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Ellen Staffers Share Their Coming Out Stories TheEllenShow
3 months back
October 11 is National Coming Out Day, and some of Ellen's staff are sharing their personal coming out stories. From the first moment they knew they were gay, ...
#GIVEYOURVOICE: People Read Coming Out Stories As/Is
4 years back
I don't get to come out. I can't.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Facing East Enchanted Forest Not ...
I'm Coming Out. NikkieTutorials
1 weeks back
I love you all so much… PREVIOUS VIDEO • FIANCE DOES MY MAKEUP IN DUTCH!!! → Make sure you subscribe to my ...
My Coming Out Story (TMI version) Alanah Cole
3 weeks back
Here is my coming out story, and yes I shared a bit too much! All the juicy details and more about coming out to my mom, dad and friends. COMING OUT TO MY ...
Most Memorable Lesbian Coming Out Videos Love is Love
6 months back
BEST of LESBIAN PEOPLE COMING OUT Compilation I'm posting this video to help all those having a hard time being in the closet. I know it is hard to come out ...
Teen Coming Out Stories Seventeen
3 years back
"Coming out and sharing who you are...can be very personal, can be very intimate, and it can just be you starting to live your life openly." 5 stories from 5 brave ...
1 years back
PREVIOUS VIDEO | SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE JAY (me) | I didn't think there would come a ...
2 years back
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3 years back
I've been putting this off for a while, but with this being the first video 2017, I wanted to start it off by sharing my coming out story so... This is the story of coming ...
My coming out story in full Bear Strong
5 months back
Chris finally sits down in front of camera and talks about what it was like coming out! The highs and the lows, the struggles and what life was like as a child being ...
MY COMING OUT STORY🏳️‍🌈 RobertZmendoza
2 years back
Hey guys! Sorry for not being as active as I said I would be on my last video which I deleted. Lol. I can't promise you that I will be posting weekly but I can ...
My Coming Out Story (inspirational) Noah Roth
4 weeks back
This is my gay coming out story to my friends and family, and what it is like coming out in a conservative area. I hope my story can help someone else, as I know I ...
Calum Scott - “Calum Scott: A Coming Out Story” CalumScottVEVO
1 years back
Calum Scott was a finalist on the UK's performance show 'Britain's Got Talent,' and thanks to a powerful voice, great songs, and passionate performance style, ...
SriLankan Coming Out Story, ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුල gay පුද්ගලයකුගේ coming out කතාන්දර - Tulana LGBTsrilanka
2 years back
Coiped fron GaySriLankan group... GaySriLankan Published on Jan 6, 2018 සවන් දෙන්න... ඔබට යමක් ගන්නට ඇත්නම් ගන්න... මෙහි...
Coming Out Story | My Parents Disowned Me Because I Am Gay Story of My Life
3 months back
Send us your story if you think it's worth sharing and we will turn in into an animated video that describes it perfectly. Email us at [email protected] ...
My Coming Out Story | Taylor Phillips Taylor Phillips
12 months back
If you are a young person in crisis, having harmful thoughts, or in need of a safe space to talk, please visit or call 866-488-7386.
My Coming Out Story | Late Bloomer Evada Perón
1 years back
This is episode one of my Truth Series! This is my coming out story. ❤️ Subscribe to my channel to catch all my newest videos!
I GOT CAUGHT... MY COMING OUT STORY (chit chat get ready with me) James Charles
2 years back
HI SISTERS! It's been a little while since I've been able to play with makeup so today I did a colorful look while answering some juicy questions from you guys.
MY COMING OUT STORY! (Coming Out To My Religious Parents...) Emile Ennis Jr.
1 years back
This was one of the hardest videos for me to film because I rarely tell these stories. If you have been following me for a while on social media or Clevver, you ...
MY COMING OUT STORY! | I'm a lesbian! | Allie and Sam Allie & Sam
5 days back
I'm a lesbian! I'm finally sharing my coming out journey. I came out when I was 20 years old as a lesbian, but coming out to myself was the hardest part of my ...
Hayley Kiyoko's Advice On Coming Out And Loving Yourself It Gets Better Project
1 years back
For #NationalComingOutDay, Hayley Kiyoko sat down with us to share her coming out story, her path to self-acceptance, and the mantra she repeats to herself ...
My Coming Out Story || Omar Matt And Omar
9 months back
Hi humans! Omar here. Today we're taking things in a little different direction from our normal videos. Both Matt and I are going to be sharing our coming out ...
