" Today I take you behind the scenes of some recent videos I filmed with Beautiful People! TEACH ME HOW TO CONTour w/Nicol ...
I'M HOLO INSIDE! Holographic scar makeup ft. Glam&Gore Simply Nailogical
2 years back
This holoween.... we are holo inside. WATCH MYKIE TURN ME INTO A HOLO ZOMBAE: OUTTAKES/EXTRAS: ...
safiya nygaard saying oh my god for 1 minute. LadieLydKyd
1 years back
What up? I'm sick with a cold. I don't own anything. Someone just suggested this in a comment on a video, so I did it. Pleasedontstrikemeimfragile.
safiya nygaard saying "hello friends" 116 times TheSos
1 years back
hellooo friends Follow me on Twitter: Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe for more videos!
Why I Left BuzzFeed Safiya Nygaard
3 years back
Why I Left BuzzFeed! You guys really, really wanted to know, and I hope this answers your questions. Once again, these are the reasons I decided to leave and ...
I worked at my Holo Taco booth | VidCon 2019 Simply Not Logical
4 months back
I hope I didn't mess anyone's order up Vidcon 2019 was W I L D Got boring nails? Just add a Holo Taco Sign up for email updates to be notified about ...
Safiya x Colourpop Lipsticks?🦇💄Swatches!!! Alice Lockhart
1 months back
Colourpop x Safiya Nygaard Lipstick SWATCHES **Eyeliner Tutorial: What do you guys think of this collab?? Let me know down ...
HELP ME CONTOUR | Teach Me How To Beauty Tour EP3 ft. Nicol Concilio Simply Nailogical
2 years back
This one goes out to everyone who hated on my contour (: Watch Nicol Concilio give me a holoween look here: DELETED VIDEO ...
Turning Joey Graceffa HOLOSEXUAL Simply Nailogical
3 years back
It's about time Joey came out of the closet. Watch Orbeez nails video on Joey's channel: ♡ Subscribe to never miss new nail art ...
BlackPink dancing to "Holo, it's me" (a simply nailogical classic) Vanessa
2 years back
i don't know............... BlackPink's channel: original BlackPink video: ...
Oops I Broke Her Kitchen | Outtakes ft. How To Cake It Simply Not Logical
3 years back
Honestly why do people even let me in their kitchen haven't they seen my nail polish in a cake video??? Watch the main video: Watch ...
Meeting SAFIYA NYGAARD!! m n
2 years back
SOOO I MET SAFIYA!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! Keep watching to find out how!
I wrote a song about simplynailogical (AKA Cristine) 2019 Kaylen Shae
4 months back
Ok, so this is a little bit different from what I normally post on my channel. I thought it would be a lot of fun to write a song about Simplynailogical( AKA Cristine) ...
💿 you so f’n precious when you smile 💿 sock cristine edition 💿 Suqary Sour
2 years back
im really bad at editing but w h a t e v e r go follow my meme page on ig: suqarysour cristine if u see this then hi.
Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard! Rosanna Pansino
3 months back
I made Safiya Nygaard a Wedding Dress Cake! Merch: ORDER MY BAKING LINE: *Buy Nerdy Nummies ...
I am not Cristine! Please watch! Donald J Trump
3 years back
I am not Christine, I'm not trying to impersonate her in any way, shape or form. Please just watch the video and understand it's a misunderstanding. If you are ...