Kristy's Coming Out Story IWantTheWorldtoKnow
11 years back
Kristy, originally from Lawson, Missouri, shares her coming out story as part of the I Want the World to Know Initiative to defeat homophobia. Please visit www.
My Coming Out Story Daniel Beckman
3 months back
My coming out story was not all that exciting but I would love to hear your experiences down in the comments :)
My Coming Out Story Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell
11 months back
My Coming Out Story | Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell SUBSCRIBE: Follow my IG: ...
Mum REACTS To My COMING OUT STORY - 5 years later Courtney-Jai
4 months back
Mum REACTS To My COMING OUT STORY - 5 years later I thought it would be interesting to re-watch my coming out story but, as my mum has never seen i ...
3 months back
Hey guys, I hope this is somewhat relatable, or insightful for those that are struggling. I know that growing up I massively benefited from watching other people's ...
My Coming Out Story (How I Found Out I was Gay) Kurtis Cutler
1 years back
This is my coming out experience. I talk about my first interactions with girls and the way they made me feel. I talk about boys too. I share some embarrassing ...
my coming out story Elizabeth Israel
5 months back
hi here's my coming out story :) I hope it somehow inspires, helps, motivates, or shows someone a light in this journey. coming out is scary and intimidating and ...
My Coming Out Story Cammie Scott
3 years back
Join my where I'll be live streaming every week! Once I get to 500 followers I'll do the first chat! once you download the app look ...
My Coming Out Story - Coming Out As Gay Dominick Whelton
5 years back
Hey everyone! I wanted to take a minute to share my coming out story with you all. I know the process of coming out can be scary, but it does get better! I hope ...
4 months back
PRIDE MONTH IS EVERY MONTH!!! Watch me tell my story about coming out and how it all happened. Coming out can be all different types of feelings that ...
My Coming Out Story • The Truth Halie Torris
7 days back
comingout #comingoutstory #lgbtq The truth about coming out. Original Blog: Find me on: Instagram: ...
REACTING to 30 of Your Coming Out Stories! jessiepaege
3 weeks back
REACTING to 30 of Your Coming Out Stories! Subscribe - Watch My Last ...
*STORY TIME* My Coming Out Story! Lil Jordan
7 months back
Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe!! Share this video! This is just the beginning so stay tuned! Love y'all! IG: @itsthedonjordan SC: @trophie_5 Twitter: ...
Two Strangers Share Their Coming Out Stories For the First Time | Tell A Stranger 🏳️‍🌈 SoulPancake
8 months back
We invited two strangers to tell their coming out stories and talk about their shared experiences. How did they handle the uncertainty of how the world would see ...
12 months back
hELLO internet! Firstly, sorry about saying 'like' waaaay too much in this video and for constantly messing with my hair. It's something I do when I'm ...
Pete Buttigieg Shares His Coming Out Story and 'Internal' War | NowThis NowThis News
9 months back
'If you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.' — Mayor Pete Buttigieg shared his difficult journey to ...
I’m Gay - My Coming Out Story Brandon Naatz
7 months back
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Old Gays Share Their Coming Out Stories intomore
3 months back
"If I would've told anyone I was gay... that would be the end of me." Get Grindr: Have Grindr? Try Xtra For Free: ...
MY COMING OUT STORY (animated) | Luna Mikin Luna Mikin
10 months back
I can't believe I just spent almost three months making this video!* Hey!! So, I decided to share my coming out story with this storytime video, and I hope it helps ...
2 years back
Here is my coming out story, which involved "gay conversion therapy". My goal for this video is to help anyone struggling with what I was struggling with and in ...
My Coming Out Story Liam Manning
6 years back
This is my coming out story and how I came out to my family and friends. Find Me: Instagram: Tumblr: ...
Coming Out | LGBT Short Film by Breanne Williamson Breanne Williamson
2 months back
This is my first self-written, full production short film and I am so excited and nervous to share! "Coming Out" is a LGBT Comedy Short Film: 'When did you come ...
MY COMING OUT STORY | Q&A Erika Desjardins
1 years back
HEY GUYS!! So this is my coming out story! Hope you enjoy I hope this video can help some people and answer some questions you may have! LIKE ...
3 months back
Hey everyone! in this video I decided to give you a little insight on how I came to realize I was gay. I knew that I wanted to come out to my family, and so one ...
2 years back
PLEASE READ BELOW! Alright you guys, this is it. I was very hesitant to upload this but I know that I was given this voice and can use the experiences that I've ...